An important clarification -

An important clarification


From the Globe’s coverage of the Star’s investigation of Rahim Jaffer’s social life, this.

The Tory official noted that while “screaming” in an airport is “unacceptable,” she shouldn’t be removed from cabinet because her husband was hanging out with “hookers” and “shysters.”


An important clarification

  1. The Tory official also added: Look, at least it wasn't a lesbian bondage theme club. Give us a freakin' break!

  2. The TO Star did an amazing job at investigating the Jaffer incident. We have no such journalists working in Saskatchewan; government news releases are printed verbatim, with nobody to look into whether or not they're true.

    No wonder Guergis has been losing it lately: her husband is a seedy, shady character. But then we've known that ever since he sent an aide to impersonate him on air to the public.

    • I'm not sure Jaffer's behaviour is responsible for Guergis' losing it. She is a loose canon all on her own, I'm pretty sure this isn't a case of opposites attracting.

      • She's a shrill; he's an irresponsible party boy. Both representatives of the federal Tories. Oh dear, how can we vote such scummy losers into office?

  3. Ugh – having read both articles, I now need a shower.

    • With 3 busty hookers?

      • then he'll need another shower…and maybe a couple of raincoats!

  4. If there is any truth in this, at least the Tories keep their gangsters in the closet and at arms length…they're not making them senior fundraisers in Quebec and BC.

    • Well if there's any truth to the bribing of Chuck Cadman story, the Tories put their "negotiaters" into Senate seats.

      • I watched the vote live and cadman voted with martin…kinda shreds your theory.

        • While we're on the subject I recall Martin's "minister for complex files" making a clear quid quo pro for a cabinet seat at the same time…I wonder if she was "doin domi" then and really screwing McKay over figuratively as well as literaly? But I guess that sort of double standard is OK in your universe?

          • it all seems to be a-okay in Canada, what with people like you stepping up to apologize for the idiotic misbehaviour of its public representatives.

          • Emerson.


          • But I guess that sort of double standard is OK in your universe?

            What double standard? The one suggested by your sleazy innuendo?

        • The crime is offering, and it doesn't go away if the offer is refused.

        • "I watched the vote live and cadman voted with martin…kinda shreds your theory. "

          No, it just means that their bribe attempt offer of "financial considerations" to Cadman for his vote did not pursuade him.

    • If there is any truth in this, at least the Tories keep their gangsters in the closet and at arms length

      Oh come on…I'm pretty sure we're talking about the new Ambassador to Denmark here.

      • That's a good "GAGliano"!…I spelled it out since so many of our Liberal friends seems to be suffering from "selective memory syndrom". Perhaps their reborn leader can fully erase their memories of the "salad days" when high moral standards and friends in high places weren't frowned upon:).

        • Indeed. The worst transgressions of the Mulroney and Chretien eras didn't come out until years later. Cadman and election financing (which was for political gain only as far as we know) aside, the Harper team had previously looked pretty good in terms of actual corruption. Will they still look as good in 2016? Who knows?

  5. she shouldn't be removed from cabinet because her husband was hanging out with “hookers” and “shysters.”

    I thought the Tory caucus was keeping its distance from Jaffer.

    Haw haw haw. I"m hilarious. Everyone thumb me up!

    • done and done!

  6. I think guilt by association should be okay as long as it serves a political ends I agree with.

    • Finally — a sensible an polite commenter.

  7. Excuse me but Vic ‘OG' Towes is straight-up gangster.

    El Vicapocolypse was giving speeches about how the homosexual agenda was going to drown traditional marriage in a sex toy filled kiddie pool while at the same time sneaking around behind his wife's back, busily impregnating his administrative assistant. That is serious administrative assistance.

    That is gangster. OG.

    • It's spelled Toews BTW.

      • and pronounced Taves

        • Which makes it a "Tavesty".

    • Gangster!!!

    • Gangster!!!

    • Was that before or after he was convicted of breaking election finance laws?

  8. Shysters? Really? Were there "hoodlums" and "scallywags" there as well?

    On the other hand, now we have a rwasonable explanation of why the charges went away. Jaffer rolled on his buddy.

    • … and I guess his buddy just returned the favour.

      • Naz has gout.

    • Okay, I admit I looked if only to compare with l'affaire Bernier affair (in the name of political science of course). I kinda doubt that the website models and the hookers who show up for the gig are one and the same, though, bcl.

    • Well, "busty" is certainly apt. although 'natural' isn't — knockers so big they point in different directions. Also all those poor girls seem to have got their fingers stuck in their mouths, or are trying to pick something out of their teeth.

    • Nice little site you have there bcl. You seem to be more into pictures than words. I suppose you give your visitors what they want.

      • Oh come ON common man. That was a funny post.

        Pull the stick outta there, will ya?

        If we can't make fun of the sexual indiscretions of current or former public servants, what's the point of democracy???

