As the Senate turns -

As the Senate turns

Was Duffy’s appointment valid? And if the Senate suspends Brazeau without pay, how can it garnishee his wages?


The Senate will convene at 2pm this afternoon, possibly to debate whether to suspend Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, possibly with Mr. Duffy, Ms. Wallin and Mr. Brazeau present to take part. As regards yesterday’s allegations, Conservative Senator David Tkachuk, former chair of the Senate’s internal economy committee, says he didn’t threaten Mr. Duffy with expulsion and repeats that he was unaware of Mr. Duffy’s deal with Mr. Wright. As it pertains to Mr. Brazeau, suspending him without pay might make it difficult to garnishee his wages for the purposes of repaying his questionable expense claims.

David Bulger reiterates his belief that Mr. Duffy’s appointment to the Senate to represent Prince Edward Island was invalid. Mr. Bulger first raised this concern five years ago when Mr. Duffy’s appointment was announced.

The NDP, meanwhile, is using its day in the House to put forward the following motion.

That, in the opinion of this House, urgent steps must be taken to improve accountability in the Senate, and, therefore, this House call for the introduction of immediate measures to end Senators’ partisan activities, including participation in Caucus meetings, and to limit Senators’ travel allowances to those activities clearly and directly related to parliamentary business.

Opposition motions are non-binding, of course, but the government says it won’t be supporting the motion anyway. The Liberals apparently agree that accountability must be improved, but that such standards should be applied to MPs as well and they are challenging the NDP to adopt the Liberal approach to expense disclosure (speaking in the House, Stephane Dion has ruled out the ban on caucus participation as unconstitutional).


As the Senate turns

  1. Now we’re down to high-school/soap opera stuff….abolish the place.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • The senate has been filled with corrupt partisan crony appointments since Confederation. More like sh*tting on sh*t…

        • There have been some wonderful senators, and still are some wonderful ones, in our Senate. Anyway, whatever happens — they sure as hell better do it legally and with due diligence because otherwise, we will pay and pay and pay for Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau forever. On the other hand, I cannot deny that I am enjoying the tumult around harper for, as I so crassly wrote, shitting the bed so badly — he keeps leaving, but gets back in and there it is, waiting for him.

          • What could possibly go wrong with Harper’s plan to not just point out the bedding was soiled and needed airing badly, but to bizarrely appoint some truly major crappers to it for added emphasis?
            It’s SH in a nutshell, too damn smart and intolerant of rules and process for his own good.

            He made his choice to not respect the constitutional advise that was out there, now he’s going to pay for turning on the fan as well.

          • I am enjoying your extension of my crass metaphor. Overall, we can agree that Harper = poop job.

          • In a democracy it’s up to the people to decide who is a “wonderful” politician (ridiculous adjective, IMO.) Senate supporters, who blindly cling to the institution, are ignorant of this fact and many others, such as the actual function of a senate.

            People who vote Liberal tend to support the senate the strongest. If Trudeau wins in 2015, Liberals will find out the hard way how worthless the senate is. They will face a senate controlled by the Conservative opposition leader which will be the most activist in obstinate in history. Too bad all Canadians will have to suffer for the ignorance of a few.

      • The Senate is, and always has been, a useless and unnecessary addition to the layers of govt.

        Because it has no purpose, but lots of money….and is loaded with frustrated politicians….it was always bound to end up on the rocks….it finally happened on Harp’s watch because he rocked a boat that has been tipping back and forth anyway since 1867

        • Under harp’s watch, government MPs also have been rendered as useless and unnecessary layers of government!

          If the Senate is abolished, Harper will not face any scrutiny about how he stacked the deck, and what he and his office (and Hag LeBreton) told his appointed senators — instead, he will have been right all along. And I want them to face the public on his own Senate abuse. There have never been troubles in the Senate like we have now, and I want harper to squirm in his own soil right into 2015. Abolishing it lets him off the hook.

          • Let’s focus on the fact that LeBreton, Duffy, Wallin Brazeau, Stewart Olson, Tkachuk are all harper-appointed Cons dissing our traditions, and not just senators dissing our traditions.

          • Yes, that’s true…even Pierre T said MPs were useless. But I doubt Canada is ready to lose them as well.

            The Senate has always been a pain-in-the-patoot…..people just forget, that’s all

            PS please don’t call women names.

  2. Can we have a post about what how Justin spent the summer or what he had for breakfast?
    Y’know, a weighty enough topic for the Conbots to comment on.

    • I think they’re all busy commenting on any blog that has something to do with shale gas and native rights right now. Lucky for JT he isn’t FNs.

      • Ah, of course.

        My next suggestion was going to be a piece about the governing body of a small, remote First Nations community.

          • No, I don’t think! Can live without the likes of Colby Cosh making rude comments on the number of comments a registered commenter has made. Prefer stealth.

          • Edited that bit when i saw Lenny was registered. Sorry, but it is my view commenters should be registered. Although as you can see it didn’t prevent me screwing up.

          • You aren’t saying we should post under our full and real names — so what difference do you feel the registration makes, kcm2?

          • At least you can check profile of registered commenters, and, i presume, it makes it much harder to assume another guest indentity …cuts down on trolling iows.

          • Oops sorry. My idiocy. I hadn’t realised it was you made the first post, so i took it as a shot. Apologize, need more caffeine.

          • My point, if it isn’t obvious, is that while Conbots while turn out in shrieking droves condemn the government of a small First Nations community that they’d never heard of before, they’re strangely unmoved to comment on the corruption in the Government of Canada (unless it’s to cry about how mean the media is)

          • Point taken.

    • Francien’s been busy having a full-blown ire-seizure over at NatPo. There are only so many hours in a day.

  3. Question: Based on David Bulger’s argument, could Duffy’s senatorship be (for lack of a better word) annulled? If it can, wouldn’t that provide the government an out?

    • It seems to have gone a little far for that. Government seems to want to bludgeon this one to death. Harper never wields a scalpel; it’s always an attack with a blunt instrument.

      • Well, it would involve having to admit that appointing Duffy was a mistake — not just a political mistake, but a constitutional mistake. That’d be kinda embarrassing. However, could it short circuit Duffy’s current entanglements — RCMP investigation, emails, etc. — and shut everything down?

        If the scalpel meme doesn’t work for you, how about a sniper shot to the brain stem?

        I don’t even know if an annulment is possible, so I’m just talking out of my @ss. I’d love to get an answer, though.