‘At a time of economic uncertainty’


The Conservative side deviated momentarily from its unwavering focus on the economy last night to put together another attack ad.



‘At a time of economic uncertainty’

  1. I applaud their restraint in not actually using the word coalition.

  2. This stuff is getting so tiresome. The Harper Government–Out of Ideas.

  3. If Cons had spent half as much time running the country as they did on attacking everyone they wouldn't have their current clusterfu*k.

  4. Yes, because it takes so much effort to put together a political ad, doesn't it. The entire government was put on hold indefinitely until the ad was finished.

    But I applaud Mr. Wherry. It must have been very hard for him to post the ad on here. But at least he got his partisan shots in while he was at it. That must have made the boo boo better.

  5. The dumb rhetorical battles are heating up: "unnecessary & opportunistic election" vs. "regime change".

  6. The Conservatives are generally a messaging powerhouse, but "unnecessary & opportunistic election" seems pretty lame and I can't really see it working.

  7. What an awesome day and what a time to be a Conservative and watch the oppostion parties make fools of themselves – I have never seen so many opposition MP's shoot themsleves in the same foot at the same time – personally I can't wait for the confidence motion – the debate – then going to the polls – I just signed up to give rides to people to go the polls as I always do and talked with a few fellow Tories today at party riding office – and all is a go go … we owe it all to Iggy the mighta been a contender and Layton … let's go for it .. can't wait – especially after the election and harper still PM – then watch the famous Liberal Party devour it's own again – I wonder if the they will throw Iggy under the bus faster than he threw Dion hahahahaha!

  8. Such ads prove how desperate the Cons are : they had this one ready because they deliberately delivered a budget which they knew would not suit the opposition … it is part of their game plan. Anything but govern.

  9. You know, I'm beginning to wonder what the Conservative Party message becomes if Ignatieff loses the election and remains leader of the Liberal party.

  10. And how long do you predict Stephen Harper will be around if he fails to win a majority? Won't this be his fourth try?

  11. (sinister low voice) Michael Ignatieff: he, uh… STILL hasn't come back for you!

  12. Not many jobs for a middleweight lifetime academic with no work outside politics.

  13. Their TWO most used arguments fail.

  14. How astute, I can't tell you how many former Prime Ministers I've seen on the steps of the Mission on Murray. They just never land on their feet, those rascals. Poor Harper, hopefully the cats will take him in.

  15. "Ignatieff, the man the Liberal party membership did not elect!"

  16. Ignatieff demands democracy.

    Ignatieff demands choice from the people.

    Except when it comes to Michael Ignatieff. Then he prefers to be appointed by a select view.

    Michael Ignatieff prefers a selective democracy – his!

  17. He didn't say anything about effort. I personally imagine that they can put those ads together in their sleep. Poor you, Dennis_F. If you hadn't been in such a hurry to take offense, you might have saved yourself the embarrassment of being WRONG AGAIN. Next.

  18. So lifetime MP, then? Surely Manning would be considered first for any right-wing "think" tank position that came up.

  19. I think you are mistaking elections for party leader with elections for Prime Minister, my boy.

  20. he goes into history books as 3 termer and remains PM – as long as you win you remain leader – that is how it works … however Iggy is doomed you see he has to get at least a dozen more seats else he goes down hard – right now Bobby R is hangin out with young Justin and Uncle jean no doubt and Iggy is feeling a cold wind down his back –

  21. It also doesn't hurt that all the number 2s in the party are incompetent.

  22. Fraser Institute…it's the retirement home for Reform politicians. Manning and Harris are already there.

  23. Since he was the only one running, he was acclaimed. Not something Canadians care about anyway.

  24. It's hard to continue to use it when Canadians not only understand the idea more, but also keep hearing about the coalition upholding the no-fly zone in Libya. The optics of the word only feed the base now.

  25. Seems to me they held an election and he was voted in. No one has the power to silence other potential candidates and none chose to come forward.

  26. Ah, it's "craigola" and his bi-monthly whine-fest at my expense. It'd be one thing if you had logic on your side. But you don't even have that!

    Here is what your precious Wherry wrote:

    The Conservative side deviated momentarily from its unwavering focus on the economy last night to put together another attack ad.

    What in the world does making this ad have to do with focusing on the economy? If anything, it's the opposition that wants a campaign instead of focusing on the economy, right? They want these kinds of political ads, don't they?

    Never mind. You're intent on whining at my expense.


  27. unnecessary & opportunistic election

    Isn't there an argument to be made for this one?

  28. If you are a Conservative I hope you are prepping Harper for the debates. With speeches like this he couldn't lose!

  29. Conservative ad updated:

    "When you've been in power for twelve five long years.

