And that’s the kind of 58 years it’s been


Big news — maybe. Former TV producer Howard Bernstein (via @DavidAkin) with a “very trustworthy rumour” — Lloyd Robertson is stepping down after the Olympics.

It seems the CTV Olympic coverage has resulted in a major casualty for the network. Lloyd Robertson has gone to CTV brass and told them the workload is too onerous…

I am told he has called for a meeting with the CTV bosses that will take place on March 3rd. At this meeting he is expected to resign his post as the CTV News anchor.

CTV is preparing for the loss of “Canada’s most trusted news anchor.” Insiders say the network will replace Lloyd with a two-person desk. It seems they cannot make up their minds as to whether Tom Clark or Lisa Laflamme should be Lloyd’s replacement. So the two will share Lloyd’s duties for the foreseeable future. The way it was described to me it will be a sort of contest. The news reader that the audience responds to will eventually take over the sole anchor position, the loser will go back to reporting.

A two-person elimination challenge? Co-anchors exchanging on-screen happy talk while in simultaneous death match? Yeah, that’ll work swell.

UPDATE: As you were. Lloyd tells CKNW‘s Bill Good it’s all a false alarm. Calls the rumour a “work of fiction.”

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And that’s the kind of 58 years it’s been

  1. Laflamme's hair could be a distraction, Clark lacks identity politics cred and will remind women of a guy who two timed them. Solution: Hazel May!

  2. Could lead to some Ron Burgundy moments…

  3. Lloyd Robertson has always struck me as the clearest indication of how much CTV has changed over the years. I used to feel as though he and the network were cut from the same cloth, but it's gone one way and he's resolutely remained himself. Their nightly news show won't ever be the same without him.

  4. I hope that they give it to Lisa. Tom Clark has been doing a great job on Power Play – it's not quite Don Newman, but pretty close, and has its own distinct charms. Power play has got to be biting into the ratings of Don Newman's replacement, Fluffy.

    • I loathed Newman so anything is an improvement on him but Solomon is doing pretty well. I think adding a second hour helped and they mixed up the quests, which is nice. We don't hear from the same old people all the time. The only thing I miss about Newman is his opening, 'welcome to the broadcaaast'.

      I stopped watching tv news a few years ago, I only read news online now. I have no opinion on Robertson but assume we won't have giants like Mansbridge or Robertson anymore as people get their news from other sources. I think there should be less focus on anchors – in UK, they call them news readers which is what they are. Anchors have way too much influence here in North America for what they actually do.

      • Solomon can't stick to a line of questioning to save his life. Even Heather Hiscox does better interviews, and that's really saying something. Also, if you stopped watching tv news as you say, how are you able to rate Fluffy's performance ?

  5. I am sure the writers at 22 minutes are pleased about this.

  6. Poor Sandie Rinaldo, pulls the short straw again

    • She just can't shake the Mary Tyler Moore image, no matter how many cutting edge hair cuts she gets.

      • She's never been in the running. Same as Alison Smith at CBC – who wants a replacement anchor that's 55?

  7. I like watching one anchor in the half hour — it’s too distracting to watch two people divide that script. I think they should just pick Lisa Laflamme cause she has the best delivery and looks better than Tom Clark and she’ll look alot better than Lloyd Robertson does at retirement. The trustworthiness comes AFTER you win the job. The public trusts the employer’s choice.

  8. They'll get Kevin Newman, right? Can't replace Lloyd with Tom Clark or Laflamme, can you?

    Also, who will take over the seat(s) that were once held by the famous Mike Duffy if Clark is promoted to being co-anchor?

  9. Tom Clark is doing a great job on Power Politics (particularly compared to his predecessor!) It would be a shame to lose him. Who would replace him? Hopefully not Jane Taber who is pretty hopeless in that position.

  10. It's about time Lloyd retired.

    As for Power Play, Clark launched it by promising it would be radically different from its predecessor. It's turned out pretty much the same as Mike Duffy Live — except Duffy's intro did not have FIVE glamour portraits of himself zooming in different directions. (Though Duff would be the first to acknowlege that himself and glamour are incompatable concepts.)

    • Well, at least Tom Clark isn't a complete Conservative flunky like Duffy was, and is. One could even call Clark a "journalist" without smirking, unlike the Duffster when he was on MDL.

  11. Bob Fife!!!

    • It's judgements like this that make it so hard to believe in you.

  12. I'm enjoying Tom Clark, but I don't think Evan is even close to that suave gentlemanly and knowledgeable Don Newman. I miss him.

    Duffy…does anyone miss him? It was such a joke the last few years.

  13. Time for the old dogs like Robertson and Craig Oliver to be swept aside. Lisa and Tom HATE each other. A tag team would never happen. Lloyd hates Tom and doesn't want him to get the job. But he will get it. Its already a done deal. And you can put the Kevin Newman rumour to rest. The BIG BIG bossman at CTV hates him and will never let it happen.

    • Thanks for all the dirt about TomClark. I wasn't aware that he and Lisa hated each other and that Loyd didn't like him either. Got any more details(dirt, examples, etc) about this? I was sure that Tom was going to get the job because he had more seniority…

  14. Dan Matheson

  15. CTV could put in a trained seal and it would still better than Peter Mansbridge!!!!

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