Announcing the morning-after budget breakfast special -

Announcing the morning-after budget breakfast special


We’re all quite excited about our plans for the coverage of the federal budget in less than two weeks. A key part of our plan is a public event: The Morning After Budget Day, which will take place early on Feb. 12, just off Parliament Hill, so denizens of the capital can take our analysis with them to work.

We’re pleased to have a sterling panel of expert analysts. I’ll be joined by Kevin Page, the first Parliamentary Budget Officer and now the holder of the Jean-Luc Pépin Research Chair at the University of Ottawa; Ailish Campbell, the VP (International) for the Canadian Council of Chief Executives; and Laval University economist, and Maclean’s Econowatch stalwart, Stephen Gordon.

We’ll serve a light breakfast, wake you up with some coffee and deliver a focussed briefing on the issues the budget raises. It all starts at 7:30 a.m., Feb. 12, at Sidedoor Restaurant, 18 York St. in Ottawa’s Byward Market. Tickets are available here for $30.



Announcing the morning-after budget breakfast special

  1. Is Macleans taping this and showing on cpac or somewhere for those of us who can’t attend? And are you all quite excited to wake at ungodly hour to talk at 7:30 am?

    • Only value to CPAC is it does tend to put people to sleep.

      They get up, repetitively talk for 10-30 minutes and really say not much at all. You could sum up a 20 grandstanding to 5 seconds of words. If you are Mulcair, you sound like a rabid bulldog always in attack mode.

      And its all a very expensive stage show to provide the illusion that government cares about us. Its really just PR as all the real decisions of inflated contracts, buddy bailout deals, corruption goes on off camera and why par-lame-ment never really gets much tangible done.

      Back room makes all the decisions which renders CPAC shows a useless waste of time. You are better off to anticipate government by thinking of government as greedy and corrupt.

      Real decisions are made behind closed doors.

  2. We’d be all set if Health Canada would just approve that Morning After pill …

  3. You couldn’t find anyone less partisan than Kevin Page? I’m surprised he won’t be holed up with Mulcair to instruct the NDP on what their talking points should be.

    • Like you, I think it’s important that only members of the government caucus speak in public for at least 48 hours after the tabling of any federal budget. I’m not at all sure how this one got past quality control, but I can assure you the people responsible will be disciplined.

      • Rick Omen can wait for PMO’s talking points to learn everything he needs to know.

      • I like that idea :)

      • Ottawa has no accountability, no quality control…..ya, lots of talk but no tangible results. Change the names and the corruption remains the same.

      • LOL!

    • I’d say it takes one to know one…but then i’d be grossly insulting Mr Page.

    • It must be hard being you. You have my sympathies.

    • For NDP, same old story. Be repetitive, be belligerent, sniping, put the BS persona they care out there when really they are greedy like anyone else. Sell the false perception of corrupt Canadian union socialism and more government blaot. But NDP are at least as statism as anyone else, and rude about it.

  4. I take a double Americano with cream, one sugar…and fresh[warm] croissants if you happen to have any.

    • MPs and senators get them free on expenses.

  5. Meanwhile, Justin has just announced that under his leadership, there will be no more budgets. They will be called “big accounting legers”. While they will serve an identical purpose, and have identical components to budgets, experts have said this “bold” move to big accounting legers will no doubt shake up how our economy will work. When asked about it outside of QP, Justin boldly declared “there will be no more budgets”.

    • Trudeau is such a moron, “no more budgets”. LOL, we haven’t had a budget for years! The Conservatives have replaced budgets with Economic Action Plans, which serve an identical purpose to budgets except they have the added innovations of announcing fictitious programs, generating jobs for ad agencies and sign manufacturers, and are stream lined by removing any pesky details like numbers. What hope does the hapless Trudeau have of being BOLD when the Conservatives already own AUDACIUS!

      • Most statism types don’t realize, if you tax me more for governemtn bloat and waste, I will have less to spend on other peoples jobs.

        Affordable trade of goods and services drives jobs. But with taxes so high in realized and hidden taxes, and the inflation it causes, we have less to spend on other peoples jobs and less for having our own kids. Too busy supporting spoiled government kids to get the size of home needed for the traditional 3-4 kids.

        Not much conservative about the Conservative party, all the parties are more for the governemtn and less for the people who support it. Its like voting for the person that will steal more from you to waste on stuff of no benefit to you or your family.

        But we have the ruse of democracy. Be sure to support a party, as they want to steal from you.

  6. sounds tempting…

    does $30.00 include airfare to/from Ottawa?

  7. Sorry. I usually listen to the radio in the morning.

  8. Will Stephen be available to sign your book?

  9. On budgets: StatsCan is reporting a .2 in growth for November, the fifth straight month in growth. I don’t know about you folks but I say it’s time to turf our economist PM who’s presided over an economy among the most financially stable in the Western world over the last decade, in favour of the teaching drop-out/full time student, because he’s so dreamy (…and now “bold”.) What could go wrong?

  10. Yep, big fat huge bloated government while the people eat devalued money, taxes hidden and real, inflation, and the false perception of governemtn working for us. Make sure StatsCan lies more to the passive people, as this government is desperate for illusions.

  11. Where do we get the morning after budget day pill?

  12. Good Job Jimbo
    Glad you didn’t let the Canadian deficit go above ONE TRILLION
    that might be a problem eh Jimbo

  13. Why not put a comprehensive report on how government collects and wastes our money. All the money for nothing programs, state driven other peoples money for buddies…show Canadians how little Ottawa spends our money to our benefit.

    Most people have no clue how Ottawa blows money.

  14. Thanks Jimbo for dropping the dollar to stop me from shopping in the US
    Ain’t gonna work Jimbo