Apparently Peter Kent has the conch -

Apparently Peter Kent has the conch


Good to see Lawrence Cannon, apparently still the foreign affairs minister, on the television just now. Was beginning to wonder whether he’d been replaced by one of his understudies, Peter Kent.

The former journalist seems to be rather talkative of late (see here, here and here). Nothing too silly yet. Indeed, he’s already proving a deft speaker of politics (“I don’t know of the relationship of those timings”). Though you can see this bit, from the Globe story, proving problematic if any fault is certifiably found with the Israeli side:

Canada’s junior foreign minister, Peter Kent, said that despite sketchy details on the school strike, it is clear that Hamas “bears the full responsibility for the deepening humanitarian tragedy.

“We really don’t have complete details yet, other than the fact that we know that Hamas has made a habit of using civilians and civilian infrastructure as shields for their terrorist activities, and that would seem to be the case again today,” he said in an interview.

He added: “In many ways, Hamas behaves as if they are trying to have more of their people killed to make a terrible terrorist point.”

(Oddly enough, in his previous profession, publicly arriving at such a conclusion with an explicit lack of “complete details” would’ve been considered irresponsible.)


Apparently Peter Kent has the conch

  1. But he is a vast improvement over Obhrai and Guergis, is he not? It’s not as if Harper has a lot of bench strength to draw from.

  2. Wow, a politician willing to speak the truth. He won’t last.

    • While the details remain sketchy, it is clear that Hamas “bears the full responsibility for the deepening humanitarian tragedy.” Interesting, no?

      • Remember how clear it was back in the summer of 2006? Conservatives even invoked the “moral clarity” of their support for Israel to beg supporters for donations.

        At this point, the only truth is that politicians are lying if they even dare to use the word “clear.”

        • The good ol days of summer 06. My memory of that conflict is somewhat sketchy, but I can clearly say, that was when I first learned that I was a terrorist sympathizer.

  3. What a disgrace this man has become. I can’t help but think he’s gone into politics as some sort of revenge against journalists or journalism. He did say something about the “liberal bias” of journalism programs a while back that indicated he seemed kind of…well,dotty to tell you the truth.

    • Is not P. KENT the Minister of State for Foreign Relations (AMERICAS)? Please correct me.

    • Great insightful psychological diagnosis.I was thinking along the line of incapacity in a former endeavour supplemented by more than adequate assistance from old cronies in the Canadian political Establishment.

  4. “But he is a vast improvement over Obhrai and Guergis, is he not?”

    That’s has so obvious an answer its a non-question. It could probably be used for any of us. “You didnt do a very good job at work today” Answer: “But it’s a vast improvement over Obhrai and Guergis, is it not?”

    Works for anything

  5. It would seem that Kent’s logic is like the girl wearing the short skirt being blamed for her rape, ie “You were asking for it.” I don’t have a lot of information on the strike at the school, but I did hear that Israel was quite aware that schools, including that one were being used to house civilians fleeing the war. There are other ways for Israel to defend itself besides blowing the living daylights out of everything in sight.

    • Hamas knows civilians are hiding in schools too..that’s why they go there to launch their rockets.

      Classy dudes.

      • I don’t agree with what Hamas is doing, and it is very strategic for them to hide arsenal in public buildings. However, (as noted below) Israel knew full well that there were civilians in those schools.

        I guess the biggest issue with Israel’s response is that it is completely disproportionate. I think Christopher Hitchens has pointed out that it is “bombing for votes”.

    • Wow. Seems to me that there was a time that civilized nations would have precluded a strike on a munitions dump if there were civilians in the way. War sucks, you can’t always hit the everywhere, get over it and go for some thing else (or wait until the ground troops can get there??????).
      So you now support hitting anything anywhere anytime, no matter if there are civilians there or not? Pretty much engage the war, and disregard entirely the existence of civilians? Is that your point????

      • Isn’t MT’s link discussing a different bombing, then the one Kent opinions about?

        • Yes he is.

          It appears that it is a lot easier to locate their weapons then previously thought…just look towards civil structures mainly schools and hospitals. Send in the ground troops and stop with the bombings.

          • All is well then. Great. I got make some dinner.

          • I think Will speaks truth here.
            I’m not supportive of what I consider the Israeli expansion and oppression of Palestinians, but I am very supportive of them moving in ground troops to take out the Hamas supplies rather than continuing to rely on air strikes.

  6. Why don’t any of you IDIOTS look past your noses.ISRAEL is on stolen land.It was stolen by Britain.It is a fundamental principle of law that you cannot give away what you do not own.Only the U.S.,its 5 BILLION dollars a year and FREE modern weapons make ISRAEL look good. She is an arrogant BULLY who has been consolidating her position for 40 years.GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE are CROOKS .

    • Jewish = 14 million people
      Muslim = 1.3-1.5 billion people

      Now you can see why they spend so much on military.

      Plus calling people idiots in the first sentence is not a good way to win hearts and minds to your perspective in any debate.

      • It’s really that simple.

    • Finally, someone who speaks the truth. The history of the Jews is that they live on land stolen from the rightful owners, yet nobody seems to acknowledge that fact. They are overwhelmingly the criminals in this case, but the world, including sadly our Canadian government, don’t have the courage to honoue that fact.

      • Almost all land has been stolen at one point…that particular piece of land has been conquored countless amount of times.

