And now a word from Brad Wall -

And now a word from Brad Wall


Noted democracy advocate Brad Wall laments for Stephen Harper’s latest Senate appointments.

“I think it takes away momentum for change at the provincial level and it will probably increase calls that we hear from time to time just saying, ‘Do we really need this institution?’” Wall told reporters at the provincial legislature Wednesday.

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter is also unimpressed.


And now a word from Brad Wall

  1.  I don’t think anyone is actually impressed by the Senate appointments.  The partisan appointment of three lower house candidates who were just rejected by voters is a pretty strong argument for Senate reform. 

    •  Seems like this was just a tactic to further denigrate the Senate. Harper could have appointed other Senators that would help him to achieve his goals. Picking three candidates rejected by their constituents is deliberate.

      As far as I’m concerned, Harper needs to do something about his promised Senate reform pronto. The current state of affairs of stuffing it with cronies and hacks is hurting his credibility and angering his base.

    • It is to me a very strong argument to redefine the power of the prime minister and the GG to appoint.

  2. Well, there goes the potash. 

  3. Brad Wall is probably in bed with socialists and separatists.