And now a word from the Muskoka Watershed Council


The council isn’t impressed with the withdrawal of government funding for the Experimental Lakes Area.

The closure of the ELA, Brouse said, would be a blow to local watershed stewardship initiatives. “We won’t have the results of that data, we won’t have those experiments being done to tell us how climate change is impacting our lakes, to tell us how reduced water levels are impacting,” she said. “We won’t have the ability to do that research so we can understand what might be impacting our lakes.”

Four former Fisheries officials have also written to the government to protest the possible closure of the ELA.


And now a word from the Muskoka Watershed Council

  1. Don’t you worry Judi Brouse. Think about how nice your area will be with a bright, new shiny gazebo gracing it’s waterfront.

    Oh yah, Baby

  2. Well duh.. why do you think we’re getting rid of it?

    Man what do you people not get? We don’t want you to know anything about anything, we want people to be ignorant.

    I just thank the lord everyday that we have such a weak media in this country, its hilarious actually, they actually justify everything we do by saying the Liberal’s did it to (little do they realize that the Liberal’s were never as horrible as we have been and will continue to be and have never done some of the stuff we have done…hahahaha)

  3. The Harper Conservatives are penny-wise and billion-dollar foolish. They gut vital services that protect Canadians and the environment, but waste billions and billions on things that are of no benefit to Canadians:

    * GST tax cut: $12B/y
    * Corporate tax cuts: $14B/yr
    * Get tough on crime: $5B/yr increase (by 2015/16 according to PBO Kevin Page)
    * 60% increase in size of government: $100B/yr increase (government spending: 2005: $175B; 2011: $279B; source: Wikipedia)

    The Harper Government also wastes about $100M/yr of taxpayer money on self-promoting “Economic Action Plan” advertising.

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