Are any Conservatives mailing out those Trudeau attacks? -

Are any Conservatives mailing out those Trudeau attacks?

Another five Conservatives say they won’t be participating


The Canadian Press adds five Conservative MPs to the list of those who won’t be using the Conservative mailout that attacks Justin Trudeau.

“I haven’t sent out an attack ten-percenter for over four years,” said Edmonton Tory MP Laurie Hawn. “It’s just not my style.”

“I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to do it,” said Joe Daniel, a Toronto Conservative MP. Some MPs told The Canadian Press they’ve been hearing complaints from constituents on the issue. Ontario MP Larry Miller said a voter told him he didn’t like it when former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin attacked Stephen Harper, and doesn’t like what the Conservatives are doing now. “I don’t participate in criticizing anybody else. I like to talk about me,” said Miller. “I don’t like negative advertising, I don’t use it, and that old saying — I control what I can control. I’ve voiced my opinion on it, I don’t like it,” he added.

Said Alberta MP Kevin Sorenson: “I don’t use that type of householder. I haven’t heard from anyone who’s going to either.” Fellow Albertan Mike Lake said he rarely sends out the flyers, and when he does it’s for a practical purpose. “I generally use them for things like advertising our pancake breakfast or our Christmas open house and maybe some of the other things I’m trying to communicate to my constituents,” said Lake.

They join Mike Allen, Brent Rathgeber, Dan Albas and Stephen Woodworth, which is 5.48% of the Conservative caucus. And Mr. Sorenson’s comments would seem to suggest it might be much more than that.

Of course, as Adam Goldenberg suggested yesterday, just because MPs don’t use their budgets to send out these particular attacks doesn’t mean they won’t benefit generally from attack ads. They might not, as Adam put it, owe their election to such ads, but if you believe that attack ads helped the general Conservative cause in 2008 and 2011, then it stands to reason that the candidates who ran under the party banner benefited individually.

Asked about the flyers yesterday afternoon, Mr. Trudeau noted that they were being deployed on the “public dime.” To completely ban the use of public funds for such mailouts would probably require a rule that no mention of or reference to any other party but one’s own could be permitted.


Are any Conservatives mailing out those Trudeau attacks?

  1. Excellent. Good for them. These flyers are egregious. There’s plenty of mileage to be gotten from party-funded advertising. I’d be happy with trashing the entire concept of 10%ers.

    • This is an easy thing to stand up against harpo on. If these mps really had backbones, they would have stood up against things like the omnibus budget bill, which has caused all sorts of problems, like TFWs running amok, food safety inspections not being done and coast guard bases being closed in busy ports. Yeah these con mps are doing a real bang up job, so much they they all deserved a fat pay raise. PANDAS!

      Though I do agree with you on eliminating the 10%ers.

    • At least we know what some of the CPC MP’s are doing, eh!

      • What about the others, that we don’t? They’re the ones that worry me.

        • Maybe you worry too much. You know what they say, eh: there’s a fine line to be had between worrying too much and becoming paranoid. Be careful now that you don’t cross that line! :))

          • Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness.

          • Good one! Tell Justin all about that while he’s searching for root causes!

            The Boston bombers may or may not have had perfect awareness!

          • Yep, play the terror card, on a matter of partisan politics.

          • Hey, the Boston bombers could have been just paranoid, not?

            Here I’m trying to help Justin’s cause by giving him examples of why people my be throwing bombs, and now you don’t find it helpful?

            Tjee, tell me what it is Justin wants to know then!

          • You bring up justin, as if I’m supporting him. Any time anyone toay, has tried to talk about something other than justin, you butt in and start ranting about justin. Shut up about justin already, no one cares about justin, only you. No go have his babies, or something.

          • Oh, lots and lots of people care about Justin. Ask Nick Nanos how many people care about Justin!!

          • Who care what nick thinks? You’re the only one talking about him here.

          • You know, now that you point it out.. maybe that’s what’s going on.

            Francien has a crush.

          • An unrequited crush :-)

          • Like harpo, like minion.

          • Someone is very scared their favourite blue tinged political party is going to get trounced by J. Trudeau!

          • No, I’m not scared; I would be embarrassed if Justin the Empty would become PM of this country. It would show how shallow our Canadian political thinking goes.

