Alice Wong enjoys a bowl of shark fin soup -

Alice Wong enjoys a bowl of shark fin soup


While apparently appearing before only Chinese-language media, Conservative MP Alice Wong demonstrated her support for shark fin soup last week.

Reached by phone on Friday afternoon, Wong told the News that the banning of shark fin products, including the soup – considered a delicacy in Chinese culture – is a federal responsibility and is not for the cities to consider. She said she’s confident the current federal import regulations are strong enough to stop the shipment into Canada of produce that’s been harvested illegally – namely, the act of finning, where poachers catch a shark, slice off its fin and dump it back in the ocean to bleed to death, thus threatening many species with extinction, according to activists.

Canada allows shark fins to be imported, as long as they’ve been harvested from a shark that’s not endangered and is not just caught for its fin. However, she had no idea if the soup she ate came from an endangered species and the restaurant owner, David Chung, himself admitted previously he did not know either … Many labels, however, on imported shark fin products do not say which species the fin came from and there’s no way for the importer to know if it was actually caught legally or not.

The NDP’s Fin Donnelly is unimpressed.


Alice Wong enjoys a bowl of shark fin soup

  1. “She said she’s confident the current federal import regulations are strong enough … ”

    Pull the other one, Ms Wong!

    Dozens of inspectors and vets can’t find e coli at beef abattoir that supplies a significant % of beef to Canadians and foreigners but we are supposed to believe government inspectors are on top of whether shark fin supply is ‘ethical’.

    Canadians spend lots of money on CFIA, what exactly do they do over there other than issue press releases and why can’t they seem to do their basic job – find dodgy food?

  2. She needs a whack upside the head with a soup ladle.

    Which is still a whole lot kinder than what finning does to sharks.

  3. Canada’s msm is one of whitest/most white professions in Canada and it is pathetic that there is msm (middle class white people) and ethnic msm. Maybe some of our msm orgs should hire ethnics and we wouldn’t have to have multiple types of news, just one for all Canadians.

    Ms Wong is telling Chinese-Canadians and other asians to ignore crazy gweilo and continue enjoying your soup.

  4. What do you expect from a politician? Why do you think we are in this mess in the first place. People like her are part of the problem and we can only hope that one day they “Wake the $#@% Up”

  5. Sorry Alice but you have lost my vote. Why would you think it’s OK to cut off any shark’s fin and throw it back in the water to die a horrible death.

  6. The ban of Shark Fin soup is not a personal attack on asian culture, The ban is a stand against selfish ideals that is changing the way our future generations will eat. This is an issue for the well being of our planet and humankind. The removal of sharks from the delicate marine food chain will severely affect the coral reefs globally as well as stunting the growth of harvested fish species. The so called shark fin soup, the main source of the problem, provides no nutrients and has no flavor. The only taste is from the stock which can be from fish (not shark) and/or chicken. The purchasing of this soup proves that it is used only as a medium to show one’s weatlh. It is a bragging dish. Nothing more.

  7. What a media stunt! She really is lost in space. She’ll probably get re-elected though. Most people in Richmond could care a less about sharks…..

  8. What an arrogant peasent?