And now a word from Patrick Brazeau


Jennifer Ditchburn tallies the latest Senate attendance reports and finds Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has missed the most days. Mr. Brazeau takes to Twitter to respond.

no wonder I didn’t mention why with the assinine reports you guys have to make. No regard for personal lives or situations.

while u smile Jen, others suffer. Change the D to a B in your last name and we’re even! Don’t mean it but needs saying.

Update 4:22pm. Mr. Brazeau continues to address Ms. Ditchburn via Twitter.

U disregarded what I told u. Didn’t insinuate anything, rather was a response due to my personal circumstance. No offence svp.

perhaps we should even take the time to sit down and chat to get facts before publishing one-sided stories. I’m open.

Update 5:17pm. And Mr. Brazeau now apologizes.

I apologize for my comments. They were done because of my personal circumstance regarding your story.

I’m a hardworker and take my position seriously but personal issues always comes 1st. Ppl are sometimes in need. Sorry!


And now a word from Patrick Brazeau

  1. Brazeau wasn’t just missing from the Senate floor. Between June 2011 and April 2012, he also missed 65 per cent of meetings at the aboriginal peoples committee on which he sits.
    He was away for 31 per cent of the meetings of the human rights committee, where he is deputy-chair.

    Change the P to an H in his first name and…

  2. If personal circumstances require one to miss one third and two thirds of important meetings, perhaps the senate should arrange an extended leave program to deal with these important, necessary absences and give our esteemed upper chamber a chance to properly re-organize it’s affairs. heck, even make it with pay up to nine months where warranted!

    Or does such a program already exist?

    • Didn’t they do this for MP’s who were sick a few years ago?

      • i would not be at all surprised to learn that you can get a requested leave and the rt. honourable sen. brazeau did not avail himself of the process, through inadvertance or guile.

  3. Leave the poor guy alone, media! He had a series of Speedo refittings that took ages — they don’t come pre-padded, you know.

    All that governmenty stuff will still be there when he gets back, or whatever.

  4. Why did she feel the need to comment in the first place? Does he get fired? Lashed with a wet noodle? Lose a star on his attendance sheet?

    Wasn’t there anything more important happening in Canada to write about?

    • I think that kind of waste of tax dollars is a very important issue.
      I’m sure if he worked for the CBC you’d be leading the charge.

      • Canada is full of well-paid, utterly empty jobs….the entire Senate for starters….the queen etc. We insist on keeping these things though, so there’s no sense whining about attendance and other trivia.

        • Even if that characterization was correct, and even then if it wasn’t just your opinion, it’d still leave the question of how pathetic is it, then, to be whining about the whining about attendance at an utterly empty job.

    • Once a year or so, some reporter looks at attendance stats & writes a story – usually during the summer when gov’t is in recess. It’s a perfectly legitimate type of story to be writing. Brazeau’s response was assinine & gives some insight into his character. If he is having personal issues which prevent him from attending all he had to do was offer that explanation. There was no need for him to go on the attack.

      • It was the same news service – CP – that exposed the Liberal senator who was spending a little too much time in Mexico. The Reformers got a lot of mileage out of it.

  5. The guy has a history, so no great surprise. But what does it say about
    the vaunted wisdom of the wizard who appointed him ?

    • “They rejected my beautiful right wing vision for the country, and now I’ll ruin everything about their precious little….democracy! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!”

  6. I don’t want to intrude into a personal situation. But, now I find that personal situation has seriously intruded on my employee’s time. So, as an employer I have to ask myself–if I am supposed to show compassion, shouldn’t I be made aware, in broad strokes, what I’m being compassionate about? Don’t need details, but just . . . something; a hint, put me in the ballpark, something.

  7. Perhaps Mr. Brazeau should realize the extent of his personal commitments and stop applying for/accepting positions he clearly doesn’t have the time for, and instead seek employment that has a less taxing schedule then senat… uh.. My. That is a bit of a pickle, isn’t it?

    • Now, now, he’s a hard worker, is Pat. Remember: he wanted to keep his fulltime job AND serve as Senator too.

  8. What a jackass.

    I’ve generally been happy with most of Harper’s appointments, but the senators he’s appointed are for the most part a complete joke.

  9. How bout a couple of rounds in the ring with JD, if you’re up to it senator?

  10. Hey! Senator Brazeau! Remove the “at” from “Patrick” and you’re even.