And now a word from Bill Cosby


Mr. Cosby performed at the National Arts Centre this evening.

Just before coming to his traditional closer, he said he wanted to talk about one more thing. The economy in the United States, he said, was horrendous. Stock market in chaos, jobs lost, people worrying about their pensions. He figured we were better off in Canada, but then he came to Ottawa and he needed to buy some eye drops. He went to the store, got some eye drops, handed the cashier a hundred dollar bill… and got back $117 in change.

“Who,” he wondered, “is your George W. Bush?”

The crowd did not seem to dislike this line.

Anyway. His climactic bit is called The Dentist. And since everyone could probably use some levity about now, here it is.


And now a word from Bill Cosby

  1. Aaron:

    Thanks for the memory.

  2. I was there too. He played the same venue that Chris Rock had played not long ago, and the contrasts were – as you’d expect – many.

    Rock paced the stage, Cosby sat. Rock swore like crazy, Cosby couldn’t even bring himself to say Viagra or erection. Rock did maybe an hour. Cosby did two. TWO HOURS!

    The major similarity: they both killed. Just killed. My kids almost fell out of the balcony they were laughing so hard during the bits about the colonoscopy and, of course, the dentist.

  3. He’s still doing that bit? I have that on VHS! “Bill Cosby is a very funny fellow, RIGHT!”

  4. Did he perhaps pay $100 US for a small item and get back $117 Cdn?

  5. That Youtube clip is from “Bill Cosby – Himself”, the Cos’ only concert film.

    It was released pre-Cosby Show, but more importantly, was filmed in the exotic confines of Hamilton Place.

  6. Bill Cosby is the greatest living comedian. A true genius.

    Buck buck number one comin’ up!

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