As previously heckled


During yesterday’s QP, Bob Rae put Dominic LeBlanc’s heckle on the record.

Bob Rae: Mr. Speaker, yesterday the government House leader announced, in all solemnity, that the Department of Foreign Affairs had conducted a full and open competition with respect to the cost of $20,000 limos in Davos, Switzerland. If the government can conduct a full and open competition for limousines in Davos, can the government please tell us why it cannot have a full and open competition for a $9 billion purchase of F-35 planes?

Peter Van Loan: Mr. Speaker, as we know, Canada’s aging CF-18 aircraft are nearing the end of their lifetimes. Therefore it is necessary, if people believe in supporting the military, something the Liberals do not have a record of doing, as we do by purchasing new equipment and by providing them with the equipment they need to do their jobs, to make a commitment to purchasing those aircraft. We have established a secretariat to deal with the purchase of new aircraft to meet those needs. We have in place a seven-point plan that deals with the best process to ensure the military gets the equipment it needs and taxpayers’ interests are protected.


As previously heckled

  1. If the heckle that was re-introduced to the record of Hansard is nor repurposed by some sharp operative, who cares which party, in an attack ad against the CPC, well, that would be a darngosh shame. This is a f’great line, it’s easy to get, and the pictures really just lay themselves out.

    Get goin’, team someone!

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