And now a word from the Vauxhall Advance -

And now a word from the Vauxhall Advance

The opinion of the small town southern Alberta media elite


This week’s editorial from the editors of the Vauxhall Advance in Vauxhall, Alberta (pop. 1,288).

If a backbench MP has been reduced to being told by their party and leader what to say, what to do, and when to rise in the House to read carefully-scripted and approved statements — all at the business end of a party bull whip — then the doctrine of party discipline is being taken to extremes to which it was never originally intended.

In reality and in practice, that sort of extreme — which appears to be increasingly present in Ottawa — is little more than a subversion of democracy, couched in all the trappings of what our system is supposedly devoted to preserving, but lacking any of the real essence of choice or freedom of opinion. Democratic to the casual eye, semi-authoritarian in practice.


And now a word from the Vauxhall Advance

  1. Could it be that the real Conservatives in this country, the ones who have held their nose and kept voting for Harper hoping that the caterpillar might develop into a butterfly, are finally pushing back? Lord knows its been a long time coming. The rest of us are getting a little tired of attempting to hold up the ethical ceiling of national politcs – we could use a hand.

    • “The rest of us are getting a little tired of attempting to hold up the ethical ceiling of national politcs”

      LOL. Harper is running the cleanest federal government in Canadian history; he banned corporate donations, created the PBO, increased freedom of information, and gained power precisely because the alternative was so filthy. Liberal leaders – Ignatieff, now Trudeau – don’t even show up in the House to vote, which is hardly ethical.

      The NDP was found by a major study to be the least civil party in the House & the CPC most civil. The Liberal approach to Native issues was to hand a bag of cash to corrupt chiefs and then turn a blind eye – the Conservatives are much better on this file. GHG emissions rose 23% under the dirty ol’ Liberals and dropped 6% under Harper. The cesspool of identity politics that is the foundation of the Liberals has been replaced by “New Canada” which is focused more on the economy than grievance mongering.

      Most importantly, the Quebec-style corruption that was the hallmark of the Adscam Liberals is gone and replaced by an ethically superior Western Canadian model of accountable government, unbeholden to Hell’s Angels and the Sicilian mafia.

      • Hmmm.. I suspect you’re a true blue believer. You forgt to mention SHs a true Christian man too…divinely sanction too eh!

      • It’s a shame George Orwell isn’t around to comment on this neoclassical example of Newspeak. Did you actually manage to keep a straight face while you were crafting it?

        • These Tory believers would have no difficulty labeling Orwell a liberal shill.

  2. Only semi? That’s rather generous, in my view.

  3. This country needs a lot more MPs sitting as Independents. They need to remember that MP stands for Member of Parliament, not Member of a Party.