Again with the cannibalism


Following Ryan Leef’s flub, Peter Kent also introduces Stephen Harper as the “Prime Minister of cannibal.”

Speaking as the announcement of a new national park in the Northwest Territories on Wednesday, Kent introduced Stephen Harper as the “prime minister of Cannibal” before quickly correcting himself …  the cabinet minister blamed Leef for his flub, telling the crowd the MP had regaled him with his own language mishap prior to the park unveiling.


Again with the cannibalism

  1. Freudian slips….they know what they’re doing to the country.

  2. lol…you’re making this sh*t up Aaron.

    Then again it was Kent. What did Potter call these guys? The party of the stupid?

  3. Freudian stiffs…I mean, slips.

  4. Well, I suppose we should put that “eating kittens” meme to bed now.

    But if anybody lets him kiss their baby.. they should probably double check they get back everything they gave.

    • Kittens are just the appies.

  5. Kent, saying that his own thinking process was so easily influenced…

    The man used to read the news. He is trained to repeat what he hears.

    Seals clapping and barking…

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