        • Don`t get me wrong, I like pictures sometime too. I was simply complimenting bcl that he has a certain knack for gathering some very interesting pictures and whenever I wish to look at pictures, I`ll know where to look.

  9. Former MPs immediately, and succesfully lobbying the government for $$ doesn't sound like something 2006 Stephen Harper would like very much.

    • successfully lobbying the government for $$

      First, his lobbying efforts weren't successful. Second, I imagine 2010 Stephen Harper doesn't like it too much either.

        • Neither. Teneycke is a pundit employed by CBC.

      • I must have misread, or at the very least Jaffer was claiming otherwise. Not with the "busty hookers" crew, but the story seems to me to be saying Jaffer was claiming he had gotten funds before, or at least his company has.

    • Luckily, all proof of the existence of 2006 Stephen Harper has been redacted.

      • Are you TRYING to make me break down and cry? You are a cruel, wicked man.

    • There is a lot – perhaps even all – that Stephen Harper 2006 would not like about the Conservatives in 2010, including their current leader.

      • I think he'd note some improvement on the hair file.

  10. But it's true! Guess who was leading the criticism of the Gagliano appointment at the time?

    None other than deputy Canadian Alliance leader Rahim Jaffer!

    Clearly he was just mad because he wanted the job for himself!

  11. Where's Feschuk when we need him?

    Mabye still smarting from all those serious responses to his Tiger mocking?

    • Where IS Feschuk? Spring Break? His twitter site as the Voice in PMs head is gone too.

      Free Feschuk!

    • Not to mention: "As one of the principles (sic), Mr. Jaffer provides the company with business expertise in industry financing in order to help them secure support from the Canadian government and to obtain contracts abroad. "

      • The sincerity of any PMO response is inversely proportional to the specificity of it's frame of reference so its really tough to say how much of that Jaffer bio actually requires a shovel.

      • and openly bragging about it. I wonder if he's registered as a lobbyist.

  12. ‘she shouldn’t be removed from cabinet because her husband was hanging out with “hookers” and “shysters.”’


    Status of Women

    you’ve come a long way, baby

  13. The longer the Harper conservatives are in power, the more we're finding out what they really stand for.

    • You've discovered evidence that the 2010 Tories stand for something?!?!

      Yeah, sure buddy. Tell me another one.

      • Are you suggesting that all those reassurances from Harper about giving us 'open and accountable' government were just to get our votes? Boy some of us are really gullible.

  14. Just like Bernier shouldn't be removed from cabinet because his lover was associating with biker gangs?

    • Yes, actually. It's no one else's business whom Bernier's lover chooses to associate with.

      Leaving classified documents lying around, on the other hand…

      • In a court of law, I wouldn't make the argument that one's associations should convict a person of a crime. Freedom of association and all. But in a court of public opinion? Don't hang out with shady characters. It's just a bad idea.

        Regarding your comment, let's not pretend that the former didn't have any influence whatsoever on how the latter was punished and interpreted.

  15. Rahim's continued use of his MP business cards after losing the 2008 election, rather than throwing them in the trash, is further proof of his environmentalist credentials. He clearly is a front-runner for a Green Party nomination.

    I understand Simcoe-Grey may be ripe for the taking.

  16. Aaron, an update your readers may be interested in…according to the Globe and Mail Jaffer is taking legal action against the Toronto Star for their article.

    • Yeah. Just like Helena Guergis is taking action against the airport employees in Charlottetown. I will believe it when the court documents get filed.

  17. They need a union to get a contract with a dental plan. Get in there and organize.

    • First we need to reform our incoherent laws on prostitution.

  18. The fact that an ex-parliamentarian can act as a lobbyist doesn't surprise me at all; it's quite normal practice in many jurisdictions. (France, Japan, to name two other OECD "Group of Eight" members…amongst many others). The important thing to me is that such activity be open and above-board, and that lobbyists be registered and that their activities be monitored and publicized. (Well, why not? If everything is above board, why WOULDN'T a lobbyist disclose their activities?)

    However, the requirement for a lobbyist to register only extends so far down the pyramid of power (I believe to the ADM level, though I could be wrong). Many, MANY decisions are made by lower level functionaries, and those decisions are not necessarily reviewed by their supervisors as long as they remain within the limits of those lower level functionaries' perview and mandate.

  19. I don't know if Jaffer's standing as an ex-parliamentarian holds much sway with these lower level functionaries; I would be surprised if it did at any point, and even more surprised if it still did since his "fall from grace". Certainly if I was one of those lower level functionaries, I would be loathe to associate myself, and my decision-making process, with him. So Jaffer's claims to have influence with government may be quite empty.

  20. The President of Rahim's company was a Conservative candidate in the last election, and man was he scuzzy.

  21. We should avoid passing any judgement until we at least get to see the hookers.