And now a word from Brad Wall -

And now a word from Brad Wall


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall decides that the nation needs his constitutional insight and issues a written statement.

The party that wins the most seats on May 2 should be recognized as the government, period. If that were to be the Liberals, I would join with other Canadians in accepting this result and recognizing Mr. Ignatieff as our next Prime Minister. However, if the Conservatives win the most seats but come up short of a majority, I would expect Mr. Ignatieff and his party to accept that result … Ironically, this election was caused by a confidence vote over “contempt for Parliament.” I can think of no greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than the spectre of a party leader refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election.


And now a word from Brad Wall

  1. "I can think of no greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than the spectre of a party leader refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election."

    Spot on. It would be funny if it were not so serious but it is outrageous that Iggy is considering coalition options. Iggy was installed as leader of Lib party without vote and he is now considering pulling similar stunt to become PM.

    Why is Iggy afraid of elections?

    • If Ignatieff is elected as an MP, that will be the same as Harper being elected as an MP. So both are "elected" to office.

    • Every MP in Parliament is the winner. The winners decide who forms the government. The group of winners that get the confidence of the house get to form government. That's how it works.

    • He's so afraid of elections that he eagerly sought one out!

      It is Harper who is refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election, and has been doing so for 5 years. Which is why he and his government were found in contempt.

      And it's also why 4 of his senior advisors and his party are facing election fraud charges. And why they felt they had to offer "financial consideration" for Cadman's vote. And why they use our taxpayer dollars and government resources, to the tune of over $100M, to promote themselves and billions more as pork to buy us with our money. etc.

    • Sweet Jesus.

      On May 4th or 5th, the House will be filled with 308 representatives who won their respective elections. A House of winners, if you will. Mr Harper or anyone will need to to gain the confidence of a majority of those members if he is to become Prime Minister. If he fails to do so, another party can be called on to form a government and attempt to win the confidence of the House.

      bergkamp, you are waaaay to smart to be falling for this utter nonsense from Mr. Wall's mouth.

      • I notice Wall hasn't offered himself up to an interview where he could be questioned on this.

      • Falling for?

        Please, he's quite aware it's nonsense, he's attempting to spread it.

  2. I can think of a greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than the spectre of a party leader refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election: a party leader refusing to even consider making parliament work if he doesn't get a majority. That leader is Stephen Harper.

  3. He has to because he sees what this means. Too bad you morons in Central Canaduh don't. The west will go balastic if an Iggy led coaltion/peace party/whatever you call it now, takes over. The fate of Canada is up for grabs…seriously.

    • So let the west go ballistic.

      • I couldn't be happier than to have an independent west….doesn't bother me either way. If SH wins, I win…if SH loses, this country will tear itself apart. Either way I win.

        • Mmm, who doesn't enjoy a proud Canadian?

    • well they've been crying over the NEP for 40 years. Let 'em have something new.

      • Yes, including Brad Wall, which is why he acknowledges Parliamentary convention in his statement. Wherry conveniently left that part out.

    • The West will go ballistic if they don't get their way? And people think the West and Quebec don't have anything in common…

    • As a B.C.'er I find it offensive that you claim to speak for the West.

      • Also, a BC'er, born and bred, I don't presume to speak for all of BC or the west…but certainly enough to get the job done. You can move to Scarborough and enjoy your $7 latte + 27% sales tax…paid for with your new Iggy bucks, complete with Taliban Jack's picture on the front….

        • You may have been born here, but your breeding could use a lot of work. Harper sure attracts all the charmers, doesn't he?

        • "….but certainly enough to get the job done. "

          Ahhhh, no. Though many BCers will certainly show up to wave goodbye to Saskberta or New Kazakhstan, or whatever they'll call the place.

      • I'm a Westerner, and an Albertan, and I also think that 'Niceguy' should speak for himself.

        • I'm a Westerner, a BCer who grew up in Manitoba, and I think "Niceguy" should speak by himself, to himself.

        • Albertan right here. No intention of going ballistic.

