As to the study of renewable energy projects funded by the government -

As to the study of renewable energy projects funded by the government


Today’s meeting of the government operations and estimates committee commences at 3:30pm. Two witnesses are scheduled to testify, one of them someone by the name of Rahim Jaffer. No doubt a very informative and nuanced discussion of environmental policy and government subsidization will ensue.

If you should be so interested in such matters, the meeting will be televised online, the relevant links found here under the section marked “Meeting 11.”

There will probably be some degree of breathless play-by-play on the “Twitter.” And I, given my long-standing and oft-stated interest in the economics and public policy of renewable energy, will be by sometime after with a sober and reasoned sketch of the proceedings.


As to the study of renewable energy projects funded by the government

  1. from Wherry "the meeting will be televised online" really? televised?? how about webcast or live stream?

    poor choice of words aside, I look forward to Wherry's insightful gleanings from the meeting : )

    • If I'm watching the online feed on a 42" television, is it all right to refer to the event as "televised"?

      • How ironic. Watching green energy hearings on an energy hogging big screen tv.

    • CBC live, CPAC later. Livestream as well. Several live bloggings. What is your point?

  2. The usual lib partisans will be glued to their monitors praying that this is the moment they have been waiting for. After the public pillaring and blood-letting of Jaffer and his ulitimate humliation before the tribunal will the smell of victory fill their nostrils. With his head on a stick they will march to the polls and their final destiny, power at last.
    Jaffer will stick them with their own ineptitude, rumors, false accusations and stupidity that this like a long list of liberal smears will die a horrible death

    • "The usual lib partisans will be glued to their monitors"

      Am not… I'm watching the Afghanistan committee and am relying on Kady and Wherry to fill me in on the drivel going on in the Jaffer affair..

      • Judging by your quoted passage, you had the patience to read about as far as I did.

        • You are correct.

    • Well, the Conservatives on the committee have thrown Mr. Jaffer under the bus. Update your talking points.

    • And who's funding the law suit for the "climate scientists"?

      • Becareful not commit defamation there, sour. Or are you already one of the commenters also being sued?