      • Huh? What does that even mean?

        Seriously, why are you defending this practice? Please don’t tell me you are OK with using public $ for partisan attacks?

        • Well, it means that we don’t know what the Liberal MP’s or the NDP MP’s are doing. But that’s the point, right?

          I have never said I am ok with using public $ for partisan attacks. I don’t support it.

          But I would support if all parties are being talked about when the ten percenters are being discussed. Yes, that I would support wholeheartedly! What about you??

          • Look, Lord knows I don’t defend the media often, but Carolyn Bennett got in some crap when she used one of these things for the “vaccines not body bags” fiasco. Not as much as she should have, but at least it was mentioned & she was forced to apologize.

            If you’ve got current examples of opposition MPs doing partisan attacks with public $ right now, by all means bring them forward and we can all join in the condemnation. For right now I see the Conservatives doing this of their own accord & I want it to stop.

          • Woot!

          • But if you want to discuss the notion that the ten percenters should be scrapped, would it not be better to discuss the ten percenters, not how one party can outdo itself in order to attack if all parties attack?

            Hey, I don’t care if the flyers stay or go. What I care about is balanced coverage. And what I would like to know is how did those flyers come in the news to begin with? Who leaked them flyers to the media and why?

          • Irrelevant, since harpo has come out and said it is his plan and it’s within his rights to do so.

            But, I’ll humor you, despite. It was a lying, thieving, hypocritical, no good lib b*st*rd that leaked the story. The sob should fry in hell for what he’s done. So how does this help us solve the problem at hand? Which is, stopping politicians from wasting our money.

            OK, your turn.

          • Is Justin still looking for root causes? I would appreciate it if you could shed a light on how that search is going. Flyers, who cares. I don’t care about them flyers. The come, they go. All parties use and misuse them. No big deal.

            The bid deal here is unbalanced reporting. That worries me. And so tell me, what has Justin found within his search for root causes, since the next terrorist attack may be looming now that the papers are in disarray in Ottawa!!! We will need Justin’s search and rescue skills for trying to prevent the next terrorist attack.

          • And again, all you want to do is talk about justin. Why can’t we just all ignore the little twerp into oblivion and focus at the problems at hand. Like the current government who’s costing tax payers their jobs, health and lives. Lets talk about that, instead of justin. Or do you have a problem talking about something the benefits Canadians? Or are you just some con stooge who can’t think for themselves?

          • Ah, but Justin will be PM soon! We must find out what he stands for before we give him the keys to the treasure chest. We cannot give it to complete strangers, now can we? I know that Justin is a son, and that Justin is a father. But what does that mean, eh!

          • If you want to outlaw something, it’s a good idea to bring examples of why it is needed. But I guess logic is wasted on you.

          • No. logic is not wasted on me. It’s just that each and every time logic is being used here on these sites, the person doing the logic is mocked and not taken seriously, because these comment boards are for the safe and tested philosophers. We have so many of them already, why listen to what they have to say? Same thing over and over again.

            My good comments are full of logic and other good stuff. But on these boards here it’s not about what is logical or what is good in debating. And so I just ramble along today to please everyone by being bland and light. Like it so far? You must like it, you keep following me around. But hey, I like your company!

          • I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Emily! She was much more entertaining.

          • Oh, I’m thinking EmilyOne is out here, somewhere, talking and listening and giving pointers and thumbs up under one name or another. That would be EmilyOne!

          • More like she just wants to make vague, unprovable accusations against some already questionable parties, in hopes it will distract from the topic at hand. Which is the cons wasting our money, yet again.

          • Maybe you should pay us back, for the waste of our tax dollars, if you approve of it so much. Put your money where you mouth is, or shut up.

          • Maybe Justin should give Alberta back its tax dollars since he believes Quebec values are the only ones to be talked about. Let Justin put HIS money where HIS mouth is.

          • I’ve never stood up for Quebec. Maybe they should pay Alberta back, but that means you’re paying me back, first.

        • Of course she is!

          • Unless someone sent out anti-con ads through the mail on her dime.

