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Adjective watch


If you are trying to think of how to describe this country’s immigration system, Jason Kenney would suggest the terms “fair” and “generous.”


Adjective watch

  1. Cheap, miserly, racist, exploitive and colonialist.

    • Curious why you think it is racist ?.

      • For the same reason we’ll happily sell a company to the Americans or the Norwegians….but are horrified at selling it to Chinese or Indonesians.

        We will go to Ireland to make a pitch for immigrants…but we aren’t doing the same things in places like India and China.

        And we’re harming ourselves by doing so….we need the talent and the skills….but the idea of us being a ‘white’ country, or as Tony calls it, the ‘Anglosphere’ is still strong in some places. Notably govt offices.

        You can rationalize anything if you try hard enough….but at bottom it’s just racism.

        • . I think your point is valid, more so about selective views when it come to foreign investment. I suppose in practice though I would submit that in spite of what countries we are “pitching” too we are unquestionably getting a large amount of immigrants from those countries that you suggest we are not lobbying. If I was to play devil’s advocate, it could be suggested that there is no need to lobby for immigrants from countries like India as they are already well represented in our immigrant communities.

          • We still have far more whites than non-whites in this country….we have fewer of them coming lately because Europe isn’t reeling from WWII, and there are more opportunities now that the USSR is gone.

            But we needn’t act like we’re doing people a favor….we have lots of room, and a real need for talent and skills…..why are we making it so hard for others to join us?

            At the moment we still have choice to a degree…..but pretty soon we won’t and people will be flooding in here willy-nilly. Behooves us to be friendly while we can.

          • “We still have far more whites than non-whites in this country…”


            Are we supposed to wring our hands and cry out in anguished voices? Are we supposed to put in place policies to deliberately change this balance, excluding Caucasians from the eligible pool?

            White does not equal bad (or good), any more than any other skin colour does.

            [For the record – and because I know where you are likely to go with this if I don’t head you off – I’m white, and dating a black woman. I often find myself in the minority – both by race and sex – in places where I work and live. And that’s not a problem for me.]

          • Well, I’m glad ‘some of your best friends are black’ but there’s no need for hysterics. We all have the same DNA. There are no races.

            There is only one colour that matters Keith….and that’s grey…as in the grey matter between your ears.

          • Funny, being an immigrant myself and having travelled in many countries, I find Canada to be the most multi-cultural and diverse environment I have ever lived in. And it works! It’s goal is not to remain predominantly white, by any means.

          • Yes, it’s multicultural and diverse….the current govt is racist. And we don’t want to go backwards to the ‘white only’ crap.

          • racist according to you. not everyone agrees with your leftist views.

          • Harper has always been very open about being ‘white only’. It’s only news to Conbots who don’t care anyway.

            And I have never been leftist….in this or any other lifetime.

          • I totally agree. But that’s not how your message sounded; it sounded anti-white. We shouldn’t be anti-anyone; at least, not on the basis of skin colour or nationality.

            And my “for the record” comment was included because you have often “read in” things that weren’t in my comments, so I wanted to head off any accusations of racism :-)

  2. despite his best efforts…

  3. Kenney’s on a mission…from god or someone. There seems to be nothing he doesn’t relish cracking down on,, or no stone he wont overturn or hair he wont split, in this quest. At least that’s the impression he leaves with me.

    He just doesn’t get it that poor and desperate people will behave in less than optimal ways [ there’s a nice bit of bureaucratic Orwellian bull worthy of the ministerial rote TPs], in order to seek a better life.

    A little more compassion might be in order for an immigration minister with his professed beliefs and Canada’s history.

    • Horror of horrors that an immigration Minister might want to crack down on immigration fraud or introduce legislation that can remove foreign criminals form Canada faster. How well did it go over when Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla introduced a Bill to give newly arrived immigrants OAS benefits after living here for just three years ? It went over like a lead balloon but fill your boots I would greatly enjoy an election where either the NDP or the Liberals campaigned on making our Canadian immigration system even more relaxed then it already is…..Good luck with that.

      • Actually Cons will be bringing in more immigrants, and are being applauded for that.

        It’s been suggested we up it to a million a year.

        • That’s because they can be paid 60% of what Canadians get…

          • Some have been…oil and construction workers and so on…..and that kind of exploitation has to stop.

          • It’s euphemistically called “the temporary foreign worker permit”, and it is CPC sanctioned exploitation of foreigners, as well as union busting, benefit avoiding, labour depression of the Canadian workforce.

            But it makes money for a lot of hole diggers…

          • Yup agreed. So let’s stop that. Immigrants or refugees….no more ‘temporary’ permits.

          • Personally, I’d go one further. Immigrants only. Requirements to immigrate? Live here. Abide by our laws.

            Do that and you get full legal protections.. all other Canadians have to obey our laws toward you.

            To block off mooching, standard social services are not available until you’ve paid taxes for two returns. If we’re concerned about refugees having nothing, set up special support programs for them, but I don’t see any reason to be denying entry or kicking out anybody unless they’re a threat to our safety.

          • We can’t do ‘immigrants only’…..we long ago signed a UN treaty that required us and many other countries to take in refugees.

            There are currently 43M refugees in the world….there are about to be a lot more….and we have to do our share.

            And helping people in trouble and in need of ‘refuge’ has been a Canadian value since day one….since BEFORE day one in fact

            We took in United Empire Loyalists in 1776 and later we took in escaping slaves, then Vietnamese boat people, American draft dodgers…..

            Canada is a sanctuary. We are a huge, rich, advanced nation because of it…..and because of that we can help others.

            Stop worrying about fucking ‘mooching’….nobody goes through that kind of hell just to rifle your wallet. Be serious.

          • You fail to understand.. I mean no refugees because there’d be no barriers to immigration. You show up, you’re full on immigrating, not just “taking refuge” while things get sorted out.

          • Ahhh okay. Well with climate change and so on we’ll be forced into that anyway….

          • Well.. that or lethal border defense measures, I agree.

          • Hah! Longest coastline in the world, plus the US border….not even possible.

            For all Kenney’s foot-stomping we have lots of ‘illegals’ running through here already.

      • There’s no distinction to be made then between kicking genuine criminals out of the country, and not covering a refugee claimant with a heart problem?
        No distinction to be made between landed immigrant [ often for many years] and a slimy, sly labelling of them as foreign criminals if they have broken the law at any point, no matter how minor?
        It’s people like you who can’t handle distinctions between all bad and all good – the price we have to pay for a truly fair and generous system – that empower little ideological tyrants like Kenney.
        Wall in SK and a heap of DRs who do know the meaning of distinctions, and have a true grasp of “Canadian values” beg to differ.
        Fair to middling try, but it is not a simple L/R issue.
        Try to address the question rather than deflecting. No one is promoting Dhalla’s loopy idea, no one that i’m aware of.

  4. Serious question: Is “anti-Roma” an adjective?