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From QP this afternoon, a classic of the genre

Bob Rae. Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives cannot even answer an interesting, clear, factual question. A poll was commissioned by the Conservative Party. The Conservative candidate said, “It was not me; it was the party”. The government House leader said, “It is okay, it is just free speech”, and the Speaker of this House said, “It is reprehensible”. I am asking a very simple, direct question to the Government of Canada. Does it agree with the Speaker of this House that such a tactic, spreading false information, carrying out a poll based on a false assumption, is reprehensible? Does the government agree with that, yes or no?

Dean Del Mastro. Mr. Speaker, it is reprehensible to make baseless, unsubstantiated smears in this House. That is what the leader of the Liberal Party has undertaken for more than the past week. The leader of the Liberal Party knows full well, every household that they called, every originating phone number they called them from, and in fact when those calls were made. When will he make those phone records public, because I believe when those phone records are made public, the Liberal Party will have fingered itself for each and every one of these calls that they allege had taken place.


Ask a simple question

  1. Really Dean? Vellacott says it was EC.  I find it bizarre that Steve would approve of both talking points on the same day. 

  2. Also good was when Alexandre (lean and hungry Cassius) Boulerice asked a question about the Conservatives’ use of RMG and a possible new “in and out” to pay for these robo-calls and all Poilièvre could do was repeat the talking points about the Liberals.

    The Conservatives are just flailing.

    • I wish they’d flail a  bit more in the polls.

      • They will.  Oh, they will.

    • That’s a very compelling argument for structural change to the way Elections are conducted and the way complaints are handled.

      The Harper Conservatives have deliberately sought to polticize Elections Canada with their public comments, their lawsuit and their failure to express remorse or contrition once convicted for the fradulent accounting of the party’s election expenditures. That investigation was fraught with delay and two more Elections occurred while the prosecution was underway.
      The result is the appearance of political interference in Elections Canada, which is just as bad as actual interference, because we aren’t able to trust as Canadians that a full, fair and impartial investigation can take place.

  3. And yet nobody cares.  And what’s worse, they *know* nobody cares and they’re willing to take every advantage of it, not thinking that sooner or later the tide turns (because it always does) and they’ll have set the example of how to do whatever the hell you want to without ever thinking about what the basics of good governance actually are.

    Democracy dies not with applause or with a whimper, but with the click of a TV remote.

    • Unless it happens to a Con — then they scream “Blue Murder!”

      • I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here, we don’t know that they will yet because it hasn’t happened to them yet.  Up until this latest CPC government there was a certain unstated idea that the point of winning the election was to govern, not just to position yourself better for the next election.

        • Not really — they said their some of their candidates were victims of robo-call scams. They tend to get real defensive when they feel they’ve been victimized. I find it telling that they’re not using this as an opportunity to fund raise.

        • Yeah they have all sorts of Conservative training in how to acquire votes, but how much time do they spend on understanding the issues and on listening to the people casting (or not casting) the votes?

    • It looks like there is a lot of agreement here with the position of the msm and the opposition:
       Those Canadians must be so stupid not to agree with us that there is something awful with the country.

      • Er, 85% of the country doesn’t follow politics and probably less then 50% read the paper or watch the news + the economy is scewry world wide…and yet you’re sure the polls say that the people think nothing is amiss?

      • “msm” pshaw! Conservatives benefit more than any other party from friendly media coverage with the majority reporting your claptrap talking points as if it they are news. The very fact that Dean del Mastro isn’t dismissed as the dissembling fool he obviously was promoted to be, is proof that msm is on your side.

        • It’s weird that Harper suffers this fool (among a bench of fools) gladly. 

          • Ah, but he’s a useful fool. And disposable, if it comes to that.

          • Like Marty Burke?

    • People do care, but they tune it out when the poo-flingers start making a mockery of the arguments and debate.  That’s why so many poo-flingers are employed by both the PCO and certain MSM brands.  They don’t necessarily argue on behalf of the Cons, but they create an environment where any argument or debate that takes place turns poisonous, and thus ignorable.

  4. If the dim witted Deansters intention is to play on the apathy of voters, he’s succeeding with this voter – I no longer care what he has to say. In fact I’ll assume the contrary is true.

    • CIMS will be pried from their cold, dead hands. Sounds like a job for ANONYMOUS! (Not the cold, dead part, just the prying).

      But seriously, if you mash-up CIMS with what O’Malley jotted today:


      …Ivison is likely correct.

  5. I wish Del Mastro had given the obvious answer:  “yes”.

    One doesn’t expect the LPC to act with honour.  One has higher expectations for the CPC. 

    •  One and one only, quite frankly.

      • Beat me to it durn it. Gaunilon’s faith in this version of the CPC is quite touching and quite baffling.

    • From what precedent?

  6. If my father started answering questions with that amount of lucidity, I would sadly start thinking it was time to seek out long term care. 

    • Harper is looking for this in his Senate choices.

  7. http://thestar.blogs.com/politics/

    Really good stuff from Dellacourt today. It offers the only sane rationale i can see for the tories continued buoyancy in the polls. Just what can the opposition parties do in the face of this? Offer hope – sure, but from whom? And who’s really listening out there?

    • I’ve been surfing over to the papers in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax (all Postmedia papers) and they haven’t really been doing much reporting on this debacle. That may be part of the problem.

    • Good article by Dellacourt
      That the politicians consumerize the message to make the marketers job easier is also a factor to be considered. I think they go hand in hand and may explain the simplistic messaging by politicians.
      Maybe only funding by the state with equal air time for all and virtually no money for national advertising should be considered. This would mean each candidate would need to get out and win on their own merit. This would break the power of the center since MPs would not be beholding to the central party machine.

  8. If that’s a simple question then I can’t imagine a complex question. I cannot understand that question at all.

    • That’s because you have been programmed to respond to very simple messaging. 

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Did it take you all of the ten hours difference in posting time to come up with that?

          • I guess there was nothing in the manual so he had to improvise.

        • I must have really hit a nerve. 

  9. “In the week before Election Day, an automated voice message was received by a North Bay environmental activist that raised her suspicions.
    “I got a call that said it was Elections Canada calling to say that due to higher than anticipated voter turnout that my polling place was changed,” said Peggy Walsh Craig.
    In an interview with the Star, the woman said she had received two calls during the spring 2011 campaign, the first a few weeks before voting day on May 2. It asked if she intended to vote for the Conservative party. She did not. The second came in the week prior to the election.”

    This is a fairly common type of alleged call that a liberal voter said they received [ from AW next piece via T.Star]

    Ask yourself if it would even be possible for a LPC screw up on the scale that DD says must have occurred could even conceivably have happened, even in this age of computer foul ups and LPC data mining amateurism?
    Why isn’t the media laughing this guy out of town? Why isn’t his riding demanding he shut up or step down? This beggers belief; it’s like we’re all part of a Kafka novel.  

    • Hey, they seem to think that Polliverre is some kind of genius.

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