  2. It’s high time they banned them. If they’re going to cut per-vote subsidies, why is this allowed to continue? Furthermore, does anybody actually read these things? Any 10 percenter I’ve gotten has gone straight to the recycling bin. At worst, we’re PAYING to be exposed to the stupidest, silliest, ugliest side of democracy. At best, it’s taxpayer-funded junk mail. It’s blue-box liner. It’s a waste of money.

    • People should collectively dump them on the lawns of the mps who send them out. Maybe add in a little organic dye and something extra sticky. It’d be like TPing their house, but with sticky pamphlets that will dye their skin, clothes, ect. :)

      • Hmmm… there’s a thougt! I drive right past my MP’s constituency office on my way to work; maybe I’ll start taping them to his door :-)

        • I say wrap some dog crap, or maybe better yet, panda crap in the flyers, light them on fire… Well I guess you can figure out what comes next :)

      • Last year I mailed back all the “questionnaires” with the very leading questions back with appropriate comments – variations of: QUIT SENDING ME THIS PARTISAN C**P!!!

        • Not as comical, but it should get the point across.

    • And of course you have told the
      NDPers and Liberals already a long time ago they shouldn’t send out them ten percenters.

      Sorry, I forgot: the NDP and Liberals don’t send out ten percenters. Ever!

      Gotta love it how some people are being had by the members of the press. Did it ever occur to you that this whole ‘Justin-attack-flyer-affair has been a set-up right from the get-go? Why are you so gullible?

      • I’ve only gotten Conservative 10-percenters. Any other party’s ten percenter would get the same treatment. They’re all stupid and useless, I don’t care which party sends them out.

        • And you’ve never wondered why the ten percenters are never talked about in relation to the Liberals or the NDP?

          The Macleans blog is not just about your riding, is it?

          • That, F, is an entirely different matter. The media’s handling of this issue is not my concern. My concern is that I’m paying for partisan claptrap. I don’t want my money spent on NDP claptrap, Liberal claptrap, Conservative claptrap… whatever.

            I’m not going to offer a defence on the part of how the media handles these stories. Now, are you going to offer a defence on why you think taxpayers’ money should be used to fund partisan garbage?

            EDIT: I’ll put it another way… even if we agree that the Conservatives are taking an inordinate amount of flak for these 10 percenters, must we also agree that the practice should continue?

          • Actually, my MP does not send out flyers that much, and when he does the flyers are about general info to do with this region or some upcoming events. I have no problem with the ten percenters.

            I have a problem with Justin doing the double dipping though; getting an MP salary, to then not show up in the House very often but finding time to go on a speaking tour for big bucks. That I will object to anytime I think about it. And I don’t care if the media does not report on that. Such none reporting is none of my concern!

          • The original article suggests a fix to allow the non-partisan 10 percenters and get rid of the partisan blue-box fodder. Can you get with that?

            And that second paragraph… wow. Just wow. What in God’s name does that have to do with 10 percenters?

          • What do one-sided stories have to do with anything?

            The only reason that the ten percenters are being discussed now, is because of the CPC flyer. But ask yourself: who did the leaking on that flyer? Who did that? Take a less narrow view on this one and you may be surprised what really goes on!

          • “To completely ban the use of public funds for such mailouts would probably require a rule that no mention of or reference to any other party but one’s own could be permitted.” Yeah, that was a horribly one-sided sentence. Caught red handed again, left-wing media!

            I don’t want my money spent to fund stupid partisan flyers. Apparently you do. Let’s agree to disagree.

          • And let’s just forget about who leaked the flyers in the first place. Hey, Macleans has had its stories covered and all can rest assured now.


          • You’ve made your point. It has nothing to do with mine, but you’ve made it. Rest easy.

          • Resting I don’t do easy when there’s so much fun to be had!

            I’ve made some points, good for me, but I still don’t know who felt the need to leak the flyers. And since you don’t seem to care who leaked them or why, I will have to ask others and see what they think of it.

            So far not too many seem interested in finding out how they are being conned.

          • Do a google search, already and quit freaking out about who leaked what. What, are you going to hunt the person down, and make them pay, for tarnishing the already disgusting reputation of harpo and his cons?

          • If you’ve followed my posts long enough you must know by now that I don’t do those things.

            We must be a lot alike, sitting here having some fun!

