Alice Wong’s China delegation

The guest list includes a fundamentalist Christian who helped bankroll past Conservative campaigns


So who follows the Prime Minister to China anyway? There’s a selection of backbenchers, a handful of cabinet ministers, and about 40 business and community leaders whose names were given to us by the Prime Minister’s Office. Let’s have a look.

Nine people are listed as belonging to the “PM’s Delegation.” These include Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin, David Schellenberg of Cascade Aerospace, Patrick Lamarre of engineering giant SNC, Lowell Jackson of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, University of Western Ontario Western University Canada president Amit Chakma, and Duncan Dee of Air Canada.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is listed with an 11-person delegation including senior executives from Shell, Enbridge, Syncrude, Eldorado Gold and Cameco, a uranium mining company.

There are 13 people in Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s delegation, including representatives of the cattle, pork, wheat, grain, pulse (mmmm lentils; one day I’ll bore you with the amazing story of Canada’s bean and pulse industry’s exports to India) and rendering sectors.

Also on the trip is Minister of State for Seniors Alice Wong, the first Chinese-Canadian cabinet minister. Her delegation list is 10 names long. They include John Chang of Lulu Island Winery; Ming-Tat Cheung, chairman of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto; and the Rev. Dominic Tse, Senior Pastor at the North York Chinese Community Church, and President of the Jubilee Centre for Christian Social Action.

In almost every case, it’s pretty clear how these people got on this trip. I did have to look up Cameco and West Coast Reduction, and I think it’s safe to predict agreements on uranium supply to China’s nuclear power sector, and on, uh, animal bits, during this trip.

I also looked up the Jubilee Centre, and here’s what I found.

The Rev. Tse’s blog suggests he’s no fan of the Ontario Liberal government’s school curriculum on sexuality, and that he didn’t like it when a Globe and Mail reporter asked Science Minister Gary Goodyear about evolution. He joined in a chorus of condemnation when Henry Morgentaler received an Order of Canada.

But perhaps most interesting is the records at Elections Canada, where the Jubilee Centre for Christian Social Action registered, under Tse’s name, as a third party in the elections of 2004 and 2006, before spending $23,476.28 in 2004 and $20,520.50 in 2006 on “Election advertising expenses to promote or oppose the election of one or more candidates” in the Toronto area. The Harper government introduced the Accountability Act in 2006, which capped election spending well below those levels for subsequent elections.


Alice Wong’s China delegation

  1. Harper bringing Christians with him is way to cock a snook at ChiComs while still doing his PM duties and signing trade deals.  

    I wish I was on plane to China at moment. Wonderful people and country, malevolent government.

    W Russell Mead ~ Dec 2011 ~ Missionaries Win: 

    A new report from the invaluable Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, the most important source for information on religion in today’s world, will make a lot of people unhappy.  The report looks at religious belief worldwide and finds that Christianity in the last one hundred years grew to become the world’s most widespread and diverse religion as well as the largest.

    In another major development, Christianity has achieved a significant presence on the mainland of Asia.  One hundred years ago despite intense missionary effort, Christianity had a negligible presence in China; today China, where an estimated 5 percent of the population (about 67 million people) professes the Christian faith, has one of the ten largest populations of Christians in the world.  

    TorStar ~ Aug 2010:

    What he witnessed on the grounds of the Gospel Shoes Factory – a rural Christian community where he lived and worked with 60 others near here – was complete chaos: a raging mob of more than 200 men were pushing their way through the darkness with flashlights, wooden clubs, bricks, hoes and pieces of metal, smashing everything and anyone in their path

    It was, in fact, one of the more violent flare-ups in China’s ongoing campaign against Christians, a community that – according to researchers – exceeds 100 million and is growing rapidly. That growth has stoked concern and even alarm among some government officials, who see the spread of Christianity as a threat to their authority.Officials here took the threat seriously and decided to act – with force.

    • Are you saying the new Rome is Beijing?

      • Something like that. Christians have been thorn in side of rulers for millenia, it seems, and that’s a good thing. 

        • Christians have been rulers for the last two millennia….I have no idea what history book you got this fantasy from.

          • Tony, as you know,  has his own sources.

    • And why would Harper be deliberately offensive to someone he hopes to sign deals with?

      •  only if he is fooling himself. The Canadian visit will be one of many the chineese will be involved in. for them its another day at the office. For the PM its a trip of a lifetime.

        I’m really questioning the sale of uranium to the chinese! Does Harper not know that the chinese are working with the russians, the north koreans, and the Iranians?

        Or is he trying to piss of the americans?

  2. Stephen Harper has a grand plan to change not only Canada, but the world. By the looks of it, spreading Christianity is part of it.
    This article showed up on Facebook. Sounds a bit conspiratorial, but a lot of this fits.
    “When Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right-wing Northern Foundation in 1989, Mr. Harrison documents that this was a group that had numerous Neo-Nazi skinheads as organizers, as well as a leadership that included a well-known white supremacist and anti-feminist crusader as a prominent leader that sought to take over the mass-media to enable the fulfillment of a right wing agenda. The Northern Foundation, with the support of corporate allies was able to get Mr. Harper elected in the first place by indeed, taking over the mass-media in Canada. This was done to shelter Mr. Harper from the kinds of critical journalism which had kept him out of power, in the first place. Corporate mass-media owners would seek to remake Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party from being ultra right, into a fabricated image of a non-threatening “moderately conservative” party.Trevor Harrison also documents that “He [Mr. Harper] had little trouble doing so, as the media had been largely muffled by one fact: press baron Conrad Black, then reaching the height of his powers was also a member of the Northern Foundation and equally shy about having it publicly known.” Mr. Harrison elaborates that, “Journalists feared incurring his wrath as he employed many of them at the time, and was a potential employer for those whom he didn’t employ. Had they made the membership list public, Mr. Black would have been exposed.”Now that Mr. Harper has been able to seize power by taking over the PC Party (through a breach of contract law), and with the help of, for example, media owners of CanWest Global (that form example, controls many Canadian newspapers including the National Post, and the Ottawa Citizen) who donated money to his political campaigns, the Conservative Party in association with the Northern Foundation now seeks to focus on the fulfillment of an NWO agenda.”

