All over in a Nanos-second: 33-27-22-10-8


Cons stay even, Libs down 2, NDP up 2, Green up 1, you can amaze your friends and family with massive quantities of data here.


All over in a Nanos-second: 33-27-22-10-8

  1. Secretariat for triple crown.

  2. And the Tories are now 4th in Quebec? What if Harper wakes up Wednesday morning with a minority government but only Maxime Bernier and Josee Verner in Quebec. That would be comedy.

  3. You know, this means the splits on election night are going to be crazy!

  4. “You know, this means the splits on election night are going to be crazy!”

    squishy lefties. that last mile is going to be a killer.

  5. For all you prognosticators out there, here is a massively multiplayer forecasting game:


    You can spend your time coming up with a PLAN to rescue a doomed world.

    I know the Harper Government has been working on theirs for 2 plus years, but what the hey.

  6. These numbers boggle the mind : the possibilities are endless – fan bloody tan tastic! That’s all I have to say as I love elections like this as you may as well start flipping coins to figure out how things might turn out! Change is definitely coming and I think that any predictions from this point on are personal predilictions – I think Cons = same : LPC down seats : NDP = up seats : BQ = down a few! Who knows with all the 3 ways Jack could end up leader of the opposition! Wouldn’t that be ahoot – as up to now the NDP get a free ride on a lot of issues as people rule them out but if they were the official opposition they would have to start the ol political fudge making on their policy platforms and that’s for sure.

  7. Eat (turkey!), drink and be merry, for Tuesday we die.

  8. The crooked pollsters are all conservative and will give the cons a leg up in the last days so we fools think we should join them….its a con game….

  9. Is the World voting on Kyoto??

    This global economic crisis has been totally blamed on the US sub-prime housing market and the global banks greed and bad practices in underwriting these loans. This seems plausible to explain the US situation, and the US has taken drastic steps to fix the problem.

    For the last 5 years I have been reading that the EU, China, Russia have been replacing the US as the Financial world super power. Why is Europe in such a crisis?

    Perhaps it is not as easy a problem as the sub-prime meltdown has indicated. What has been the over-riding Global topic/crisis for the last 5 years? Ans: Global warming and how to address it.

    Lead by Gore and science, nuclear interest groups there has been a significant shift in how the world does business. Governments have put in arbitrary mechanisms disrupting the free market to change the world economic order… carbon taxes, carbon credits, curtailing successful industries and subsidizing poorly run “idea” and “theoretical” industries.
    Canada has paid lip service to this global hysteria, but under Chretien, Martin and Harper’s leadership have not taken concrete steps to contribute to the theoretical solution. This has left Canada with the best economy / prosperity / employment in the world. Canada is an island of sanity in a world gone mad.

    Now we have the possibility of joining the rest of the world. Like most of the other “responsible green nations” there is no real goal of saving the environment by stopping Global warming. This has been used as cover for various special interest groups: World Socialism (getting the rich nations to better support the poor), breaking the embargo on nuclear power and the self interest of riding to power on the back of the green populist movement.

    Dion does not believe that the green shift will reduce Green house gases and stop global warming. His best argument is that if Canada gets on top of the pyramid scheme we will be able to profit from other countries blindly following into the Green war. He fell upon the Green shift, after years of looking for a gimmick to profit from the Green war a few months ago. Prior to his Green-shift shift he was against a carbon tax.

    What he was looking for was to establish the central planning socialist government with the government providing all services to all people. The failure of communism in the USSR and the shifting of China’s economic model to capitalism as well as the realization that the similar agenda implemented in Canada by Trudeau almost bankrupted Canada has made this agenda political suicide (See the NDP).

  10. “Perhaps it is not as easy a problem as the sub-prime meltdown has indicated. What has been the over-riding Global topic/crisis for the last 5 years? Ans: Global warming and how to address it”

    Hmm, I have to disagree with this analysis, for the simple reason that the crisis started in the United States, WITH the subprime mortgage loans, which were then repackaged as bonds and sold to the entire world banking system.

    Your analysis might make sense if the US had made any moves towards Kyoto. But it hadn’t. Canada didn’t either, yet Canada’s banking system is sound. So what’s the difference between Canada and the US? Could it be our regulated banking system?

