And now a word from Justin Trudeau


Mr. Trudeau explains his concerns.

Here is the transcript of his opening sermon.

The question is not why does Justin Trudeau suddenly not love his country because the question is ridiculous. I live this country in my bones, every breath I take. And I’m not going to stand here and somehow defend that I actually do love Canada because we know I love Canada.

The question is what’s happening to our country? Why do millions of Quebecers not see themselves in this government? Why do millions of women not recognize this country? Why do millions of people disconnect from our politics, from our world? Because they do not like, they do not see the Canada that we built over decades reflected not in the policies of this government but in the values that this government’s putting forward.

This country is a country of openness, of respect, of compassion, of the rule of law, of the rights of the individual, of freedom — freedom from fear, freedom from crime, freedom to love who you want and not be judged for it, freedom to do what you want with your body. These freedoms are the very things that Stephen Harper and his government are trying to take away.

So ask me if I’m upset at the direction he’s taking this government and this country. It’s not about policies.

On a un Canada qui devient mesquin, qui devient petit d’esprit, qui devient fermé, qui est anti intellectuel, qui commence à prôner la division et s’ingérer dans les vies privées des gens. Excusez-moi, mais je reconnais pas ce pays. Et c’est des millions de Canadiens qui non plus ne reconnaissent pas ce pays.

Questionnez-moi pas sur mes valeurs en tant que Canadien, en tant que Québécois, en tant que très fier de l’être. La direction dans laquelle amène ce gouvernement n’est pas la direction de la plupart des Canadiens. On n’a rien que regarder les sondages, même les résultats électoraux.

La réalité c’est que ce Canada il va falloir se réveiller pour se battre contre M. Harper. Il va falloir qu’on y soit.


And now a word from Justin Trudeau

  1. Explain himself, really? He did nothing of the sort, other than evoke mock outrage to cover up a bad interview.

    I predict he will be ‘xplaining this clip again very soon.

    • One man’s mock outrage is another’s passionate outrage…it is entirely possible the guy means what he says….he doesn’t like the direction in which he perceives this country to be going; he’s not the only one by a long shot. So chose your sides ladies and gents but maybe credit the guy for simply saying what he feels…you see so little of that about nowadays in politics that i actually find it refreshing. 

      • Yes, just like when Stephen Harper didn’t like the direction he perceived Canada to be going in taking many years ago.  That third-rate socialist thing.  But when Harper voiced his opinion, it was proof of his evil nature.  When Justin Trudeau voices his opinion, it is proof of his virtue.

        • @865444ea1a3aec1b5f1890dd40359673:disqus 

          Dief was passionate too….one of yours, I believe

          Now stop bitching and kvetching….it’s all you do on here.

        • Well you know that’s actually a good point and a huge downside of our adversarial system and partisan politics. I didn’t agree with him then or now but with hindsight i liked that guy better than 2012 SH.

          edit: Besides are you so sure people were ticked off because SH said socialist welfare state or because he went to a foreign country to do it…maybe that was just a foreign audience?I don’t actually spend any time trolling around for SH quotes believe it or not.

  2. Wow…just wow.

    Un homme de passion.

    Hmmm…we may just have glimpsed the future.

    • You are tone deaf. Trudeau has made himself a national laughingstock today and his leadership aspirations are getting a chalk outline on the floor of the Commons foyer as we speak.

      • I’m not the one who’s tone deaf…he’s speaking to the youth of this country, not the old fogeys like yourself.

        • The “youth” of this country can spot a prima donna lightweight at 1000 paces. And that performance piece stunk up the whole country. People are holding their noses and jeering from coast… to coast… to coast.

          • That’s ‘old people talk’ Larry.

          • I believe you have a decade or two on me, Nola.

            Waving pom-poms and reading Tiger Beat won’t actually  make you any younger either. Sorry bout that.

          • How do you know that? I’ll bet you a six pack this does him no harm whatsoever…it might even win him a few more younger friends and independents; older folks are likely split on him anyway.
             Sure the MSM is going to squawk, some this side some that but i doubt they are going to all run to the Trudeau’s an idiot side of the ship all of a sudden. I’m not claiming he did himself a pile of good doing this but i doubt it is any where near as bad as you seem to think it is.

          • Well, I’ll be honest, I never did think he was an intellectual giant. But I certainly had no idea how utterly ridiculous and frivolous he really is… I know he was a drama “teacher” but he looked like nothing so much as a drama queen today. He reminded me of Buddy Cole of Kids in the Hall or some other overblown cariacature of the same type. There is a huge difference between the dramatic gesture and the melodramatic gesture. Trudeau crossed the line so fast and so far that he’s never going to be able to cross back. His leadership aspirations – if he ever had any – died today. No scratch that; they were murdered in cold blood by Trudeau himself while doing his best Bela Lugosi impression.