            Thank you once again for your reply to my post. And thanks for living in a free country such as ours!

            Freedom for all!

          • Again with the cheese, cliche Bond villain line. Don’t tell me you’re Blofeld in drag! I don’t think I could take that sight of that a second time.

          • what is ‘chese’?

          • Well when you’re talking things like literature, or film, cheese usually refers to elements of the story that are so horribly done, they achieve a sort of comedic value, that wasn’t intended.

          • Ah, yes, cheese. But that’s not what you stated earlier when you wrote ‘chese’.

            And you have made the necessary correction I see. Very polite of you to have done so. Not cheesy, shall we say, but polite!

          • Like del asstro doesn’t do that with the ethics comity he’s supposed to work at.

          • And if the cons can do it, why do conbots complain about other parties doing it? Hypocrites, the lot of ’em!

          • To be honest. I’ve never gotten any 10%ers. I don’t think most people even know what they are. At least on that account, you can blame our crappy news industry.

          • If most people don’t know what they are, then why would Macleans make such a big deal out of it in the first place?

            And while you’re at it, why not ask yourself who leaked out the flyers to begin with? Are you aware of how the flyers came to be in the news? Who leaked what and why? Think a little deeper!

          • I was referring to people I know in person. And to be honest, until this week I hand’t heard the term 10%ers.

            If you bothered to pay attention to the news, you’d know who leaked them. I do. So I don’t need to question it, because harpo has already come out and confessed.

      • How do you know we don’t complain to the libs, or ndp? What, are you psychic?

        You gotta love how the cons have some people so fooled, they defend anything the cons do. Even when it’s costing Canadians their tax dollars, jobs, health and even lives. But it’s always the libs, or ndp’s fault, or you accuse people of being hypocrites for supporting the libs, or ndp, even when some of the people you attack have never voted for libs, or ndp. Gotta love how all conbots like to assume everything and as the saying goes… You make an @$$ out of you.

        • How do you know that we don’t complain to the CPC?

          I’ve never said it’s the Liberal’s or NDP’s fault; you are putting words into my mouth as you type. Why the need for that??

          I’m just wondering why people like you are so gullible to eat up everything the press throws at you and never ask why the presses don’t print anything about the NDP and Liberal ten percenters. That’s all.

          I find it strange that the press has no interest in ten percenters generally speaking, just CPC ten percenters. The press is pre-occupied. And you just love it! That’s being gullible.

          • Sure you don’t. All one has to do is look through your history of your posts to see that you’re lying now. Maybe not in this article, but you have in many others. Guess you aren’t smart enough to check your history, before you open your mouth. Better luck next time.

          • If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

            You are going into gang-mode. If you have nothing of substance to answer, go into attack mode. That’ll teach her!

            Show me where in the history of my posts I have said what you accuse me of. Otherwise your attack is just a sign of desparation.

          • What’s the matter, can’t handle the truth? Thought not. When you’re caught lying, all you can resort to is calling others bullies? Yeah, that’s really going to help your cause.

            It’s not fair, I got caught lying and now he’s bullying me!

            GROW UP!

            “If you can’t beat them, join them, right?” What are you talking about? I’m not losing to anyone and I’m certainly not joining anyone.

            If you don’t know how to look up others history through their public account page, you shouldn’t be getting paid to be a conbot. Better be careful, you’re going to lose you job to TFWs, or outsourcing.

          • Ah, here comes the next predictable excuse: “She must be a paid for commenting!”

            Truth be told, I love being here with you people. Does me a lot of good for trying to understand how people behave. Just doing some research. That’s all.

            Very interesting character you are. I will try and remember you.

          • Oh, so you’re a paid con researcher, right.

            Well the other option, is someone so profoundly stupid, they should be able to speak. So either you’re a freak, or a conbot, paid, or otherwise.

          • It’s just me. Me being me. Interesting isn’t it?

            Thank you for your continued reading of my posts. Feel free to read my posts whenever you feel like it.

          • And that’s not something to be proud of.

          • I am proud of who I am. You bet!

          • The press has probably seen the other mailings and found they are not as violent, hateful, cruel, bullying and disgusting as the Con ads.

