And now a word from Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh


In a statement sent out by the Liberal campaign, the two Liberal MPs confirm that they prefer the Liberal platform.

As former leaders of NDP governments at the provincial level, we are today proud supporters of Michael Ignatieff and the progressive Liberal platform that he is presenting to the Canadian people in this election. We have taken a hard look at the other two platforms, and neither Mr. Harper’s nor Mr. Layton’s pass basic tests. 


And now a word from Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh

  1. This is news? What else would they say?
    "We are secretly bringing the Liberal party down from the inside?"
    "Ooops! I guess it's not secret anymore."

    • awesomeness! I can't believe even Maclean's is so biased.

  2. Good of them to wrap up the letter by reminding everyone about Medicare and the Canadian Pension Plan – two great NDP policies that Liberals initially insisted couldn't be paid for and that they lay within provincial jurisdiction…

    • Today's crazy leftists are tommorow's conservatives!

  3. Ask David Peterson how such pleas turn out.

    • It's the smell of desperation.

  4. I don't know about Dosanjh but Rae got a hard lesson in reality in Ontario, and then switched parties.

    • The new party accepting said loser with wide open arms.

    • Yeah, although before that I'd never heard of a rat jumping ONTO a sinking ship.

      • Oh DO stop with the campaign propaganda.

        • You are absolutely right Emily. Bob Rae was infinitely wise to join an imploding party rife with internal division and a penchant for failure, while leaving the party that is poised to be the official opposition (or possibly the government). To suggest otherwise is partisan chicanery on my part. Surely you are as brilliant, wise and beautiful as you are fair-minded in your analysis of the facts.

          • We've had weeks of crap…talk normally for a change.

    • Dosanjh led his party to holding just a couple of seats in the BC legislature.

      • Glen Clark gets the credit for that, not Dosanjh.

        • Dosanjh was definitely left holding the bag, but he sure didn't do much with that bag.

  5. In a statement sent out by the Liberal campaign, the two Liberal MPs confirm that they prefer the Liberal platform.

    In a statement by Bill D. Cat , this could possibly be the stupidest thing I have ever read .

    • Agreed. Libs are dead meat.

    • Ack, thwwwp!

  6. all of the political parties they are the best for canada .

  7. The symbiosis between these two big government parties is never more obvious than when deserters from one sinking ship stand on the hulk of another and yell insults.

  8. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this for now. It doesn't reek of desperation yet …

    I think this is just trying to use whatever tools are in the tool box.

    • No jokes about Rae being a tool, okay.

  9. Bob, you're better than this!

    • Bob Rae can go burn in hell.

  10. "Gottabesaid is cool."

    – Gottabesaid's Mom

    I love unbiased endorsements.

    • Gottabesaid a baaaad muthaf…….

      Um, er,

      Gottabesaid has consistently demonstrated above average aptitude at making comments at Macleans.com.

      Sorry, I don't know where any of this is coming from. I just like his avatar picture.

    • See normally that would just be a decent comment, but because of your avatar I imagined Samuel L. Jackson saying it, so it is super-awesome.

  11. This is desperation. Funny how Mr. Ingontief isn't tossing bagels around any more. And, he's scowling more than ever!! I think the junior Trudow broke the ice today when he admitted the lib campaign was going nowhere. Aaron Wherry is right to point out the desperation in the lib camp.

    • You spelled one out of three names correctly, well done! You're coming along nicely.

      • Seems to be a literary technique favoured by certain Conservatives.

        • Inspired by Bush's use of "the Democrat Party", no doubt.

  12. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Dosanjh and Mr. Rae. I have very little respect for a political party that would force them to walk this kind of plank.

    • HA what do you respect about Mr. Rae? the man has no integrity at all!. Speaking from having personally known him, the guy will do anything just to get his face out there and be the next liberal leader. He is addicted to power and oh yes attracted to any young attractive girls that passes him by. Trust me…if you really got to know him…there is really nothing to respect. He is a fox is sheep clothing.

  13. Call me nuts but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this statement will cost the Grits votes. We're not talking about two quiet, competent provincial Premiers here. This isn't Frank McKenna or Bill Davis or Allan Blakeney endorsing the Grits….

    • Many of us in BC remember having the Ex-NDP member as a Premier and won't be voting for him again.