          • Albertan here as well. I think Harper will go ballistic when his fantasy gets crushed by reality. I hope he does it on national TV and it gets youtubed for all the world to laugh at.

    • This is more of that "unintentional satire"..isn't it?

  4. Is there an elected conservative anywhere in this country who understands how parliament works?

    • Is there a conservative anywhere in this country who understands how parliament works?

    • They understand perfectly well. They just want to make sure that as many voters as possible misunderstand how parliament works.

  5. Well that might be where the $11 B in savings is gong to come from.

  6. Well Said Brad !!! – this is perfect Iggy has just done more to assure a Harper majority with the NDP as the officikla oppostion than anything Stevie or jacko could ever do – this is like watching a liberla train wreck in slow motion .. I wonder if Iggy truly realizes the size of the mistake that he made when he drank his own partys koolaid and now the upset tummy is starting …. incredible … harper haters heads are going to be exploding all over the place. What a wonderful day to be a Tory and watch the once might natural governing party reduced to a plae shadow of it's former self. You simply have to love canadian politics and the sheer ability of Stevie boy to drive his opponents into fits and make such stupid mistakes hahahahahaha!!!! … I wonder who will be the next leader of the LPT because you can stic a fork in Iggy as he is done and ther is no doubt about this now.

    • Your post is unreadable. At least run it through spell-checker before posting.

      • He can't. The psychotic (psichotic? psiclonic?) fury flies to the fingers so fast that the bilious spirit that guides them assures and assumes perfection. And #winning!

        Keep the country out of those hands.

    • Yeah cuz Brad has the ball right? Then he's taking the Ball to Layton whos also got the ball- but then when Iggy tries to get to the right, he takes the ball away hahahahahahah!!!!

  7. I hope the Conservatives keep flogging the coalition horse. Warning Canadians that the parties a majority of them support might form government is surely the most brilliant electoral strategy ever.

    • He's basically presenting a choice between a Harper dictatorship and a representative democracy. We'll have to see how cunning a plan this is.

    • Wasn't #CLSH direly warning of 'another form of government' today? Who knows what heinous ''plans' these traitorous, duly-elected representatives have in store? A clownocracy? A clownalition? Maybe, and lord help us here, Representative Democracy!?! Bar the windows, hide the children and get the guns-a!

  8. Bingo. People are treating Parliament as an electoral college where the leader with the most seats becomes the unopposed President. That just isn't how our system works.

    • I wish someone would explain that to Harper and the media.

    • Very nicely put. Good analogy.

  9. "The party that wins the most seats on May 2 should be recognized as the government, period."

    You'd have to re-write the Constitution and break with Westminster Parliamentary tradition for this to be true. Short of a party winning an outright majority, this is not how it works, nor how it has ever worked. MPs are elected to form a Parliament and that Parliament votes confidence a government composed of its members. Full stop.

    Now shut up Brad. Your stupid is showing.

    • Headline: Brad Wall is an idiot, believes Canada is ungovernable

      Whatever party wins the most seats gets the uncontested right to form government, period. In the event that party is immediately defeated because of its unwillingness to cooperate with opposition parties, we should undertake another election so we can again gain much the same result. Lather rinse repeat.

  10. "Fascinating…now we have a premier who is unaware of how our system works."

    Sad, terrifying and true.

    • It's bad enough that we have MPs who don't understand the system….but a premier not knowing, takes the cake!

      • Ah, not only that, but it's the premier who swore he would not publicly show his bias during the federal election (last time he out and out campaigned for his party's former ED). Then he yipped about this, and he yipped about that, and now he's a constitutional expert!

        • Amazing how that happens…they upgrade themselves without even checking the rules!

  11. "I can think of no greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than the spectre of a party leader refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election."

    Exactly. And yet Harper is telling us right now that he will refuse to do so.

    It is looking increasingly like the democratic outcome will be another minority government, and Harper is saying he won't compromise or change and will continue to not work with the majority of our elected MPs.