          • And so tell me: why was the CPC flyer leaked? Who leaked it and why? Does Macleans not want to know who leaked the CPC flyers? Were they leaked to make some hay out of something?

            Do you ever want to know the whole story? I do.

          • Leaked? They’re proud of them. The more publicity the better. They don’t care about criticism from a few obscure lefties!!!

          • It’s not me feeding the flyer publicity after they were leaked. Some other people are doing that!

          • Actually you are. Every time you talk about it. Weather you agree with the issue, or not. Granted you’re not the only one, but you are participating in the conversation, and regardless of the snails pace you like to drag things out, are sill managing to move the conversation along. Though I suspect that your intentions are to derail any anti-con talk, but at that you’re failing miserably.

          • We are doing some heavy duty committing of sociology, methinks. Be more serious, will yu’.

          • I’m always serious. I just think anything is so sacred that jokes can’t be used. Thought you were the one into yoga, to keep all calm and tranquil. Can’t take some good natured riffing? Now who needs to take a breather?

          • I don’t need yoga or drugs to keep me happy. You keep me happy enough as we speak!

            I hate to leave you, but Justin is calling. QP is about to start. ttul……:))))))))

          • Can I try some of what you’re on? Sounds like you’re higher than a kite.

          • You really should follow me around more! As I have said before: for those who live by creativity, drugs are useless.

            You can have as much creativity as you would want.

          • I’m not going to keep answering your question, over and over again. What is your problem?

            harpo’s even admitted to them. Or is this all just too much information for you to process on your own. Maybe the approved talking points aren’t enough this time, eh?

          • So you still haven’t found the outlet who leaked them flyers.

            Thank you for reading my posts. I appreciate it! :)) Really, I do!

          • The other articles state it was a lib, dumb @$$. How do you function, or is the only job you’ve ever been able to hold down, is working as a conbot?

            The thing about whistle blowers, they usually like to remain anonymous. Because of nut jobs like you.

          • Yes, I think doing some yoga would be best for you now. Calm down and try again. It’s a good way to go about things. No need to work yourself up over things which others won’t even read about. It’s just you and me here buddy, and I’m having so much fun!

          • You’re the one asking the questions. You don’t like the answers, don’t ask the questions.

            Though your arguments have been broken down, to me needing yoga. You sure you’re not just a corrupt lib, claiming to be a con, like harpo and company?

          • You don’t know how to do yoga? I betcha you’ve never done yoga in your life. Try it. Ok, don’t try it!

          • My joints, hyper extended. Aerobics and things like yoga are out for me.

          • AHHHH, how old fashioned of you! No yoga! Get with the times. Yoga is a must these days if one wants to be somebody.

          • You spend too much time defending them and attack their enemies, to complain about them.

      • A set up!…wow! You’re on fire today FV.

        • I don’t say it’s been a set-up. I am saying that it could very well be a set up. But go ahead, just eat what Macleans wants to feed you.

          Why wouldn’t you want to know why the flyers were leaked and by whom? Would it be scary for you to find out ?

          • That’s old news. It’s no secret someone leaked it to the liberals, and they openly gave it to the press – as any political party would do. You’re simply making a fool of yourself – give it up.

          • Thanks for trying to help me out here. I was thinking the same thing, that indeed it could be found under ‘old news’ but I couldn’t find anything about the flyer leak there either. Mmmmm… on one seems to have the answer. Must be convenient at best, or sloppy at its worst. But in any case, it must not have been any of our business. So be it then. Sooner or later ………….you know what they say:

            Thank you for reading my posts.

          • Now you’re being insulting to fools around the world. There isn’t a word in the English language, proper, or slang, to properly describe francien.

          • Justin, the word is “troll” and you have fed it far too much today. But you may have hit the nail on the head — perhaps this is a temporary foreign worker; that would explain the belaboured diction.

          • Thank you soo much for reading my posts. You are a bit late, but you know what they say: better late than never. Sooo belaboured, that!

          • Now you’re being mean to trolls the world over.

            I like feeding trolls. It exposes their side’s arrogance and ignorance for the world to see. The more you keep them talking, the more they look foolish.

          • If it was a set up, that would mean harpos involved, in setting up his own party?

            Maybe the person who leaked them, a lib, didn’t like what they had to say about justin, or maybe the person just didn’t like harpo wasting our money.

