And now a word from the Liberal leader -

And now a word from the Liberal leader

Justin Trudeau considers the end of the spring sitting


Free of charge.


And now a word from the Liberal leader

  1. So while Cons are focussed on me….I’m focussed on you.


    • Justin still playing checkers!

      • While these days Harper plays hide & go seek.

  2. Message to Justin (also for free!):

    Actions speak louder than words!

    Your words, Justin, do not match your actions!

    I do not watch promotional videos. And I will not watch this promotional video.

    Once you show us that your words match your actions, I will start taking you seriously!

    Harper DID quit his job as president of the NCC (paid job!) when he became an elected MP. You, Justin, decided to keep your old job instead and felt that was the right decision.

    Sorry, but your lack of judgement was wrong!!

    Rob Rae on CBC on P&P is now defending your double – dipping style as well.

    Oh, and Rob Rae will not say now if HE would have given speeches for a fee while being an MP. Enough said!!!

    • Why don’t you take a look at the Economic Club. Interesting, Cabinet Ministers speak for free (yeah) while the Member Mark Adler benefits from all those speeches.I wonder if he didn’t have all those parading Conservative Ministers how effective his business model would be. Or maybe the money goes to the Conservative Party Fund or maybe no one would know outside of an election writ. It might be helpful if you were a bit more curious as I’d say there may be more to the Economic Club than free speech.

    • Partisan Liberals denounce the controversy surrounding Trudeau as a distraction from the “real” issue of the Senate expenses scandal. Partisan Tories denounce the media for focusing on the Senate mess for weeks on end, while giving Trudeau a pass. But there is more than one issue in the universe, and more than one day to comment on them.

      Andrew Coyne

    • Your words, Stephen, do not match your actions!

      There – fixed it for ya!

    • Francien,

      The left in Canada simply want to feel good and JT helps them feel good by riding on his Father’s coat-tails with the promise of returning to trudeaualot, he has nothing of substance to really offer (and the left knows this).

      What he does have to offer is just a new-form of reality TV. The left in Canada love the video(s), love the speeches, and couldn’t care less about the actions though. If the actions cause a kerfuffle, no problem – just release another speech or video and wash it over. It suits him and suits them.

  3. Considering his attendance on votes in the House of Commons is the 4th worse of any MP, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that he suggests that “it’s good to get out of this place”.

    Why work on legislation when you can just talk?

    • Mmmm yeah, talk to Canadians instead of to yourself or brick walls

    • His attendance record might have something to do with the fact that he was on a 6-month leadership campaign. But go ahead and paint it however you like. No legislation of any significance was passed during this entire session, your beloved prime minister sure as hell doesn’t have any intention of talking to Canadians, and I appreciate Justin Trudeau’s ability to connect with people. He wants to talk to me and the prime minister wants to run away when anyone has questions for him. You remember the prime minister: he’s the guy who left a week early for G8 because there were difficult questions being asked of him — and he’s also the guy who rode into Ottawa on a horse of transparency and accountability.

      I’ll take the guy who wants to know what I think about, thank you anyway.

      • So, let me summarise your point:

        Take me JT, I am yours!!

        • He sure has you cons all hot and bothered. He’s a handsome guy but mainly, with that sunny disposition and ability to connect with people, he’s polar opposite of Harper. That’s the attraction for me.

          • Never discount the power of a simple sentence in politics: It’s time for a change.

    • Oh yeah, because Harper really likes to work on legislation – he`s all about consultation and getting input from the opposition parties.

    • Liberal supporters, with 34 seats out of 308 in the 41st Canadian Parliament, cannot fathom that someone can oppose Stephen Harper and not support Justin Trudeau. Their pavlovian instinct to defend their leader merely consists of bashing the deeply unpopular Prime Minister.

      What happened to raising the bar?

      • One must remember that PM Harper is unpopular with the frothing at the mouth leftwingnutz, not the majority of Canadians.

        • You doing your own polling now, are you BB?

          • Smoke another joint Libturd.

    • Shhh, it is probably better if he does just stay away from Ottawa – that is where the adults are! No-one really wants him there, in fact – I’d prefer if he would just spend all his time talking on CBC Pravda, that way the damage is most limited.

  4. Interesting how Trudeau criticizes Harper for “raising taxes.” So are the Liberals and Conservatives going to get into a tax-cutting war for the 2015 election? Perhaps Justin should look at the damage this kind of foolishness has caused south of the border…

    BTW, post-war Liberals up until the 1990s believed in progressive taxation. Doling out big tax cuts for the rich has not brought Canadians the promised prosperity. It is the very reason inequality is soaring and the middle class (Justin claims to represent) is being hollowed out. More free-market poison will not suddenly turn to a cure…

  5. Justin time for summer recess.

  6. So still no idea what you stand for then? Ok, just checking.

  7. So he doesn’t stand for a bloody thing, is that what we’re supposed to take away from this?