Afghanistan: Meanwhile in lovely Nova Scotia... -

Afghanistan: Meanwhile in lovely Nova Scotia…


…Defence ministers from all the countries with soldiers in Regional Command South (including, most notably, Kandahar) are meeting in Peter MacKay’s neck of the woods. I was going to get all snippy about having to read this in French, British and U.S. news sources because of Harper clan secrecy rules, until I looked on the DND website and saw that MacKay’s staff had put up a communiqué about this meeting a week ago. Er, never mind. Highlight:

In some respects the meeting Gates was attending Friday exemplifies the piece-by-piece war strategy. It involved only nations with significant fighting forces in one part of the country — the part where fighting is heaviest.

U.S. officials traveling with Gates suggested he is pushing back against further segmentation. He was telling even strong allies that the additional U.S. forces will support regional war goals, not those affecting any particular province.

The situation in Afghanistan now is the worst since the U.S.-led invasion of 2001 and the country is in danger of a “downward spiral” into violence and chaos, according to an intelligence report draft described to The Associated Press last month.

The National Intelligence Estimate, the work of 16 intelligence agencies, said Afghanistan’s deterioration has accelerated alarmingly since summer. Bush administration officials say privately that Afghanistan is now the single most pressing security threat in the fight against terrorism.

Here’s some more about that “downward spiral” draft NIE.


Afghanistan: Meanwhile in lovely Nova Scotia…

  1. It’s good to hear that Americans are trying to stop the practice of dividing Afghan up into military regions. I am sure the various Armed Services have their reasons for slicing and dicing the country up as they have but I don’t think it makes sense because everyone will be working at cross purposes. First, lets defeat al Qaeda/Taliban forces and then they can divide the country up into regions of influence/control.

    And I, too, am curious about the lack of media coverage in Canada about this get together. I first found out about this meeting yesterday in Daily Telegraph (UK) and after a little searching found only a Canadian Press story that wasn’t run in many newspapers and I think the Kingston and Halifax papers had a brief note about it. And I don’t see any stories about the meeting in today’s TorStar, Globe or Nat Post. What gives?

  2. What gives is that the only voice that matters is that of Petreaus.

    And, PW, we’re not lonely. We have our love to keep us warm.