Add three more to the list -

Add three more to the list


The local NDP campaign reports phone calls with incorrect voting information in Windsor West.

Kieran McKenzie, one of Masse’s campaign managers, said at the time, he didn’t know what to make of all the people complaining about late night calls from his team or calls with inaccurate information about polling stations. When the larger scandal hit the news, he said he started connecting the dots.

The Observer and Conservative MP Patricia Davidson report calls in Sarnia-Lambton.

“We did have some calls reported to us that (voters) were (directed) to a place that wasn’t even an address,” she said Monday. “It wasn’t coming from us. I don’t know who were doing the calls. We reported them to Elections Canada.” The Observer was aware of one misleading call made during the 2011 election. A St. Clements, Ont. resident contacted the newspaper after tracing back to a Sarnia-Lambton number an automated message that provided a wrong polling station. The voice mail identified the number as belonging to the Conservative Party.

And the NDP points to a report in Prince George-Peace River.

The NDP noted that a radio station in Dawson Creek, CJDC, reported on election day last year that voters “may have received a call yesterday advising them their polling station changed. Elections Canada wants to advise voters these calls are not from them and they do not know who is calling voters.”

Ms. Davidson becomes the first Conservative MP to report calls with incorrect polling station information.


Add three more to the list

  1. incorrect voting information in Windsor Windsor

    I think the big news here is that there’s a riding called Windsor-Windsor. Seems a bit redundant to me, I wonder why they don’t simply call it Windsor.

    • The riding’s name is not Windsor Windsor; it’s Windsor Centre.

      • I hadn’t realised that it was a mistake, but seems like Wherry made the correction.

        And as usual, Wherry refuses to strike-through the original text, or make an Update, or other appropriate method to make corrections on his blog.

        Macleans should implement a blogging standard, where they make strikethroughs over all corrected text.

        • Why? 

          • Accountability, responsibility, integrity… Other bloggers do it all the time. Paul Wells is a good example. It’s not the first time Wherry has scrubbed a blog post of mistakes, and I’m not sure why he does, rather than a simple strike-through.

          • I’m amazed how much monitoring of this blog is being done by you and other Cons.  If I were Wherry i would have fun changing words here and there just to drive you guys crazy.
            Hell, maybe we should all do it. 

          • I’m never amazed how an otherwise benign discussion can quickly degenerate into name calling and other accusations. In my case, musing about a riding name and the use of strikethroughs, leads to “Con” and how I apparently “monitor Wherry’s blog.” I think you’re reading too much into my comments.