And yet more on precisely what kind of Conservative Stephen Harper is


Not from me, this time, but from a Blogging Tory I don’t know named Ammianus, who takes issue with some of my long posts from last week, in a thoughtful manner that may be well worth your time.

I was on the road this weekend and I’m still not home so I’m enjoying not blogging too much. Back in the saddle later this week.


And yet more on precisely what kind of Conservative Stephen Harper is

  1. Hey Paul : Thanks for the link to the blog this guy is good. Articulate and accurate wow what a combination – thx

  2. Wayne: Especially for a Tory. It’s not really the rote regurgitation of talking points that one gets used to. . .

  3. Great read. But your “ENCORE” article set these great type of debates off.

    PS:Harris rules. But you are right the PC here in Ontario did not no what to do when they rescued us from the RAEDAYS….

  4. Will linking to hackery be a regular feature on Inkless Wells? If so, I’ll get to work on my Bull Moose Party manifesto. Did you know that, today, Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent would be considered Bull Meese?

  5. As a rule, we try hard to produce our hackery in-house. Outsourcing is discouraged, but it is hardly ever necessary.

  6. Lest we forget.

    Happy Bastille Day.

    When politics really mattered.

  7. Well I figured Feschuk and Steyn were on staff for a reason, and I knew it couldn’t possibly for humour.

    I might suggest that no comparison of Harper and Harris would be complete without analyzing this SAT analogy question:
    Harris is to downloading onto municipalities as Harper is to decentralized federalism.

  8. Allons, enfants de notre parti,
    Car l’élection arrivera;
    Contre nous, francehement, de l’ennui,
    L’étendard public élevé –
    L’étendard public élevé!
    Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
    Mugir les féroces électeurs
    Qui haissent tous nos candidats
    Et même nos chefs – ils les dédaigent!
    Aux caisses, les partisans!
    Dans chaque circonscription!
    Marchons, marchons,
    Que nul résultat
    Ne change nos opinions!

  9. I look forward to more personal attacks on the author, of the DB variety.

    A sure sign that the merits are hard to quarrel with.

  10. I would be less flippant if the blog post Paul links to interpreted the Harris legacy in anything other than the most favourable possible way. As best I can tell, the post blames, in turn, implicitly or explicitly, the following people for the bad things that have happened to Ontario policy in the past years: David Peterson, Bob Rae, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Ernie Eves, Janet Ecker, Dalton McGuinty, Osama bin Laden, and whoever brought teh SARS to Toronto. How Premier Harris tolerated these insolents in his presence for those halcyon days, I shant even imagine.

    I suppose I could mention that at the end of the Common Sense Revolution, welfare benefits were 17 percent lower in constant dollars than what even Harris had targeted despite stronger economic growth.
    I suppose I could mention that health care costs rose at a higher rate than inflation during Harris’ tenure, so not increasing health care expenditure would be pretty much unfathomable.
    I could have mentioned that the early Harris years were not the period during which federal health transfers were under the most duress (which is truly a debateable point, depending on your view of the cash-plus-points transfer methodology and the totality of Chretien/Martin fiscal policy).
    I could also mention some of the raging contradictions in the blog post (The Harris legacy remains! Ontario is uncompetitive! Harris was a moderate! Harris became unpopular because people wanted a moderate again!).

    But really, when I’m responding to a person who argues that Mike Harris only avoided walking on water due to downward pressures from Jean Chretien and Ernie Eves, I don’t take it so seriously.

  11. Db,

    from the personal attack, right into the straw man/false characterization (and you even threw in a ‘shant’ for that faux intellect touch).

    Well played sir, well played.

  12. Back slowly away from the flame war, one and all.

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