    • Tinfoil hats don’t look any better when they’re on people against Harper as for him.

      • I’m not sure what you’re getting at? Are you suggesting that Harper was never a founding member of the Northern Foundation?(because he was, no tinfoil hat there) or are you suggesting that a bunch of crazy selfish sociopaths would not use the media as a tool to achieve what they want to achieve? (that’s actually plausible and has been done in the past so I don’t understand the tinfoil comment)

        Or is it that you know for a fact that this is not true? If that is the case than please present to us the facts that prove this wrong because to just dismiss this with no proof except calling someone crazy is pretty weak sauce.

        I’m not saying this as a believer of the theory just as a believer that just because something may seem implausible doesn’t make it impossible. 

        Many a man have fooled many a people.

        • What is the Northern Foundation?  I have seen this accusation before but there is never any explanation.

          • To be honest, this is the first time I heard about so I googled it. There is a bit of information out there on it but unfortunately not a whole lot from the MSM :)

          • You are claiming Harper is the founding member of a group you had to google?  He’s doing enough wrong in the day to day governing of the country, we really don’t need half assed accusations like this.

          • “You are claiming Harper is the founding member of a group you had to google?  He’s doing enough wrong in the day to day governing of the country, we really don’t need half assed accusations like this.”

            What? Are you suggesting that because I googled something it is irrelevant? That is a pretty strange accusation to make.

            I wanted to know what the Northern Foundation was so I decided to google it and see what was out there, I found this:



            If i’m not mistaking this is OriginalEmily1’s blog? If so perhaps she could weigh in on this.

            Give it a read and tell me why I should not believe it or why it is half-assed as you say. Or maybe you can find something that suggest this is just not true and if that is the case than I will edit my post above but for the time being I’m not finding anything that refutes this except for some people who believe its just not true because it hasn’t been splattered all over the MSM.

            *And just so you’re aware, I’m not claiming to believe the theory that was stated above, I’m just saying some of the information presented does appear to be accurate.

        • I’m suggesting that anybody who suggests the “mass media” has been taken over has their tinfoil on way the hell too tight.

    • Um, yeah, I loves me a good conspiracy, but that seems a shade too far on the nutter side for me.

      • I am not concerned with Harper’s Christianity or any other distraction that might be brought up.  What concerns me, what makes me quite nervous is The Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO.  I guess what bothers me the most is that, despite the immense size of it, scope of it, and it is almost never mentioned.  And now Canada assumes that it can control the dragon.  A bit like the Lion and the Mouse, and we ain’t the lion. 

        China gets its oil and gas from Iran and Russia…it’s regular trading partners.  And now Kahzikstan wants to join them. 


    • Godwin’s Law FTW!

  3. I’ll take beans and pulses to India over Uranium and heavy oil to China any day of the week.

    These days I find it just about impossible to make a decent veggie soup without the addition of red lentils[ bacon or buffalo sausage to the German recipe] or munched up chick peas for a base, mmmmm.  

    • You cook too?  :-)    

      • Too?…yeah i’m a regular superdad.

        In between blogging at macleans and walking the dogs. I’m glad you didn’t ask why i’m not working. :)

        • So where do you get buffalo sausage – locally made?

          • Unfortunately not. There’s brucelosis or something in the herds up here. We get it from a game farm in AB – go figure.

          • Ah – I get fresh bison here but not cured.  Ground,, it is much better than beef.

  4. So you’re saying the emphasis is all on human rights this time …

    • Jesus and bitumen – a perfect pairing.

      • IF you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet,
        Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,
        Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.
        Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by.

        Five and twenty ponies,
        Trotting through the dark –
        Brandy for the Parson, ‘Baccy for the Clerk.
        Laces for a lady; letters for a spy,
        ,Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by! 
        *Five and twenty delegates
        Flying through the dark
        Uranium for the Commies, oil for a lark.
        Trade for them’s that’s rightious;  God for them’s that aint.
        Watch the wall my darling your PM is still a saint.

        Five and twenty ponies,
        Trotting through the dark –
        Brandy for the Parson, ‘Baccy for the Clerk.
        Them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie –
        Watch the wall my darling while the Gentlemen go by !

        *I ruin good poetry too.

        • Oh VERY good!

        • Ha – how did I miss this earlier.  I was born a couple of hundred years too late for this I guess, Harper looks positively naked to me.

  5. Why are they sending a pastor on this trip, are they hoping that God will deliver some deals?

  6. Alice Wong first Chinese – Canadian cabinet minister? What about Raymond Chan? Maybe the first female  Chinese-Canadian cabinet minister ?? Must be the jet lag….

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