And now, Beethoven



And now, Beethoven

  1. It’s media blackout elevator music!

  2. Interesting choice. Gould’s family home is a 15 minute walk from where I am now. Such a beautiful day here, I might stroll by and enjoy the autumn colours and sounds. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to imagine him as a child playing among the leaves.

  3. Awesome! Many thanks, and nice YouTube find! Ravi Shankar on oboe was an unexpected bonus. What a treat to see these two masters on the same stage.

  4. Is that Glenn Gould, or a young Stephen Harper?

  5. You just took me back to the 70s, when I was a young student at The Con. Glenn Gould was the man, funny chair and all. Lovely.

  6. Wells, your such a music nerd(awsome).

    Thanks for the vid.

    I will add a piano vid myself, for the younger crowd.

    Kanye west “Graduation” record, Medley piano cover By David Sides..


  7. Thanks Paul. I need this today.

  8. I was expecting the 5th Symphony, but this is superior. Kudos to you, Mr. Wells.

  9. Thank you…listening on the tinny speakers in my laptop brought back memories of listening with my Dad to CBC radio concerts in the ’50s…

  10. Thank you. You made my evening splendidly brighter.

  11. I like watching Gould watch the band. Even though it’s just the back of his head. There’s something fascinating watching musicians listen to musicians.

  12. My previous message was still in moderation, so I’ll post it again:

    The embedded vid doesn’t work. Could you provide a link? I tried youtube directly, and it’s working.

  13. I liked watching the back of Andrew Coyne’s head watching the front of Peter Mansbridge’s head, while one of them was talking, and the other perhaps looking or maybe just staring. There is something about watching Journalists watch and look and talk to each other , something that is fascinating. ech.

    Glenn Gould is not my favourite. Especially the back of his head. Smelly Recluse. Those octave leaps in the Beethoven, that’s the whole thing. Gould is so awful for it! How do you make two hearts beat as one? With music or a kiss. This is romantic music and to hear glenn gould do it just turns me off. yuck.

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