    When your party has and 4 of your most senior party members including 2 senators have been named in a judicial criminal investigation into corruption and election fraud and two separate RCMP investigations are underway.

    When scandals continue to engulf your government.

    What message could you possibly take to the people of Canada.

    "PM plans negative campaign"

    On January 23rd As quickly as damn possible, let's do something positive."

  30. That is fantastic. They'll go negative.

  31. number two.

  32. You're ready to gloat, but will you be here to take your lumps?

  33. I remember that day back about 3 years ago when the CPC had the choice between running Ignatieff attack ads or single-handily saving the world from a global economic collapse.

    Boy did they make the wrong choice.

  34. They didn't have to do it single-handedly…but they could have helped.

    They didn't.

  35. Dude, I'm not whining, I'm trying to tell you something very important about yourself. And it's not at your expense, it's to your benefit. You're insane, Dennis_F, and if you could just hear my words for the expressions of caring that they're intended as, you would go and get help for yourself, which should definitely begin with thrice weekly visits to a psychiatrist, but shouldn't exclude some remedial reading lessons.

  36. Only if you dislike democracy. Or think of it as, and I quote, a "distraction".

  37. Seriously. You need to get a grip. This is a political discussion site. Lives do not hinge on this. Yet here you are accusing me of being insane, needing help, etc. Are you sure I'm the one who needs help?

  38. Ignatieff, he's all about himself. So please Canada, vote the guy who renamed the government after himself.

  39. He's got an Econ degree — aka a "real" education by people who distrust anything but money as society's beacon — and a lot of political connections. He'll have no shortage of brown envelopes.

  40. Glad I'm not the only eight-year-old here. :)

  41. -Who are you?
    The new Number 2.
    -Who is Number 1?
    You are Number 6.
    -I am not a number, I am a free man.

    Either a scene from "The Prisoner", or Perter Mckay welcoming Julian Fantino to Cabinet.

  42. You know, this line about frivolous elections constituting democracy gets a bit tiresome. We're not lacking in democracy if we don't have an election every time an opposition leader sneezes. We could go on for another few years, we'd have an election by law, and the status of our democracy will not have changed one bit. Not one bit. Yet here we have people offering up nonsensical reasons to force an election and wrapping themselves up in Arab freedom fighting, or some other such inanities. I'm sorry, but I don't think Canadians will swallow it. Not at all.

    Presumably, the justification for an election is the need for change. I don't think Canadians have any great yearning for change. Even if they did, they'd have to be convinced that Iggy is that change, and that's an even greater load to swallow.

    If and when this election happens, I think it's going to be a slaughter. You never know what happens when these things get started, but I see little hope of a tide of Iggy sweeping the nation. Sorry.

  43. Hey, c'mon, that's from way back when the GST was 7%. Canadians have politically matured since then and don't care about those kinds of things anymore.

  44. Well you can't blame them.

    They had only just admitted that the global economic downturn, the one that was predicted all year and was already hitting the world, was even a possibility.

  45. Seriously? "Political discussion site"? So when are you going to start 'discussing politics,' as opposed to blathering about Wherry's "boo boo"s?
    Fine. Don't get therapy. Stay angry and paranoid if that's what suits you.

    (But you still really need to learn how to read for comprehension.)

  46. Dennis:

    Let me ask you: how many times over the last 2 years have you said "if you don't like what he's doing, then call an election" or words to that effect.

    The Liberals have given and given and given the Conservatives a chance to be accountable. They give a milimetre, and the Cons take a kilometre. They show contempt for democracy, its rules and its institutions, they prorogue everytime an opposition party sneezes. At some point, you have to say enough and pull the plug. That is what democracy is about.

    This has been the least accountable government in my life and it is time to hold them to account.

    That is what a democracy is about.

    As Iggy said today "It is time to bring back democracy to Canada."

  47. Ummm I can see being appointed with a select view – like in a room you might get at a hotel. You must have been thinking about the phrase "by a select few".

    And by the way – your post in general is just pathetic. Ignatieff was the only one running, noone else in the party saw themselves as his better at that time. Ignatieff and Layton and every party has agreed that the Harper Govt has shown contempt for parliament and therefore really contempt for democracy. Its obvious to you as well isnt it? That Harper finds democracy as a nuisance on oocasion? Why do you hate the democracy?? :P

    Is it that your not satisfied with the outcomes it will bring in our country??

  48. Man it hasn't even started yet…at least save this tripe until the end. If you have the bar so low it's already in the basement is there any hope it'll get better. I really hope the libs and the dippers don't follow suit. Let this stuff stand alone as its own worst advertisement for cheap and tacky. People really aren't that stupid. Right now i would guess the Tories are going to give the benefit of the doubt to the Tories for how they've handled the economy. But if this is all the tories have got; and if the libs in particular can keep it reasonably clean and semi postive that may change quickly.
    However, if this decends to this from the Tories and Harper = Gaddafi from the opposition then i'm gonna book off to Australia…they don't have earthquakes and NP stations there , do they?