          • I wont disagree that he overdoes the thespian a bit, and he probably hurt his short term leadership aspirations in terms of looking immature today, but i don’t agree he’s dumb, he ‘s just overfond of the nuanced political opinion and maybe not guarded enough. He certainly shouldn’t have been speculating hypotheticals about Quebec leaving, but god knows it’s a change to see some real passion expressed for a change – unless you take him to be a phoney – which i don’t.
            He’s always going to suffer in comparisan to his father but let’s face not many politicians don’t.

          • kcm – I’m not comparing him to his father, I’m comparing him to the likes of Vic Toews and Pierre Polievre and Cheryl flipping Gallant and still finding him a comparative lightweight and a more intemperate voice.  

            You don’t think he’s dumb? I think he is borderline retarded going on Evan Solomon’s show after that flame out and declining the opportunity to walk it back. Instead he reconfirmed that it’s his considered opinion that splitting up  Canada is preferable to Canada under Harper.

            Even among people that oppose Harper – and I am strongly  opposed to Harper – that is an extreme and indefensible position.

          • Look i assume then that you’re able to follow anong with his original French interview because i haven’t see a good translated text/copy yet. So my understanding so far is that he mused about it being preferable to see Quebec leave than continue to watch SH gut this country. Should he have said that? Probably not. Does he have the right to think that? Certainly – just as Harper had the right to muse about firewalls and whatever else bothered him when he was a real politician. I haven’t seen the Solomon show yet, maybe i’ll change my mind. But so far i see him making hypotheticals when maybe he should have kept his mouth shut and then not retacting it but pointing it out it was just that – a hypothetical. So, sorry but i don’t share your despair.
            Look what is your real point other than he shouldn’t have mispoke?[ if he even did]That he’s caving to separatists? That he’s being a cry baby cuz things aren’t going his way.In temperate! How? Separatism is at rock bottom and things aren’t exactly going too well for those who are opposed to Harper as you well know. Why not say it as it is right now? It’s not like he just gave the show in Quebec away to Harper[ unless this goes down badly on the Island which would not be good news]and as for the ROC i think the numbers favour Harper right now slightly. Maybe some honest anger is good right now?
            Sure the potential is there for a disaster, maybe you’re right i’m wrong, but authenticity sells too. It’s been so long since we’ve really seen any that we may not know what it looks like anymore.

          • @lgarvin:disqus 

            The name is Emily…I’m not so old that I get confused about it like you do.  LOL

            And as we’ve discussed before, fogeyism is a state of mind not a number.

          • My name is Lawrence, as you know, and you’ve already confirmed that you used to post as “Nola” in the past. Since you decided to break out the diminutives, I thought I’d play along. I’m sure that Vic Toews will be along anytime to stop you from posting under fake names and the entire discussion will become moot.

            If you’re impressed with young Trudeau’s performance art then I think you’re a tasteless rube, and that’s nothing to do with your age or what name you’re going by this month.  

          • @lgarvin:disqus 

            One of the signs of fogeyhood is that you can’t remember what you’re discussing at the moment. Or even someone’s name.

            For all you know, my name is Fred.  LOL

            Try not to go that route eh Larry?

            As to the TOPIC here….I said it was a passionate speech, and lots of people will say ‘wow’.

            I said nothing about me personally….you are the one discussing me rather than Trudeau.

          • I love how the word “passionate” is taken in certain trendy/progressive circles as some sort of absolute, unfettered good.  I’ll gladly go Godwin here:  Hitler was really passionate too.  I don’t see that as a good thing.

        • As a youth I can say I’m all for passion, but I’m not impressed by an over the top rendition of a desperate spin speech

          • Ahhh another young fogey shows up!

          • What specific lines or delivery in the speech impressed you so much?

          • @1d1fe9e4b162b3779acbaa51adc432e8:disqus 

            It  was how he said it.

            With passion, with conviction…..something young people have a lot of.

            And with a clear-cut view of the kind of Canada most people….young or old….want.

            Whether Cons like it or not,  a lot of people out there immediately said ‘YES’!

          • A lot of people out there like a lot of things.

            A lot of people out there are unhinged.

          • Well you and your govt are the Party of the Unhinged.

          • I defy you to find a link or quote in which I identify myself as a supporter of this government.

          • Everything you ever post is in defence of the Cons, and usually anti-Lib….so enough with the pretense.

          • In other words, you cannot find such a link or quote.

          • I said ALL of them….clean your ears.

          • Let’s see, I’m repeatedly on record here as:

            – opposing the Conservative government’s GST cut
            – opposing their omnibus crime bill
            – opposing their position on Insite
            – opposing what they did with the long-form census

            So even with those four examples, I just proved that you are lying.

            Thanks for coming out.

          • You’re also on record with about a thousand posts denouncing Libs, and praising Harper.
            There is no rule that you have to be objective or non-partisan on here, so I don’t know why you fuss about it all the time.
            I don’t care that you’re a Con, and neither does anyone else. So stop boring everybody with theses little bitch-sessions of yours.

    • His father was valued reason over passion.

      • I value spelling and grammar

      • Different era. Different opponent.

