Add three more to the list -

Add three more to the list


New reports of suspicious polling-station calls in Haldimand-Norfolk, Dufferin-Caledon and Northumberland-Quinte West.

Added to those previously tallied, that brings my count to 38 ridings.


Add three more to the list

  1. I agree with Bliss in today’s G&M

    “From the point of view of anybody concerned about our political system, it’s a non-scandal,” says Michael Bliss, the eminent historian. But parliamentary politics is such a bear pit that, in the absence of a real scandal (such as the sponsorship affair), a non-scandal will have to do. Opposition politicians, along with a fair portion of the media, have clamped on to the Harper government like a pack of rabid chihuahuas. They’ve escalated the rhetoric so much that you’ve got to wonder what they’ll say when a real scandal comes along.

    Yet, they also know they’re playing to the crowd. Just check out the letters pages, or the media comment sites, to get a taste of the vitriol this story has unleashed. A substantial number of Canadians believe Mr. Harper really did steal the 2011 election, in spirit if not in fact, and as far as they’re concerned, the robo-calling scandal just confirms it. “A lot of people – especially Liberals – simply cannot accept the legitimacy of the Conservatives being in power,” says Mr. Bliss. In Canada, just as in the United States, political polarization is on the upswing. And for a variety of reasons, the Harper government has failed to bridge the gap between the 40 per cent who voted for the Conservatives and the 60 per cent who didn’t.”

    • Smart guy, Bliss, but far too enamoured of the reform party.  I took a class of his in undergrad and remember the adulation he heaped upon them. 

      • Latest Nanos poll suggests similair findings (think it was just in G&M as well), thus the recent spike in complaints from the 60%.

        Remeber the gay marriage kerfuffel?  No scandal but global news coverage. 

        Emergency in Attawapiskat?  People were living in those tents and shacks for two years – global news coverage.

        Opposition is watching for every chance to put Conservative in defensive position and taking half-facts to the media.  Opposition loves the media.

        • That may be true but it doesn’t change the fact that there has been cause to produce effect. The fact that the opposition parties have idealogical objections to Harper’s brand of govt should surprise no one. But Bliss seems to believe all of the provocation is one way. It’s disappointingly shallow analysis from such a respected historian.

      • My thought too. When Bliss is on he can be great( a bit like Coyne). But on the matter of the Harper govt he’s been out to lunch. Apparently the opposition is out of control in his book and Harper the injured party. Caught him on CCC where he came over like an out of touch establishment reactionary.

    • Talking points of the week:  This is not the scandal you are looking for.  I’m sorry, Michael, but your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me.

    • In the Con world, Bliss’s opinion should count for nothing anyway, being one of those eastern, pointy-headed experts, and a retired academic to boot. What would he know?

      And in his case, I’d be inclined to agree with them.