Another unsubstantiated smear? -

Another unsubstantiated smear?


A new complaint about misleading calls during the last election, this time from a Conservative source.

In a copy of the complaint obtained by The Globe and Mail, Guelph Tory campaign manager Ken Morgan states that calls to Conservative supporters began on April 28 and continued until voting day on May 2. The phone number associated with the calls was 519-479-0031, which, when dialled, led to a recording that said, “This is the Conservative Party of Canada.”

“In no way did this call originate from the Conservative party, nor am I assuming the ‘Elections Office,’ ” Mr. Morgan wrote in an e-mail to the federal elections commissioner last month, after the “Pierre Poutine” robo-call controversy exploded into a political firestorm. “I would like to know from whom did this call originate? It was obviously an attempt to lure our supporters away from their legitimate polls.”


Another unsubstantiated smear?

  1. Aaron, you seem to have forgotten that your job is to feed chunks of partisan Liberal red meat to the Wherryites.  This does not qualify as such.

    •  . . . which is why none of them chose to comment.  Shape up.

  2. Didn’t Prescott say his tweets referred to Valeriote’s calls about Burke’s position on abortion?  Now he claims they refer to these live calls?