All-party committee to investigate 'elbowgate' -

All-party committee to investigate ‘elbowgate’

Trudeau apologized, then a lengthy parade of indignant MPs expressed their outrage


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized, but an all-party committee will investigate accusations that he “manhandled” the Conservative whip Wednesday and elbowed a female New Democrat MP in the House of Commons.

Footage from the Commons television feed showed Trudeau wading into a clutch of MPs, mostly New Democrats, and pulling Opposition whip Gordon Brown through the crowd in an effort to get a key vote started.

Quebec MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau appears to be in discomfort as Trudeau pushes past her, forcing her against an adjacent desk.

The incident led to mayhem on the Commons floor, with Trudeau at one point in a face-to-face encounter with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.

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MPs shouted and pounded their desks over Trudeau’s actions, which came amid the superheated atmosphere of the doctor-assisted death debate.

Brosseau said she was shocked by the encounter.

“I was standing in the centre talking to some colleagues,” Brosseau told the House after calm was restored. “I was elbowed in the chest by the prime minister and then I had to leave.

“It was very overwhelming and so I left the chamber to go and sit in the lobby. I missed the vote because of this.”

Trudeau issued an abject apology, saying he was just trying to help the opposition whip get to his seat and never intended to hurt anyone.

“I took it upon myself to go and assist him forward, which was I now see unadvisable as a course of action,” said Trudeau, who called his actions “unacceptable.”

“I apologize for that unreservedly and I look for opportunities to make amends.”

A number of MPs rose to complain to the Speaker about Trudeau’s actions, with an angry New Democrat Peter Julian saying he’d never seen anything like it in his 12 years as a member of Parliament.

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Speaker Geoff Regan concluded there was a prima facie case that Brosseau’s privileges as an MP had been breached, which means the encounter will be examined by an all-party committee.

Tempers ran high in the Commons all week as the government pushed through a motion to limit debate on its controversial assisted-dying legislation, Bill C-14. It was that motion the members were gathered to vote on before the confrontation took place.

Regan could barely make himself heard as he tried to read the text of the motion. It was defeated by a margin of 172-137, although Brosseau wasn’t able to register her vote.

Trudeau’s apology was followed by a lengthy parade of indignant MPs getting up to express their outrage to the Speaker, describing a scene unlike anything they’d ever seen before in all their years as politicians.

The prime minister issued another apology to a reception related to Parliament saying sorry for the Komagata Maru incident off the B.C. coast in 1914.

“I’m going to apologize again for an incident in the House this evening that might take away a little bit in the news tomorrow, and for some people, the extraordinary celebration that today is, and the important momentous occasion that this day represents, not just in the story of Sikh and southeast Asian Canadians, but in the story of this country,” Trudeau said.

“For that, I truly regret.”


All-party committee to investigate ‘elbowgate’

  1. Where have we seen this before?? Remember Rob Ford?

  2. First of all, it’s not about an elbow. It’s about Opposition MPs blocking another MP from doing his job.

    Second, it’s not “elbowgate” – Watergate was the name of the hotel where a scandal involving the take down of a government occurred. Try to come up with a more creative tagline, dear Media. Your lack of originality is astounding.

    Third, I’m sure the MP who got elbowed has endured worse standing on a bus or the subway (oh… wait… how long has it been since her private-space bubble has been interrupted by commoners?) than the accidental hit she took by the PM. And to claim she was so upset by it that she had to miss the vote? Seriously? I’ve seen soccer players go down for more serious injuries than that. Maybe if she and her cronies weren’t blocking the Whip’s access to his seat, the PM wouldn’t have had to wade in and get him out of there and she wouldn’t have been in the way. Take some personal responsibility for your actions.

    Finally, it was an accident and the PM has apologized all over the place. Maybe she should grow up and accept it.

    • You have conveniently missed out the part where the vote was delayed by 30 seconds when Trudeau rushed in and grabbed the Con whip’s arm, told people to get the fuck out of the way, elbowed the NDP MP and then tried to drag the Con whip to his seat. Meanwhile, the Con whip was saying “let go of my arm.” Trudeau was angry and frustrated but it was not really warranted according to the Globe and Mail so your defense of his behavior is not warranted either. It is the job of the Speaker in the House of Commons to call the House to Order. The members don’t cross the floor and lay hands on one another. If our PM finds himself frustrated because the opposition isn’t falling in line with his plans, he needs to use his words, not his physicality. That is what civilized people do. That is what we teach young children to do. The Speaker called him out on his behavior because it wasn’t unacceptable.

    • Trudeau did not have to “wade in and get him out of there”. Trudeau should have left it to the Speaker to control the MPs. There is no justification for Trudeau’s actions.

      Having said that, I agree the much of the incident has been blown out of proportion, and at least some of the opposition MPs were either at fault in their own way or acting like a European soccer player.

  3. In my view, the behaviour of Mr. Trudeau in this instance was out of character. That has been my focus, and I wonder what (on that day) caused him to lose control of his anger management. I suspect that there was more happening here than simply assisting the Whip to his seat. Something personal, which will never be known.

  4. will there be a committee selected to tell these privileged dunderheads to grow up?