An outbreak of democracy -

An outbreak of democracy


The CBC says the Conservatives will allow various parts of C-45, the latest budget implementation act, to be studied at the appropriate committees.


An outbreak of democracy

  1. Yaay! For at least a smidgen of progress. We’ll see, of course, whether that means “study but refuse to change anything even when it’s an obvious–and necessary–tweak.”
    But if we have the Conservative caucus to thank for this slight loosening of the noose, it would be good to put names to backbenchers. You know, so when we next protest outside of your constituency office, we do it with a smile :)

  2. Does the CBC mean those committees whose composition the Cons dominate, whose agendas they control, and whose meetings they simply deprive of quorums (quora?) when they don’t like the proceedings?

    Oh, those committees.

  3. You posted earlier today that the Conservatives do not believe the Navigational waters act has anything to do with the environment. So, I’d expect it won’t considered relevent for the environment committee in their review of bill C-45. If the various committee’s are only considering “various parts of C-45” then they will ignoring much of the legislation they are asked to review.