    I’m not saying that Kyoto isn’t bunk, I’m saying that it’s not responsible for a BANKING crisis. How could it be? Are the carbon trading markets in Europe collapsing? Even if they are, that isn’t what started the mess, it started in the US banking system.

  11. Think of the possibilities…
    Harper / Flaherty semi-nationalizing the nation’s mortgages…
    Coyne jumping off high building screaming – these guys have lost their principles….
    Harper being interviewed by an evil Radio-Canada talking head – flubbing a hypothetical question posed in the future pluperfect…
    Jarrid and bub running out from the CPC War Room with talking points that read – Naughty Lib-lover media tries to trip up leader again – no fair!

  12. Steve Murphy
    If the Nanos Poll numbers are accurate Mr. Harper would be Prime Minister.


    You mean the polls today, if I was Prime Minister. I would take 30 more polls….can we start again??

    Steve Murphy
    If the poll numbers by Nanos Research are correct, Mr. Harper would be Prime Minister
    I can’t, I don’t understand, you mean polls two years ago or polls today?? Can my assistant tell me what the question is.

    Steve Murphy
    Polls released just moments ago, indicate Mr. Harper, the current Prime Minister, would be elected again as Prime Minister what do you think?

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question? you mean the poll today or the poll two years and a half ago??
    I’m sorry, I have problems hearing when everyone is talking at the same time you know at party cocktails.

    Steve Murphy
    This is a controlled studio environment; I am the only one talking and have a microphone. Lets forget about the question and just give each other a hug. Its obvious you have no idea what a poll is or what they mean.

  13. The Green Shift is not gimmickry. It is the soundest plan for inducing real change in future CO2 emissions while minimizing the impact to the economy. For all those doom-and-gloomers out there, there has been no economic analysis to suggest that a carbon tax would decimate the economy, and plenty to suggest it would be fairly benign.

    You can all rant and rail, but it doesn’t change the above.

  14. The video only has 42,000 views so far….nothin to worry bout

  15. bob steward:

    You are aware it’s been played throughout the news cycle on CBC and CTV, right?

  16. Dion is meeting Jean Cretien tonight…
    I think Cretien is probably going to give Dion some golf balls…
    inscribed…with the message…
    Harper & Gomery – whack me!
    [If you can do better – post here – after all – Mr. Wells doesn’t crack wise quite as much as Kady]

  17. Pete…. what is the value of the bad mortgage loans given out? I am just saying that the US buying a considerable portion of the bad mortgages that should take that off the table as a problem. Is there a sub-prime crisis in EU? What else is out there that the banks have been giving money for nothing? There are a finite number of house in the US, less mortgages and even less bad mortgages. If 700 Billion dosn’t cover this what does?

    The biggest movement in the world have been stop global warming…. any other ideas why the economy is failing?

  18. The other problem was the price of Oil at $150 a barrel …. this was forcing a “green shift” and had a major impact on select industries (GM, Ford) that have been run poorly. The market moving it back to <$90 would seem to address that problem.

  19. If Dion cannot comprehend the most obvious question he was likely to be asked, what does that say about him and his team of handlers. He has made a lot of political hay blaming the world financial crisis on Harper even though Canada’s economic numbers remain astonishingly strong. Don’t you think it’s only fair to ask him what he would have done differently. Steve Murphy jumped though hoops to make the question as understandable as possible and Dion was still dumbfounded asking for retake after retake, advice from flunkies and handlers and still didn’t get it. The poor English, hearing problems and other excuses are glowing a little thin. If he can’t understand the language of 85% of the prople of this country I susgest he run in another country…maybe France.

  20. Dion made political hay about the economy because Harper handed him the pitchfork.

    Dion finally screwing up an English interview comes as a surprise to know one.

    Harper dirtying his hands with it makes no sense at all.

  21. Conservatives continuing to distance themselves from the dropping Libs.

    The NDP and the Greens are on the move.

    Dion’s competence index numbers tank (I wonder what caused that.)

    The Lib commenters fall sullen and silent as Oracle Nic tells them in hushed tones of dark clouds gathering.

    My the euphoria around here has quickly dissipated.

  22. Saw Nanos on CPAC tonight. Nanos confirmed that Dion’s competence index and leadership index numbers went down probably because of people who would have seen or heard about Dion’s botched interview.

    This is bad timing for Dion coming so late in the campaign.

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