An impassioned booo-urns in Calgary


Justin Trudeau’s victory in the Montreal constituency of Papineau.


An impassioned booo-urns in Calgary

  1. One presumes they’re rooting for the separatist?

  2. Boo.

  3. I don’t know that that’s so.

    I’m a Tory, and I admire courage. Trudeau didn’t have to take a tough riding, and he didn’t have to go toe-to-toe with the Bloc.

    I think he’s an ass, but he’s a brave ass.

    I’d have voted for him in Papineau, and I’m glad he won.

  4. You just don’t get it do you. The Trudeau name is as reviled in the west as Harper’s name is at university student union meeting.

  5. Oh, we get it, Don. We’ve heard it loud and clear.

    And over and over.

  6. Yes, the democratic elites of Alberta can preach to the rest of Canada about the evils of the Liberal brand,then suckle 68% at the teet of the unprincipled CON squad. They can zombie-like embrace provincial isolation with a gov’t that plays shell-games with their own money and then ask to be kicked again, and dare not say that they know better.
    Their poor are as bad off as any in the country, they let their corporations poison and pollute like few others in the continent, and the benefit is no provincial sales tax. That’s a mighty fine and generous society you’re building, slim.

  7. This hate of all things Trudeau-esque is something I have never understood about my fellow Albertans. Perhaps it’s because I am too young to have lived through the whole NEP event. But come on, that was in the seventies, half the people don’t even know what it was anymore. I have found that its been a visceral hate for so long that most people don’t even know why anymore.
    Kind of silly really.

  8. NEP is a tool used by Conservatives to rile up the faithful in Alberta. It helps remind Albertans how much they hate, or should hate Ontario/Quebec.

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