Another hint


Jim Flaherty offers another clue in the OAS mystery.

“The timing of what we do will involve more than one budget and we will – we will announce some steps forward, but we certainly need to plan ahead,” he said. “And this is not for tomorrow morning. This is for 2020, 2025 so that people who are middle-age and younger today, like Colin – not me – can be assured that they will have these social programs properly funded, fiscally responsible, that they’ll be there for them in the future.”


Another hint

  1. Can we discuss it now, (EDITED) Dennis F, or do we have to wait until it is enacted first?

    Sorry Hollinm for confusing you with this guy.

    • Wait … I’ll say it …. next !

    • Stop fear mongering 2Jenn!  We will discuss this when they tell us we can discuss this.

  2. That’s a relief to know that Jim expects the OAS to be there for people like Colin.

    But if Colin expects to need the OAS, doesn’t this also kinda imply that he doesn’t expect his MP pension to be there? Maverick watch!

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