And now, soon, a word from the Prime Minister -

And now, soon, a word from the Prime Minister

Reporters invited to watch Stephen Harper address caucus


CTV reports tonight that the Prime Minister’s legal advisor was involved in drafting the agreement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy.

Sources told CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife that back in February, Benjamin Perrin helped draft the letter of understanding that called for Duffy to publicly declare that he would repay the money. In return, sources say, Wright would give a personal cheque to Duffy to cover the $90,000. Sources say the agreement also stipulated that a Senate investigation into expense claims would go easy on Duffy.

So will the Prime Minister’s Office now release the terms of that agreement? Apparently not.

The PMO also declined to release the letter of agreement, saying it is now in the hands of Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson, who is investigating Wright’s $90,000 cheque to Duffy.

What the Prime Minister’s Office has done is invite reporters to watch the Prime Minister deliver a speech to the Conservative caucus tomorrow morning. If Mr. Harper is later going to entertain questions from reporters, the PMO has yet to say so. But perhaps the Prime Minister’s remarks could involve reading aloud the agreement between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy.

Meanwhile, the Globe has video of Mike Duffy declining to explain himself as he’s chased through the Ottawa airport.


And now, soon, a word from the Prime Minister

  1. Stephen Harper needs to do a Reddit Q and A

      • How do you know he was never involved? Because he said so??
        Why do you just take someone for their word?? Especially in politics!
        Why don`t you challenge your thinking? ;)

        • How do you know Wherry is not a Harper hater? Because he said so? Why would you just take someone for their word? Especially in media!
          Why don’t you challenge your thinking?:)

          • I never said he was or wasn`t. You may be right.

            Now, do you agree Perrin may be lying, and avoided Fife?
            And if Fife was never able to get a response from Perrin, what should he have done? Perrin only finally responded when Fife made it public. Should he never have made it public?
            That doesn`t seem right, now does it?

          • If truth be told, this is what I think might have happened:

            The press has been going after Harper (unnecessarily) for a very long time. Almost from the very beginning of his entry into politics, really. I think it is possible for Perrin to think, hey, let us see how far outlets such as CTV are willing to go for turning rumours into reportable facts, and then I will call them out on their lies and let Canadians see how unethical the press can be.

            That is what I think! And I could be right on that as well!

            I hope that Perrin takes CTV to court!

          • I see…

            Time will tell

            Until next time,

          • Yes, time will tell.

  2. A ship full of rats

    The shrapnel fallout from these explosive events dominating the conservative controlled senate are very close to Harper. I think few people, if any, that have followed these allegations of defrauding the public with double dipping expenses, elections fraud, elections over spending, cronyism, unfairness for certain senate members and gold star for the less deserving etc… would not believe that Harper didn’t know everything and in fact possibly directed the cover up in this fashion.

    You realize by reading lots of different stories from multiple new outlets that in fact the senate may have been used as a device to help in the promotion and 2011 re-election of the CPCs and Harper. ie. by dishonest means, VIA conservative appointees whom have celebrity-cache enticed with under-the-table-deals to pay for their participation (that revolved firmly around defrauding the public purse). How many of the celebrity senators are even qualified to sit in the red chamber ?

    It’s my understanding that there may be at least 6 more senators that may have been used by this method of fraud to help in the conservatives re election and promoting the “Harper” Brand.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper prorogues parliament now to avoid a public grilling by the opposition parties.

    We need to audit “all parties” MPs, Senators and the PM, PMO now and let a non-partisan RCMP investigation lay charges against the deceitful, whomever they may be.

  3. I think this new revelation really puts paid to any notion that this was an honourable act meant to defend the taxpayer. Maybe I’m not imagining well enough, but I can’t see how a gift requires a lawyer to draft the agreement. I can see that Duffy gets the audit quashed and his $90K, but what would have Wright and the PMO required of Duffy? If all they really bargained for was Duffy publicly declaring he’s returning the money, then the legend of Wright the Bay Street dealmaker is clearly overstated.

    I’m willing to bet Harper will not take any questions. I think Harper will deflect everything, maybe posture before the cameras his outrage over these shocking events he’s never been made aware of until now going on in his government. He’ll then promise his caucus and the people he’ll get to the bottom of it, and then hope the scandal dies down. I’m hoping it doesn’t work, and the pressure continues to build until we get real answers.

  4. It appears Harper will be trying the same gambit used for the robo-call scandal. It that case, no-one really thought Harper was involved but it is very clear someone senior is associated with it. (more senior than Sona) The response was for Harper to carry out a quickie investigation and declare that no senior Conservatives were involved and then stonewall.

    I expect Harper will claim to have looked into the actions of his office, claim there were some misguided but honest errors, then stonewall.

    The problem with this approach is that it delays rather than eliminates the problem. The next phase of Sona’s trial is coming up soon although it will be an ongoing sideshow. Ken Morgan is still in exile, sooner or later some reporter will track him down. The next election continues to approach.

    Similarly, Duffy will stay in Senate. Wright will be “exiled” from public events where press might show up. The next election continues to approach.

    Prorogation, omnibus bills, nasty mislead ads, contempt of parliament etc were all interpreted by the public as actions against the opposition, and the Conservatives did not face any substantive consequences. On both the robocall and Senate-PMO scandals the public has decided they were the injured party.

    • Maybe he will accuse the media/Liberals of politicizing the scandal. That’s always a good one.

      • Or, he`s lying and was involved. We don`t know, right?

        “Attempts to reach Perrin via email and telephone last week and on Monday were unsuccessful.”

        • Of course you would think that Perrin is lying. What else could you possibly believe! That the media has no ulterior motives?

          You better grow up fast!

          What if Perrin was somewhere enjoying himself during the long weekend? I know for a fact that many people could not be reached during the Victoria long weekend.