Another one for the F-35 file


While digging around for something else this week, I happened to come across the following pronouncement from December 2010.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has said if his party forms a government, they would ditch the multibillion-dollar deal and open up a competitive bidding process to find the most cost-effective replacement for the country’s aging CF-18s. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that would jeopardize the lives of air force personnel and jobs in Canada’s aerospace industry. 

Officials with two European companies told the Commons defence committee this week that their respective companies could provide a plane that would be suitable to Canada’s needs. But MacKay said that is simply not an option. He said the previous Liberal government committed Canada to the Joint Strike Fighter project nearly a decade ago, and the current Conservative government isn’t about to turn back the clock. “If we don’t buy this aircraft now … it’s like hitting restart,” he said. “We would have to go back, lose our preferred place in the production line. “We have made our decision. We are firm in pursuing this course of action and purchasing this aircraft, which will accrue maximum benefits to the air force, the aerospace industry and to Canada.”

A few days later, Mr. MacKay was in the House and referred to the existence of an “actual contract.”

Of course, Mr. MacKay’s assertion of a decision and reference to a contract predate this spring, since which the government—in hopes of clearing up any “misunderstanding“—has strived to be quite clear that no decision has been made and no contract has been signed.

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Another one for the F-35 file

  1. So Mackay lied to the house.

    We really need to ditch that outmoded rule; it is so 20th century. Truth…lies…it’s just a matter of opinion and or expediency in todays 24/7 world isn’t it?

    Tut tut..bad, bad Peter. Better go to your corner.

  2. Aaron — you’re obviously NEVER going to be in line for that Senate seat if you keep this up —

    • Wrong…the senate is the best place to put someone if you want to neutralize them. Many victims of such a fate count their money and are rarely heard from again.

    • if you mean by ‘successful’ something that’s horribly expensive but meant to be affordable, yeah I guess you are right

      • Just to compare apples, a brand new twin engine Boeing 737-8 passenger jet has a list price of $100.5 million dollars US. The last batch of F-35A’s (Low Rate In Production Lot Five (LRIP-5) cost approximately $172 Million dollars US. per aircraft. When Lockheed Martin spools up the production line to full capacity the cost of an F-35A will drop substantially, sub 100 million dollars US. (depending on the number of aircraft ordered) as they move from the current production rate of 32 aircraft per year to producing one aircraft per “day”.

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