Ask a simple question -

Ask a simple question


The NDP persisted yesterday in asking straightforward questions of the government.

Will the Conservatives change the eligibility age for old age security? Will the age increase from 65 to 67, yes or no?

Will the eligibility age for OAS benefits increase from 65 to 67? Yes or no? When will this measure go into effect?

Bob Rae then added one of his own.

I would like to ask the government today if it could at least make a commitment that none of these changes that it is talking about will take place until after 2015, so, at the very least, Canadians will have an opportunity to vote on the changes being imposed on them by the government.

In response, Diane Finley offered only that “anyone who is young enough, like myself, or people younger than I, will have time to adjust their plans for their own retirement.” Ms. Finley is presently 54 years old. She turns 55 in October.


Ask a simple question

  1. Ms. Finley and her Senator husband certainly need a heads up on their retirement planning.  Give me a break!

    • 2 pigs in a polk.

  2. The magic date is April 30 1959. All bets are off after that.

  3. Diane Finley wouldn’t need three nanoseconds to adjust her plans for retirement in response to a change in OAS eligibility.  She, and every single member of Parliament, makes too much money to qualify for OAS.  Anyone who makes more than $110,878 gets no OAS, period.

  4. Just out of curiosity, has either Nycole Turmel or Bob Rae come out and said “Our party would not ever raise the eligibility for OAS, period.”

    The question may be straight forward, but I think we all know that demanding a one word answer to a question based on a hypothetical future is asinine politicking.

    • Is there any other kind of politicking?