Applying the human rights standards of The Fugitive


Leonard Stern looks on the bright side of torture.

As for the Red Cross report, it’s scary to see the ease with which a modern, democratic government can ignore the taboo against torture, not to mention principles of due process.

That’s the intellectual reaction. Then there’s the emotional satisfaction of reading about CIA officers doing it the Chicago Way and taking monsters like Khaled Shaik Mohammed to the “verge of death and back again,” as Mohammed put it.

I’d be suspicious of anyone who reads the report and experiences only one response but not the other.

Here again, posted this time for Stern’s emotional satisfaction, is the sworn affidavit of Omar Khadr. And here, again, is the Washington Post report detailing how useless—and, in fact, counter-productive—the emotionally satisfying treatment of Abu Zubaydah proved to be.


Applying the human rights standards of The Fugitive

  1. I think the answer is. given Canada has removed the RIGHTS (and English Language, thereby their ability to earn a living) of more than 2 million English speaking Quebeckers – and remains silent about the ongoing ethnic cleansing of English Quebeckers out of the Province; (To date:over 600,000 have felt forced to flee the Province) … it sure as hell isn’t going to concern itself about one lonely citizen, outside the country.

    • cretons give us gas, and we refuse to apologize for it

      • Did you mean to say ‘cretins’ or perhaps ‘croutons’?

    • archangel, your reply says it all and is the perfect example of what ‘bienvenue a Quebec’ really means.

      • lol

  2. LOL

    Even the RCMP understand “irony”.

  3. Well, I wasn’t suggesting that we, or anybody in particular, should punch Stern, but now that you mention it the spectacle of a newspaperman rejoicing at the thought of someone being tortured while cowering behind his right to freedom from bodily harm is especially disgusting. Perhaps we could send him a strongly worded letter.

    • The implications of a professional newspaperman not only not being able to grasp the difference between the movies and reality (oh man! This is just like that time on 24! Cool! We need to send Jack Bauer over there right now!) but being suspicious of anyone who doesn’t share his odd proclivities is indeed staggering.

  4. “I’d be suspicious of anyone who reads the report and experiences only one response but not the other.”

    Well Stern, i really hope you got off on your vicarious thrill; but as Mike T says: this is reallity, not the movies, the blood, the pain and the pyschological destruction of another human are very real – it might well be these individuals deserve the death penalty for their actions, but this glorying in the humiliation of another person is just sick. Maybe Stern should consent to such treatment, see how he feels about it then? The only appropriate response to this report is disgust!

  5. Conservative Party of Canada motto:

    All politics, all of the time — your wishes be damned.

    Cynicism writ large for a new millennium.

  6. LOL. The unicorns are being waterboarded behind Cloud #7.

  7. Ah, delightful, more “concern porn” – everyone gets to have a good Two Minutes’ Hate, and pat themselves on the back for just how loudly they can claim to be disgusted and appalled.

    • I’ll take the commenters “concern porn” over Stern’s “torture porn” any day of the week.

    • I know, real outrage must seem like an incredible concept to you after so many years of the fake kind.

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