            And who cares about hypothetical questions, when we already know the truth. You’re just wasting your breath and our time. Now please, just go away and stop asking the same damn questions over and over, when they’ve already been answered. The answers are never going to change, just to suite your twisted beliefs.

          • I love how the clouds are floating by on this bright and sunny day! A cloud here, a cloud there, clouds everywhere and nowhere!

          • Every where you go, the skies the sky, people are people. Always trying to rain on your parade.

          • :)))))) Nope, no rain today.

          • It rains everyday. It’s just a matter of who it rains on. Think those comical little clouds that hover just over head in cartoons.

          • These comments boards are like cartoon settings: stick men and some background information, unbalanced as it mostly is. But cartoons are cartoons.

          • Define set-up.

          • You want set-up defined?

          • I’m mocking…but seriously, you bring up these bizarre charges and then don’t flesh them out. Go get some evidence and maybe someone will take you seriously.

          • You are mocking? Darn, here I was thinking you were committing sociology! Now that would be more like it, being so serious and all! You are such a good teacher!

            Does Wherry still count on your loyal support? (see how I am being such a good student!) :))

          • Careful using that word. harpo might think you’re a witch.

          • The witch is dead, the witch is dead, have you not heard?

          • So you’re a zombie then?

            I think I may have to edit that “w” into a “b”. What do you think?

          • I think you like to think for me, so keep doing what you like doing best.

          • Now now, you were doing so well there for 5 minutes or so.
            Let’s leave macleans out of this. You don’t like their slant, challenge it with some facts of your own.

          • At this point, no one will take francien seriously.

          • Shhhhh, getting that info herself may take a while, hopefully.

      • harpo, himself, acknowledged it! There’s no set up here. Keep grasping at straws if you must. It’s rather amusing.

        • Harper acknowledged that the flyers were indeed produced. But that does not mean that Harper or the CPC leaked them. But maybe they did. No one is saying anything about the leak of the flyers. I find that interesting. Why would Macleans not find it interesting to figure out who leaked the flyer ahead of its official release?

          • What does it matter? Maybe the person who leaked them would like to remain anonymous. If they’re outed, how else are they supposed to continue to leak useful information to the rest of us, who are actually concerned by what our corrupt politicians are doing.

  3. Only the dumb ones, who don’t care about wasting Canadian tax dollars. Likely the same ones responsible for losing 3.1 billion dollars. But our politicians deserve a pay raise, while we lose our jobs, health and lives to government cut backs.

    What about robogate and Pierre Poutine? Aren’t they news worthy anymore?

  4. The Cons who have a role as Deputy Speakers should be avoiding this level of vicious partisanship.

    • No mp, regardless of party alliance should commit such a disrespectful waste of our tax dollars.

  5. the conservatives show just how much contempt that they have for voters to even consider dovetailing a party funded attack ad with a taxpayer funded 10%er. There is not even an attempt to this peice look like informational parliamentary business

    • Tell me what the Liberal and NDP ten percenters talk about. That would be interesting to know about too, would it not?

      • The one’s I get from my NDP MP have been about their policy proposals and local events. You’re welcome.

        • And what fake ridings do fake namers live in?

          • Interesting response to an answer to your question. good bye.

          • You want to know what’s an interesting response I read the other day?

            Well, I’ll tell you:

            “The Liberal MP in my riding has sent out many flyers accusing the CPC wrongly and I objected to my Liberal MP about such insulting mail-outs, but my Liberal MP told me that it was all in fun!”

            Can you believe it? That post was posted by none other than Babybaba!

          • You got any proof of that? Maybe a fake riding, or a fake name?

          • Proof for what?

            Proof for what leroy22 says?

            No, not anyone has proof of what leroy22 says.

          • Proof of the flyer you supposedly got, dumb @$$.

          • Now, now, don’t get in a tiffy. It’s not worth it. Breath, breath,,,,, there you go! Yoga helps too they say!

          • Just because I caught you lying, doesn’t mean you can just run around, accusing others of the same.

      • When the libs and ndp send out inappropriate flyers, those who are complaining now, will be complaining then.