    Ignatieff on the other hand, has basically said what Harper said in 2004: Harper gets the first crack at it and it is the PMs job to make sure he has the support of Parliament, not the other way around. In fact, Harper said it was the PM's "first obligation" to do so.

    Our Governor General, a much better authority on the subject than Wall, has also been quite clear: government is formed on the confidence of the House. Period. As the current PM, Harper gets first chance to form that confidence, but if he can't or won't then the Governor General has an obligation to go to the Official Opposition or call another election. Period.

  12. Populist malarkey bordering on the treasonous. Harper is complicit in inciting this dangerous talk. His unbridled lust for power prompted the slick CPC PR campaign to distort our parliamentary democracy, and has led to this constitutional strife. Worse than having a separatist in charge of the government.

  13. Brad who?

  14. This opinion fits into an older definition of the word 'provincial'.

  15. I can think of no greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than a provincial premier who doesn't even understand how the same system that elected him works

  16. Such a breathtakingly STUPID statement from such an intelligent man beggars the question; is he knowingly trying to manipulate people? Does he really truly believe people are that utterly stupid?

    What a stunning example of intellectual dishonesty from a man who should know better.

    • "intellectual dishonesty"

      While you are correct, I really dislike this term. It puts a patina of sophistication onto something vulgar:

      knowingly lying.

    • I assume you are talking about Iggy?

  17. Wall specifically acknowledges Parliamentary convention in his statement. He just thinks the winning party should govern, as do most Canadians, as did Paul Martin when asked previously.

    • That would be ideal. But they don't have the unconstrained right to do so. They should try to govern with the consent of the House. Doing nothing to earn it, and indeed sneering at the opposition and daring them to defeat him is extremely unproductive.

      I'm not opposed to Iggy forming a government after a conservative non-confidence motion under some circumstances. But I would prefer if the plurality party governed in a responsible, consensus-building manner.

    • It doesn't matter what anybody 'thinks'….since it's very clear they're not 'thinking' at all.

      The system has rules…and Harper doesn't make them, no matter what he's said previously.

  18. I think two things are clear:

    1) Brad Wall had nothing of consequence to say.
    2) Brad Wall wanted to appear to say something substantive on the national level.

    I think Steve should be careful. It looks to me like an early audition.

    • Two people this week have asked me if I thought our premier could be prime minister. That rumour of ambition has long been floated out there; he's been taking French lessons for years now. He's not tough enough; more of a cheerleader, feel-good kind of guy — like a church minister. Reverend Killjoy.

  19. From Pink Floyd's The Wall:

    By pouring their derision
    Upon anything we did
    And exposing every weakness
    However carefully hidden by the kids
    But in the town, it was well known
    When they got home at night, their fat and
    Psychopathic wives would thrash them
    Within inches of their lives.

  20. Someone's scared. Cause someone's losing, about to lose.

    • Really? Based on what? If anything the Conservative vote is going up.

  21. I can think of no greater contempt for Parliament or for Canadian voters than the spectre of a party leader refusing to recognize the democratic outcome of the election.

    Then it strikes me that, being handed a minority government in which the public has told you to work with the other parties to get things done, it would be quite contemptuous to say you're not going to bother to try because you didn't get the outcome you wanted either.

    • Clearly Harper has been able to work with a minority government for FIVE years – he is doing something right, but I doubt either Iggy or Layton would be able to do that!

  22. All Lib supporters including Wherry would do well to listen to the advice from Mr. Wall rather than the snarkiness I see from Wherry and his fellows.

    • Despite the fact that Wall's advice bears no relation to our system of government? The same system, btw, that granted his party the right to govern provincially?

      • Think of it as friendly advice from a common sense guy to ignatieff and the Liberal Party before they do something foolish for short term gain, but long term pain.

        • No, I'm inclined to think of it as stupid lies from another stupid lying Conservative.

          Do you have any idea how prissy you sound?