  49. Well, he has a master of arts in economics. He's not actually an economist….but being a Con, that won't matter since they don't pay any attention to economics anyway.

  50. Kinda makes Lawrence Martin's editor look like a genius don't it.

  51. Certainly a writer's workshop on the use of irony and sarcasm would help.

  52. Gotta love Rick Mercer: "So is the message of the day is that Canada is a great democracy but elections threaten that?"

  53. The Liberals should get off 'regime change' and get onto 'protection of civilians'. It's working for the Libyan coalition.

  54. It couldn't hurt.

  55. I do it all over the place. Click on my name. Read my posts. You might notice if you weren't getting all in a lather about it. Seriously. Chill out. This isn't Vietnam.

  56. Are you jealous of my writing or something? Why always bring it up? Oh yeah, it's easier than debating for you, isn't it. lol. Next.

  57. Small problem with droughts and floods but the wine is so good you won't care. And they got rid of the guy Harper patterns himself after.

  58. Kinsella thinks that line is smart politics, and given that most Canadians don't seem to want an election right now, I think WK has a point: http://warrenkinsella.com/2011/03/advantage-harpe

    Is there a case to be made for it? Sure, in the sense that an opposition's decision to defeat a minority government is inevitably going to be opportunistic.

    IMHO, given the toxic atmosphere in Parliament, an election is needed to clear the air.

  59. Who said elections threaten democracy? Boy, there's a lot of desperation in wanting this frivolous election, isn't there.

  60. This is what I find so creepy about the conservative mindset – they have a passionate need to project their own worst qualities onto others, as if somehow their own sins don't exist if they accuse someone else of having them. It's totally Freudian … but of course they would likely reject any kind of psychological self-analysis.

    Admittedly, this is a sweeping charge, but I've witnessed it decade after decade in both Canada and the United States. (I'm not talking about Red Tories here.)

  61. Actually, the accusation was that, if it was really that bad, an election would have been forced a lot earlier. It wasn't.

    Yes, Liberals have made all kinds of accusations. None of them in my mind justify an election. You may think otherwise. I think you'll have a hard time convincing voters. Good luck.

  62. If we were going to have a global economic collapse we'd have had one by now.

  63. Man, I've never seen goalposts move that fast. That's impressive. You should try out for an NFL grounds crew.

  64. in the sense that an opposition's decision to defeat a minority government is inevitably going to be opportunistic.

    I don't think that's necessarily true.

    IMHO, given the toxic atmosphere in Parliament, an election is needed to clear the air.

    I'm not big on these kinds of justifications for an election. I think Harper used it last time, and no one really bought it then, either. I don't foresee a time when the atmosphere in Parliament will not be toxic, so to speak.

  65. My only quibble would be that it's only an "opportunistic" move if the opposition has an "opportunity" to defeat the government (in the election that is).

    And, well…

  66. I'd support some sort of effort to enforce a "no attack ads zone".

    I think we'd have to go to the UN though.

  67. I kinda miss the pre-2006 Tories.

    And I REALLY miss the pre-2006 Stephen Harper. That guy would have CRUSHED the current Prime Minister.

  68. yeah sure obviously you don't remember it very well – the hasty and quick little one where they didn't even bother to have another member run and then vote let alone allow their grasroots to take part – gimme a break !!!!

  69. You do it all over the place? Too much sharing, pal.
    Lather? I'm just in it for the laughs. Every day that I come here I see your name and your posts. You're the guy who's usually foaming at the mouth because some guy with a blog on a "political discussion site" doesn't share your eternal, uncritical love for the Conservative Party of Canada. I'm not saying you can't do that; it's a public forum after all.
    But yeah, sometimes I do like to have a little fun with you for being all nuts about, y'know, everything. Is it right to do that? I don't know for sure, but it sure feels that way.

  70. Yeah, i was there 25 odd years ago. It was a hell of a lot cheaper then for sure. On the bright side i don't drink as much as i did back then.

  71. At a time when people are taking to the streets and literally are willing to die for the right to vote, Harper and the Conservatives are hellbent on convincing Canadians that elections are 'unneccessary'.

    We Canadians sometimes lead a revoltingly smug life.

  72. Yeah, but that guy used to let his candidates be seen in public and even speak out in public and EVEN attend candidates' debates. So no way he could have ever gotten elected.

    That is, unless you are talking about that short-lived post-2004 and pre-fall of 2005 Stephen Harper. THAT guy was still trying to be principled.