  7. I have to say that I don’t see “that bit” as problematic even IF Israeli abuses subsequently become evident.

    Kent allowed that the specific UN school tragedy is not yet a clear story. And he has correctly judged that repeatedly firing missiles willy-nilly into civilan territory is the crime for which these current events may be reasonably blamed on the initial criminal. Just because the world media did not care that Hamas was willy-nillying Israeli civilians into bunkers and the morgues does not mean that it did not occur.

  8. I like that beautiful euphemism “initial criminal”. A House of Lords law Lord would approve I’m sure of thus branding Ghandi during the Great Salt March in India.Nelson Mandela would also be such an “initial criminal” when he ripped his pass book. Louis Riel was hanged as an initial criminal.Peter Kent should go back to school,not declare a verdict without a jury which would demonstrate his limited historical perspective.

    • G, is your 5:22 post a denial of the death, damage and fear Hamas has showered with evil intent on the civilian population of Israel, or the approval of it? Either way, it clarifies very well your tolerance (at least) and/or blessing (at most) of evil, and helps me decide how much to care about your opinion. For that I thank you.

      Just because some people you like were branded criminals cannot make all criminals likeable.

      • Here’s some perspective from a real journalist, not a clapped-out one:

        “…What is amazing is that so many Western leaders, so many presidents and prime ministers and, I fear, so many editors and journalists, bought the old lie; that Israelis take such great care to avoid civilian casualties. “Israel makes every possible effort to avoid civilian casualties,” yet another Israeli ambassador said only hours before the Gaza massacre.”

        • And here’s an analysis on the violation of the cease-fire.

        • Thanks for the Fisk. To my regret, I had forgotten about him. I guess I was supposed to. Kinda like Gwynne Dyer.

      • Theft of land by Zionists with the complicity of Imperial Britain who donated excess, unneeded land circa 1920 might have upset Arabs in 1920,1948, and 1967. Theft has been continuous since then. Please correct my facts and interpretations.

  9. What troubles me the most about this bombing incident, is for the first time in my 21 year long life…I am ashamed to be Canadian. I am ashamed to be connected to political figures that are more concerned with reiterating the United States and the the Wolfawitz / Bush doctrine over and over again and today it has pushed my limits over the edge.

    Hearing of Israel’s military assault on the UN Schools made me mourn for the children who died, and the many more that were maimed, and now have no place to find an education.

    Should we not ask ourselves if this is how a country should engage in war? When one military power greatly outweighs that of another. Israel has a military budget of 13.8 Billion USD against an unrecognized sovereign state run by Hamas, with a military budget of 10-20million dollars.

    Canada used to ask questions such as these, and in the past before I was born championed some of the world’s most important international human rights laws and laws of war.

    Today we’ve stopped asking other countries to rid their weapons stock of inhumane weapons. Today instead of abiding by our international agreements we find loopholes so that we can ignore them. For example the ‘Ottawa Land Mines Convention’ has been signed by 151 countries. We do not produce or lay them, but in Afghanistan we allow American troops to plant them around our camps. As a result civilians and children will die and be maimed for years after we leave Iraq and their blood will be on our hands.

    Which brings me to my final point when I read our jr. foreign affairs minister, Peter Kent, take a hard lined message against Hamas blaming them for the school bombing. This is not America, no matter how hard the United States tries to join our military together under their control, this is not America. We are loosing our international voice everyday, and we may wake up one day very soon without a voice at all.

    If we keep sounding like America, whats the point of speaking at all.

    • Will I’m on your side all the way. Don’t lose your Idealism! Always remember that until the revolution comes “he who has the gold makes the rules”
      May the FORCE protect you.

  10. So let me see if I have this straight: if I criticize Israel’s conduct I am an anti-semite, if I criticize Hamas I am a racist who doesn’t care about “brown people” getting bombed.

    Well, with such appealing options, here are my thoughts on the matter:


    To the people like Will Robson in the preceding comment who demand the sympathy of millions of white Canadians and who unfairly label us Nazis, homophobes, and sexist pigs any time we criticize the left’s latest bright idea: late you come, but still you come.

    You should have known the value of free speech when you used HRCs for decades to silence us and now, we cannot speak up for you. We can lose our careers, our families, and our friends with one willfully misinterpreted remark critical of either Israel or Hamas. So there will be no criticism or support of either side forthcoming from this quarter.

    • “who demand the sympathy of millions of white Canadians and who unfairly label us Nazis, homophobes, and sexist pigs ”

      I don’t know what country you live in, but last time I checked there arn’t that many white peole in Canada…at least in the cities.

      You should look up the neurological differences between Liberals and Conservatives…several new studies have shown that the choice between platforms has more to do with the way ones brain functions and interprets information than it does with actual rational thought. From what you have said so far…you prove the study right!

  11. ISRAEL is on stolen land. The British donated it to them. Canadians are living on stolen land, but we,however inadequately, are trying to compensate our native people. Why cannot God’s Chosen People compensate the Palestinians with free food, education and clothing for 50 years or make them citizens of Israel. Is the LIGHT UNTO ALL NATIONS too good to be CIVILIZED? ARROGANCE is their unique characteristic.Take away America’s 5 BILLION dollars/year and donated modern weapons and they will want to join HUMANITY again. Oh, and do not forget the ISRAEL LOBBY in the U.S. which can unelect any politician (money makes water flow uphill).

  12. “I don’t know all the facts on Iraq, but I think we should work closely with the Americans.”

    – Steve Harper, Report Newsmagazine, March 25th 2002.

    Never let reason interfere with ideology….