          • Good to see the ol' Liberal high ground ha ha….watcha gonna do when you have a majority Conservative government? Lol..I hope they bring back the death penalty personally…abortion they don't have to touch, that usually eliminates future liberals anyways…

          • You do have a lot of anger issues–right.
            Guess that what happens when you`re a Liberal in Alberta. Take a deep breath and lie down.

  23. If you want to change how it works, there are several alternatives that would be a lot more fair and a lot more 'democratic'.

  24. Brad Wall is a puppet of the Harper regime selling all our strategic resources to the US. I'm glad he said this because maybe people will wake up and see he is a danger to this country.

  25. I liked Brad he was always a good foil to be used against Campbell in BC. Now that Campbell's gone…Wall your party stole 2 million dollars that belongs to the PC Party of Sask return the money so the PC'ers can beat your butt in the next provincial election.
    Sask party is nothing but a shield for a bunch of con's to steal the province blind and deliver it lock stock and barrel to your American masters at PNWER.

    Warm up for the next Sask election.

  26. This post is all about Libs angry at Wall for speaking the truth.
    I know why you are angry but some of you must realize that this whole coalition could be the end of the Liberal Party.
    If there is ever a repeat of the 2008 coalition ( or call it an agreement, arrangement, a derangement ) whatever is left of the Liberal Party after the Bloc and Dippers have chewed them up the remnants of the Liberal Party will be annihilated by the electorate.

    • "This post is all about Libs angry at Wall for speaking the truth."

      This must be the introduction to the opposite sketches…

  27. Shoter Wherry:

    Shut up Brad Wall.

    • Yes. It is hard to listen to someone being deliberately stupid.

    • and mighty good advice at that

  28. Obviously you did not read the entire article (this is only a portion) – he does recognize the constitutionally of it and then proceeds to provide the answer to the real issue.

    I have close friends that are die hard Liberals and they are so embarrassed by Iggy that they are just not going to vote.

    • If he actually understood it, then there was no need to say anything.

      And….no, you don't.

  29. *YAWN*

    Who cares what Brad Wall thinks.


  30. reading the comments makes my decision much clearer – I was on the fence about resubscribing to Macleans, but I'm decided now – Macleans (and its readers) have NO regard for the West. Macleans couldn't even be bothered to post the entire statement (which wasn't that long) and which explained clearly Wall's position. The elites in the MSM are slicing and dicing the constitutionality of Iggy's position completely ignoring that most Canadians are pretty pissed at this election to begin with, and clearly understand how Parliament 'works' but find there is just something unseemly with the Liberals demand that Iggy be PM regardless of voters (and that's what Iggy is basically stating) and that do so do the Liberals would be quite willing to engage the support of MPs who want to destroy Canada.

    The Liberals quest for power is so strong that they are willing to put Canada's stability at risk because Iggy is tired of being opposition leader. Well Iggy, you got crowned and then proceeded to prove that you are not a leader!!!

    Hate Harper all you want, but he has lead Canada in a minority situation for FIVE years – that doesn't happen by disrespecting Parliament.

    • Get a grip. Here, hyperventilate into this bag.

      • Surely you don't mean Maureen?!?

      • I'm very fine – thank you for being concerned. However Iggy's ideas are NOTHING by a disaster for Canada.

    • Wow! Maureen!!

      Where ya been??

  31. A little reminder – at dissolution the Libs had 4 MP's west of London Ontario. The Bloc have 0 MP's outside of Quebec. The NDP had a handful in Western Canada. They are playing with fire, because there is no way that the West will go along with a government that is dominated by Ontario and Quebec – if you want to see Western separatism rise, the Liberals need to continue along this path.

    And BTW Western separatism is not the Quebec version which is nothing more than a continual shakedown of ROC – we will be GONE. .

    • As an Albertan, I say you are full of crap. Harper is demanding that we make him supreme dictator for life, and anyone with a brain will vote to boot him out pronto.

      • Maureen, like all Conservatives, you are very bad with numbers. Compare at the population of Alberta with that of Ontario, for example. You should face the reality that the population and thus the votes are there in Central Canada. You don't have to like it, but quit telling yourself separation fairytales.:….