And finally


Here, courtesy of Althia Raj, is Justin Trudeau stripping down to his undershirt for charity.

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And finally

  1. I don’t think Dean Del Maestro will approve of this.

    • As long as he doesn’t try it himself .. ( I rush to the medicine cabinet ) ..

  2. Yeah, but I’ve seen him naked! (So was I). And we were both being filmed by Brian McKenna’s daughter Robin!

    • Justin or Dean?

      • Ha! Justin, of course. Filming the skinny-dipping scene in the CBC doc “The Great War.”

        • That is a relief, no doubt for all concerned.

        • I saw that CBC World War I series.  I don’t remember much nudity other than maybe a few naked bums in the swimming scene, yes?  Or did you get to see Justin full-frontal naked from your vantage point?  : )

  3. Stupid stuff for sure. 

    • Raising money for charity in a fun way is stupid?  Is that you, DdM?

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