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‘An iconic moment’


Michael Moore salutes Brigette DePape.

“For a young person to do that and to do it peacefully, and quietly and with grace, I thought it was a very powerful moment,” Moore told The Canadian Press on Sunday from New York. “Every now and then there is an iconic moment where an individual takes action, and it inspires others to think about, you know, what else would we be doing.”


‘An iconic moment’

  1. Yes, a silent 20 seconds, but now a moment forever recognizable. I’m sure we’ll see it many times…it is an instant call to arms, a beginning….

    • Excuse me while I roll my eyes… You’d think she’d faced down a tank in Tiananmen Square the way you carry on. It was a small act of dissent – and I’m all for that – but it was neither an heroic act nor a horrible one. Frankly, I’m amazed it made news for one day let alone three (and counting…)

      God, we need something interesting to happen.  


      The head Macleans drama queen has spoken.

      This little idiot will be forgotten by game 4 of the cup finals.

      • Apparently neither of you are aware of what happened…even 4 days later.

        • Remind me in a week why this will change everything.

          • You mean when the rally is held?  Or when she takes her new job?

    • ” I’m sure we’ll see it many times…it is an instant call to arms, a beginning….” 


      OriginalEmily1 – I am not only one you make laugh. 

      You and a few others here are Canada’s left wing Colbert Report.

      It is meant as compliment, thanks for entertainment.

      • “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


        • I’m reminded of Harper.

  2. This comment was deleted.

    • My, you’re bitter. LOL

      • No, the bitter one is the pathetic loser with the Stop Harper sign.

        • LOL another bitter old fuddy-duddy all upset by a sign.

          • I’m way younger than you, Emily, and the fact that I can spot a bitter sore lefty loser a mile away doesn’t mean that I’m upset about anything.

            So Emily, do you agree with Ms DePape that we should be staging general strikes until Generalissmo Layton is installed as Prime Minister?

          • Yes, you’re a student….and a young fogey.

            Neither Ms DePape nor I are lefties.

          • Ms. DePape, who did a stint at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, is not a lefty.

            To quote Monty Python, “You really ARE a loony.”

          • Oh I see….looking for policy alternatives makes you an automatic lefty?

            Goodness, and here I thought it involved thinking and research instead of blind faith.

          • Emily, anyone out there with a brain and a modicum of objectivity and judgment knows that the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a decidedly left-wing think tank.  Just like the Fraser Institute is a decidedly right-wing think tank.  Get real.

          • Sigh…yes I know that, and you can work there without being a lefty, just as you can work at the fraser institute without being a wingnut. Stop pigeon-holing people

          •  . . . says the woman who throws the label “Con” at every poster who disagrees with her.  You’re awesome.

          • LOL I was unaware it was an insult. Maybe if you lost the chip?

          • George Watson here! Yes I do agree with Ms. DePape and you apparently agree with your right-winged hero Harper. The left isn’t bitter about Harper’s manipulated win  just very worried about a dictator who will destroy this country and destroy civil rights.  

          • 64. You’re 64. Stop embarrassing yourself by calling everyone else old.

          • Stop embarrassing yourself by being a young fogey

  3. Yup, I’m sure this is the start of the Canadian uprising…or maybe just another left wing drama queen.

  4. The Globe and Mail had the best comment on this situation:  Someone said,
    “Reminds me of Egypt.”

    • Young, female, a brand new graduate from ‘international development and globalization’ in a room full of meaningless ritual [and not even our ritual, but ritual imported from England nearly 2 centuries ago] and a huge amount of stuffy old white guys….yeah, like Egypt.

      The young and new against the old and staid…iconic

      • Reminds me of Egypt too! – in fact, I can see the crowds gathering from my office window.  Check that, it’s just the hot dog cart.

        • Well you’ve mistaken Harper for Gandhi, and a political party for a social movement, so I’m not surprised you’d mistake a hot dog cart for a revolution.

          • Not to parse, Em, but I didn’t c.f. Harper to Ghandi, just mused that your Ghandi quote reminded me of him.  BTW, just checked again – nope, it’s still just a hot dog cart, but I’ll make sure I leave work early to avoid the DePape revolution

          • You can also be silly by yourself, so don’t involve me

          • It”s not a social movement emily…it’s a product…sold like cornflakes or Happy Meals to an uncritical, criminally mis-educated, naive, lacking ability to reason generation of McEducated youth. Wanting to make the world a better place is a noble idea, throwing the only hope of that future to the dogs of the left is unlikely to make it happen

          • You must be from the Con Cornflake party. Insults and threats everywhere.LOL

      • From all the harumphing sounds like the Cons want to preserve the Senate just the way it is.  Whatever happened to the Reform movement? 

  5. He would.