        The reason our political parties are so corrupt is that each party has this over zealous fan base of die hard partisan prats (like yourself, francien), who say and do anything to defend their party, no matter the crime. If people like you would just stop supporting political corruption, there would hardly be any. But I guess I’m asking too much of Canadians, to hold all parties to the same standards, instead of one set of rules for there own party, and one for everyone else. cons, libs, ndp, doesn’t matter, they’re all the same. Rotten to the core.

        • Rotten to the core, I’d say, when Justin double dips!

          Absolutely wrong when Justin gets paid to sit as an MP, but does not show up in the House because he made more money on the side, doing some public speaking in schools and what have you! $10,000 @ pop he charged them schools to hear Justin speak about democracy, while his MP’s salary was being picked up in absentia! Talk about rot! Talk about the kind of democracy I don’t want!

          Hey, I’m with you here; not against you!

          • No, you’re all off in your own, sorry little world. Don’t even think about trying to stand with me. After some of the insane ramblings that have come out of your mouth, I wouldn’t want you within arms reach of me.

          • It’s indeed eery how much we think alike! I wouldn’t want you within arms reach of me either. Now that can not be a coincidence that we are thinking that much alike. It must be an omen of some kind.

            Thanks for responding to my posts though. Love it!

          • Now you’re using a cheese and cliche Bond villain rant.

            What’s next you going to spill the cons end game? Nah, that would be too easy and even you can’t be that cliche.

          • You must be doing that yoga bend wrong, or something like that, because you still ain’t breathing any easier!

          • My breathing exercises work, just fine thank you. Don’t mistake my vulgarity for excitement. I’m just from the South Park generation.

          • But if you start doing yoga, you can buy a yoga mat! They come in so many bright colours. Pink, and blue and red and yellow, but most people would pick a black one. I find that so strange, picking black when pink and blue and red and yellow mats are available. Why would people pick black over colour? But then again, black holds all colour within. It must be what’s within then that speaks volumes, no? And that’s why yoga practitioners pick black………….??

          • Black is all colors, absorbed by the object in question.

            I think my camping mattress would be more comfortable. I know people who use yoga mats for camping and they aren’t comfortable at all.

          • Why do you have to repeat the fact that black is all colours held within? Or did you just want to make a point that you are as smart as I am?

            See, we are so much alike, you and me.

          • You asked a question and I answered it. Now you’re going to accuses me of answering your questions? Wow. No more freebies for you.

          • Never had any freebies in my life. Why would I expect you to be the first one to hand me freebies? :))))

            Be Happy; commit sociology daily!

          • That’s it, harpo is going to burn you at the stake and then boil you in oil. Don’t ask me, it’s just his thing.

      • Well, I know what they should be about. And that is that the Harper government can’t account for $3.1 BILLION dollars of expenditures. That is pretty frickin’ hard to do.

        • Perhaps Justin will find out today in QP! :)))

          And if he doesn’t get the answers there, Paul Martin lives around Ottawa, still, does he not? He should be easy to get a hold of, no?

          • Yeah, cause paul martin really is into so much these days.

          • But he was into so much during the 2001 to 2006 playing season. He lost he play offs in the last season (2006) but he had been a championed player before that last season. Oh, how he played so well…………

          • Yeah, you got the articles mixed up. This is the article on the 10%ers, not the AG’s report. Can’t even keep those straight, eh? We people wonder how the cons could misplace 3.1 billion dollars.

          • Darn it! A mix up. But you’ve found it right? Yes, you did> We are so lucky that mix-ups can be sorted out. We humans are something special.

          • I don’t see anyone sorting out the 3.1 billion dollars. How long has it been missing now? Nor do I see anyone preventing politicians from wasting our money, in other ways. These politicians work so hard covering up their BS, that they needed that pay raise. And that one is on all mps and parties.

          • Raises are not good. But is this comment board about raises? I don’t know, but what comment board do you think you are on? Could be the wrong one, you never know!

          • You keep bringing up irrelevant points. I just thought I’d return the favor.

          • I like favours. Soon I will be watching what sort of favour Justin will do us in QP. About to start!

          • Yeah, I’m sure most can guess the kind of political favors you cons enjoy. Selling out to the highest bidder.

