And now a word from Bob Mills


The former Conservative MP has concerns about the Harper government’s environmental policies.

“I always thought that ‘conserve’ was part of the Conservative mantra, but I might be wrong,” Mills said at a news conference organized by Green party leader Elizabeth May. “Stephen Harper puts other priorities, I think, ahead of the environment, and I think that’s a mistake.”

Mr. Mills was appointed to the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy in 2009 by former environment minister Jim Prentice.


And now a word from Bob Mills

  1. Sorry Bob, but your old party is long gone.

    Call these guys the Exploitatives

  2. I am particularly fond of this remark by Mills:

    “I’ve always said that if you’re smart, you surround yourself with
    really smart people and if you’re dumb, you surround yourself with a bunch of

  3. You know you are screwed in the head when former Reform Party MPs think you are too far right!

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