        • The Liberals have been spitting and hissing about how much they despise Stephen Harper for how long now…? Four consecutive campaigns? And every election they have seen their fortunes diminish until they find themselve now in third place behind an accidental opposition party made up of twenty-something rookies in their first paying gig. Huzzah!

          And your solution, you brilliant political thinker, is to cheer on the Liberals to spit out more vitriol! more unhinged rhetoric! more ramped up “passionate” embracing of separtist sentiment!!

          “You just need to Hate Harper Harder and you’ll be swept back to power. Victory is right around the corner!”


          • Now you’ve taken too many meds are are hallucinating. LOL

            I said nothing like that….sorry.

            For that matter Trudeau said nothing like you imagine either

            PS……Dief rose to power on passion for Canada….and this is the first time I’ve seen it since then.

  3. Trudeau is quite correct. Harper is dragging Canada down in a way that most Canadians do not want. The contemptible Conservatives are ruining my country and I want the bastards gone!

    •  Nothing wrong with wanting the bastards gone. Wanting your province gone is another matter.

      • I dunno…taking your province out of the insane asylum that Canada has become will strike many as  a good idea.

        However, as you know, that’s not what he said.

        • Your line in the sand may vary. That’s what’s dangerous and stupid about his comments.

          • If we have reached the point in this country where speaking out is ‘dangerous’…..then we no longer have a country.

          •  Again, “speak out” all you like. What’s dangerous is suggesting that difference of opinion is sufficient to bust up the whole thing. That’s when we don’t have a country.

          • a) he didn’t do that

            b) after half a century or so of separation threats, it’s a little late to worry about it now. LOL

            c) it’s not a simple ‘difference of opinion’

            d) the country is still here.

          •  I should say it is dangerous when a national political figure and prospective leader suggests that. Anonymous people on Internet comment boards can say whatever they want. Justin Trudeau needs to know better.

          • Don’t give me Con talking points please.
            The vid is quite clear….no need to make things up.

  4. Dear God I love this man and desperately hope that he becomes Liberal leader.  

    Signed, Giggling Conservative.

    • And of course ‘Trent’ is a young fogey holding forth.

  5. Jeeeesuz! I thought it was bad in print! Seeing it performed in front of a live audience makes it all the more… visceral.

    I hope Vic Toews sends a big bouquet to the Diva’s dressing room. If not for Justin’s bimbo eruption, it’d be Toews trying to explain his paranoid idiocy to the media.

  6. If it got bad enough (like Jason Kenney as PM and it turns out it wasn’t all an act) a lot of people might start looking longingly at an independent Quebec. 

  7. Proverbs 17.28 ~ Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding

  8. So, like 89,514 more voters in Quebec voted Conservative (627,961) than Liberal (538,447) in the last election. Trudeau knows that right? Is he being intentionally ironic here or what?

    Numbers from Elections Canada

    • Yeah, but the Conservative votes don’t count.

  9. It will be fun watching NDP leadership candidates get asked whether they agree or not.

  10. I commend Justin Trudeau for this and his previous declaration.  The prime minister of Canada is on record for many of his own declarations on Canada, notably that it doesn’t matter to him whether Canada has one, two or ten national governments. According to Mr. Harper this country is a failed experiment; linguistic arrangements such as exist in Belgium would be preferable to the current political arrangements we’ve had for over 150 years, etc.

    Fine, we get it : Avant moi, le déluge, Harper is telling us.  So what’s next?

    If we are to adopt to have ten national governments, Belgium and other Harper concepts of Canada, I think we can put it all on the table. 

    • Apparently it’s okay for Harp to publically state he doesn’t care what happens to Canada as it’s a third-rate country anyway.

      But it’s not okay for Justin to say anything in public.

      Go figure

      • Easy to figure.  Justin Trudeau is from Quebec and he has a French name.  No politician from Quebec would ever have become PM of Canada expressing views such as those of Stephen Harper without having his real-canadianness questionned.  True before, and true now. 

        • Have to agree…it’s the same ol’ French/English row.

          Remember when reporters asked Harper if he loved Canada, and they never got an answer out of him?

          • Yes, Harper hates Canada.

            Liberal talking point # 5.

          • Your Party of the Unhinged hates statements of truth, Bean

          • Standard Emily procedure:  when she’s completely out of ammo, she accuses someone who isn’t a Conservative of being a Conservative.  Utterly pathetic.

  11. Melodrama is not a sign of depth or seriousness.  It is usally a tool used to mask the lack of the latter traits.  It is a tool that Justin reaches for time and again.

    The utterly unserious Justin would seem to be a fitting leader of a party that appears to have no discernable political purpose at this time in Canada’s political history.

    • Oh, they do have a purpose.  They really, really hate Harper.

      It’s just not terribly clear if they coherently stand for anything other than that.

  12. Authoritarian, anti democratic, punitive, militaristic, and riddled by class divisions anti unionism and poverty. That’s Harper’s Canada. I’m with Trudeau. 
    But what are English Canadians to do? I wish someone would get a serious Ontario separatists movement going.

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