Alberta vs. Senate reform -

Alberta vs. Senate reform

Alberta concurs with the federal government


Alberta has now filed its factum in the Senate reference. You can view it here.

In short, Alberta, which of course is so far the only province to conduct Senate elections, believes Parliament can unilaterally legislate both consultative elections and term limits and that the Senate can be abolished with the agreement of seven provinces representing 50% of the population. That puts Alberta in agreement with the federal government’s position.

Update 3:31pm. I misread. Alberta believes provincial participating is required to legislate term limits.


Alberta vs. Senate reform

  1. Are they completely in agreement with the position of the feds?

    I thought the feds were arguing that there were certain amendments to the Senate that they could make unilaterally, i.e. with the agreement of zero provinces representing zero percent of the population.

  2. All alison cares about is her leadership review in November–she’ll kiss up to any CPC policy she has to.

  3. So Ottawa could go ahead without provincial support for elections of senators because these elections are only consultations, i.e, symbolic. The prime minister would retain his full power to appoint whoever he wants. That’s the plan Alberta is agreeing with. Alberta is wealthy enough to throw money to the wind, and good for them, so let them hold symbolic elections if they need it to reinforce their distinct identity but, no thanks. I don’t like the mirage. Such a silly proposal. As blatant a mirage as fixed elections dates.