    • Dosanjh was just an interim premier, but I liked him well enough. The statement does make the Liberals look a tad pathetic/desperate though – "Our own MPs support our platform, really!" Talk about faint praise.

  14. This comment was deleted.

    • You know what would be cool? If you keep pasting this same post that you think is clever in every thread, not just until this election but until the next election. That would really show us.

      • Exactly. Listen LM, you've got partisan hack written all over this spam post of yours. You're as transparent as Saran Wrap.

    • Spamming is not a contribution to the discussion. Stop it. Also, it does zilch to convince people to vote for your party.

  15. I think the paragraph should begin – "as former leaders of disastrous NDP governments…"

  16. Northern Ontario
    We should be talking about the HST on the heating and hydro for our home in this great country We have all and the prices is to high
    This is for ????
    1 HARPER
    2 LAYTON
    Give boys a break by taken your hand out of works pockets for a change

  17. Dosanjh is just an opportunist and political tourist!

  18. What the parties and leaders are talking about is usually a good indication of where they see their own campaigns. The Liberals and Iggy are trying to convince people not to vote CPC or NDP, especially the latter i.e) negative. The NDP and Layton are talking about them being a different choice i.e.) positive. Tories and Harper, apart from the one anti-NDP attack ad, are talking steady-as-she goes it would seem i.e.) neutral, front-running.

    Based on that basic analysis, seems to me that the Liberals are terrified of losing support from the NDP. Plain and simple.

    • seems to me that the Liberals are terrified of losing support from the NDP

      I think that's been pretty obvious for at least a week and a half now, Dennis_F, although they've really just shifted from anti-CPC to anti-NDP. No matter who the enemy, the LPC has been rudderless for at least the past 8 or 9 days. After having a great campaign for the first couple of weeks, I though they might have had a chance at something interesting, but they lost momentum.

      The first fear-mongering ad was the one that sealed the deal for me. It happened to coincide with Warren Kinsella's ridiculous fear-mongering column in the Sun.

      • "The LPC has been rudderless for at least the last 8 or 9 days…"

        You mean the last 8 or 9 years.

  19. Just saw Robert Fife's roundup of how the campaigns view their own prospects. Tories acting like they'll get a majority, Liberals resigned to losing seats, NDP is wildcard whose rising support could even deny Tory majority.

  20. What they're really trying to say is:

    "Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh agree to not start campaigning to succeed Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton as leader of the merged Liberal Democratic Party of Canada until after the federal election."

  21. Rae needs to star in the next anti-NDP attack ad, giving personal testimony as to why it is a bad idea to vote NDP.

  22. Since I've only ever been involved in 2 parties….PCs and Reform/CA…I suggest you go back to your box.

    • You've been a hardcore Liberal booster on this website for quite some time.

      Reform/CA ? First anyone has heard of that. "PC for 30 years" is your favourite line to drop.

      You and Jack Layton's pop!

      Calling Out Cats

      • Sorry KittyCat…I'm not a Liberal.

        I was a riding president in the Reform/CA….before that I was PC

        Now then…box.

        • I'm afraid I find that very hard to believe.

          • I know eh ?

            Half the things she says on this site are factually incorrect about a range of subjects, especially economics.

            Dissapointed Cats

  23. Hey look, the guys on my team say they like my team better then their old team!

    It's amazing!

    Most people hate my team, but these guys really prefer it, after some consideration.

  24. The Liberals instigated this election thinking, "Well, we can't do worse than last time, right? We might be ten points behind in the polls, but at least things can't get any worse."

    I'm not gloating over their misfortunes (really, why is their decline a good thing?). Just pointing out that they brought a campaign they clearly weren't as ready for as they thought they were upon themselves.

  25. Wow, people really live and die by these polls, eh?
    This is not the result I want, but I think there will be enough of a centre-left vote split for many conservative MPs to sqeak in first and give the party its majority. Then all the first time voters will experience the problems with our electoral system when they see a Harper majority instead of Layton with 100 seats. Like I said, not my ideal, but the most boring thing is probably the most like outcome…or something like that ;)

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  27. "We have taken a hard look at the other two platforms, and neither Mr. Harper's nor Mr. Layton's pass basic tests."

    Self-serving, yes – but also correct.

  28. a self-serving statement by two turncoat former premiers who were turfed by their own electorate is news?

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