And now a word from Bob Mills

by Aaron Wherry

The former Conservative MP has concerns about the Harper government’s environmental policies.

“I always thought that ‘conserve’ was part of the Conservative mantra, but I might be wrong,” Mills said at a news conference organized by Green party leader Elizabeth May. “Stephen Harper puts other priorities, I think, ahead of the environment, and I think that’s a mistake.”

Mr. Mills was appointed to the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy in 2009 by former environment minister Jim Prentice.


And now a word from Bob Mills

  1. Sorry Bob, but your old party is long gone.

    Call these guys the Exploitatives

  2. I am particularly fond of this remark by Mills:

    “I’ve always said that if you’re smart, you surround yourself with
    really smart people and if you’re dumb, you surround yourself with a bunch of

  3. You know you are screwed in the head when former Reform Party MPs think you are too far right!

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