      • Good question, but Weary doesn’t want to address that. Nor Liberal attack ads which are available for viewing on the net via Google and Wiki.

        • Nor does Macleans want to address who leaked the flyers in the first place.

          Nor does Macleans do an indepth report as to why Justin felt the need to double dip when not sitting in the House on an MP’s salary while taking the time to do some well paid public speaking. That stint of none sitting cost the taxpayers a lot more than the sending out of ten-percenters! But how will we ever know if Wherry and others won’t do their indepth reports on those lost costs…..

          Nor does Macleans tell us that he AG’s report time line is 2001-2009…..

          And many posters here still believe that these selective reportings are all in the name of bettering our democracy! Oh, what a hoot!

          • Keep freaking out, over the same thing. Do you not know how to google search?

            If you don’t like the way macleans does the news, don’t come to the use their services.

          • Who says I don’t like the way Macleans does the news? It may serve a purpose to present the news in an unbalanced fashion.

            Mr.Harper and the CPC have won many elections coming out of unbalanced reporting and they may win on that front again. Who’s to say how this plays itself out. It all depends on how the voters will react to unbalanced reporting. And history does provide us with a track record of sorts………..

          • You do! You keep ranting about questions not being asked! It seems to be one of your few approved talking points of the day. Or have you forgotten your comments on the story about the AG’s findings, today?

          • What day is it today? Could you tell me?

            You are so quick to respond and I will need to know quickly what day it is today. For if it’s the right day, then I need to be talking to you! So is this the right day?

          • Figures you wouldn’t know what day it is. You’re stupidity is hardly something you should be advertising.

          • Don’t most people want to know what day it is?

          • Most people are capable of figuring that out for themselves. Do you not know how to work your computer?

          • My computer can tell me what day it is? Really! I’m learning something new every day, and for that I am so grateful.

  6. Do they even need to send them out at this point? Every day or so, another backbencher or two says they aren’t sending them out, and the flyers get yet another round of media coverage.

    • Ah, you are catching on!

      Now ask the question as to who leaked the flyers to begin with? Was it not the media itself doing the leaking? Where did the media get those flyers from?

      • Catching on to what? Don’t tell me you think this is all some lib scame, to discredit the cons? harpo himself has admitted to the flyers, so I guess that shoots that idea down.

    • That’s one of the things I was thinking.

  7. These so-called “attack ads” were released to Liberal-friendly media by Liberal Party operatives, who also claimed to have obtained them.

    We have a list, apparently, of CPC MP’s who have said they will not mail them out.

    We don’t know of a single MP who has said they will send them out.

    We’ve not seen these actually delivered to any constituencies in the country.

    Is it not possible, if not more likely, that these “ads” were in fact produced by the Liberals in an effort to discredit the CPC? I mean really, in what other situation would a political party release attack ads on itself to the media?

    But I guess these questions are too much for a “real” journalist to ask, eh?

    • Too bad harpo already admitted to them. Try to keep up with current events, if you’re going to comment on them. I really should have to be the one to make sure you’re up to date on things. That’s your job.

    • I believe I read somewhere that Harper and other senior CPC members have admitted the veracity of the report. No one from the CPC (other than you) has so far denied the story is true. So knock off with the propaganda attempts.

      • Why would they deny it? If I were the CPC and the LPC were putting out negative ads about themselves pretending to be from somebody else, why not let them shoot themselves in the foot? These ads have gotten far more publicity since the Liberals “leaked” them than they would have otherwise.

        If they were, in fact, created by the CPC, then the Liberals shot themselves in the foot by “leaking” them to the media. Unless of course you’re one of those pie-in-the-sky Liberals who believes that enough negative advertising about Trudeau will somehow make him more likeable to Canadians.

        • I have yet to see the template contents; only descriptions as it being along the lines of the attack ads. (If you have seen the actual contents, please point me to a link.)
          So the only publicity, really, has been about how the CPC is planning to spend Tax dollars on partisan, negative-ad campaigning. Which may be strictly legal but – in the eyes of many – highly unethical.

  8. I remember getting a ten percenter or two from Rahim Jaffer in Edmonton, where Linda Duncan has the seat now. Those ones weren’t attacks, just really transparent push-polls.

    • In other words, BS.