An answer, of sorts


The Liberals have persisted these last several weeks in asking the government side to cancel an increase in EI premiums scheduled for next year. The government side has persisted in ignoring these questions.

Today though, the Finance Minister will apparently announce that the planned increase will be halved.


An answer, of sorts

  1. Good for Bob Rae! Maybe his persistence paid off after all.  Coming up next: the government makes some of the new tax credits refundable.

    • Yes, that is my ideal too of how a majority govt [any govt] should work. No doubt some libs will grouse that Harper has picked their pocket – i’m not, not if it’s good for the country. Eventually it’ll pay off for the libs too, who have also been tossing around the reintroduction of refundable tax credits.

    • At this rate, hopefully the CPC of 2015 will be caught up to the Liberals of 2011

  2. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, when asked what was the greatest challenge for a leader replied, “Events, my dear boy, events.”

    • What does that have to do with this article? Unless events is code for Liberals. In which case: hear, hear!

      • Ideology just met up with reality, and as always reality won.

        Flaherty and Harper will be backtracking for some time.

        • Ok, but that statement doesn’t match up with your quote at all. Unless Bob Rae is actually the name of a hurricane and I’ve been getting that hurrican confused with Liberal Leader Robert Ray.

          • Go play with Robin.

          • I would but he’s stuck indoors thanks to hurricane Bob Rae.

  3. Flaherty always maintained that these tax increases were out of his hands – that there was some board that made these decisions and there was nothing he could do to stop the increases. 

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