  73. "That's because it's all about Michael, always has been."

    The libs need to make a spoof of this, followed by the tagline: this message brought to you by The Harper Govt. SH. The guy who thought enough of you he named the country after himself.

    Big on irony these Tories.

  74. Craigy, you have some issues with me, and I don't know what they are. I don't have an undying love for Conservatives. This isn't my life. You do this stalking of me every few months or so. I suggest you cool down and vent in more useful ways.

  75. Yes I can just picture it.

    Ignatieff: Bob, I don't want you to run for the leadership.

    Rae: Why? I have my whole team already organized, my plans drawn up and I've already started fundraising. I've wanted to do this for so long and this is my moment.

    Ignatieff: Well, do it for me.

    Rae: Okeedokee. No problem, buddy.

    Riiiight. Gimme a break psiclone.

  76. You're more than welcome to explain that one, along with why we need an election right now.

  77. So we're back to your reading comprehension problem, are we?

  78. Hmmmmm. I wonder if the Liberal Bunker as anti-aircraft guns…..

  79. "IMHO, given the toxic atmosphere in Parliament, an election is needed to clear the air."

    Let's hope it doesn't involves a glass dome.

  80. That's the best reasoning for an election that I have seen.

    I am also of the opinion, that if the results are virtually the same as last time and the Conservatives are in a minority, that the first throne speech should be immediately voted down. If only to break the cycle, and not repeat the same construct of the last 5 years.

  81. Global news was on the street asking people if they want a "$300 million election".

    Not a chance they could have just asked for an election, it has to be a $300 million one. I don't think anyone will complain about simply putting an 'X' on a peice of paper, but a $10 'X'? Now that's unacceptable.

  82. Does anyone know how bad the Liberal finances are likely to be after this election?

  83. I would like to point out that if the throne speech were defeated, the Governor General could invite the opposition leader to try and form a government.

  84. Understood, but you did raise the specter of repeating the last sequence. I don't know the answer, but I suspect the Liberals are much better off financially than they were 5 years ago although still no match for the endless campaigning mode of the Conservatives.

  85. heh. Their desperation amuses me.

  86. you people are whats wrong with politics

  87. I'm surprised Mackay actually uses it in his daily briefings. (And how long will they continue to be daily?)

  88. Dennis_F, your advice to any other person about grips and the need to get them, well, you know, that's pretty funny.

  89. I assume that means the 2008 election was "necessary"?

    Can anyone tell me why?

  90. I didn't agree to not hope that. Bring on the dome!

  91. shoot! This is a better place for the new ad I posted above to tedbetts.

  92. Why? Because I dare to challenge some people on here? Seriously. Why is that not allowed?

  93. It's like Harper's team's character flaws went back in time and created the Liberal Party's problems! Er, right?

  94. That's probably a sad general truth; the longer you last in positions of influence, the less impressive you are. The pre-politics Ignatieff had a lustre that the modern one can't match, for obvious reasons. Not sure how one might fit Jack Layton into this theory – New Democrats are very commonly political lifers (so's Harper, in most ways), for good or ill.

  95. Could you be more specific?

  96. There are economists who do good work, you know, in the field of international development, primarily. Of course, Harper is from a branch plant of the Chicago School, so he's more into the if-only-the-world-worked-as-simply-as-our-models-say side of economics espoused by Friedman than the learn-by-example-and-revise-your-assumptions side of Krugman.

    I do think economists have the potential to do good science (i.e. test hypotheses, revise theories when things don't work, retest, etc.). I don't think Harper has that potential, seeing as he's an uncreative idealogue.

  97. Saying that someone else is about to go negative when you are about to go negative is projection, my friend. Try reading a book sometime.

  98. Agreed fully that economists are not the devil. My somewhat-shrouded point was that there are some people who seem to believe it's the only thing that matters, and they have more of a voice in how our society functions than I consider prudent.

    Related: someone recently said here — broad paraphrase ahead — that they were hoping for a Conservative landslide so that politics would be largely out of the hands of people who had degrees in political science. I, however, am emphatically not one of those who believes clarity, transparency, or competence comes from putting people into positions of authority they do not understand. Which is why I'm glad there are economists!

  99. It works really badly simply because this unnecessary and reckless election is no different from the unnecessary and reckless election of 2008 that Stephen Harper subjected us all to.

    Kind of like his "coalitions are bad, unless I'm the one creating them" nonsense.

  100. Funny how tories always say the opposite of the truth. The Canadian press is owned and controlled by tory business and any educated, plugged in Canadian can easily see that. We know that you continually whine that the press in not on your side but if the Canadian press were any further up the tories behinds they would see ATVs news anchore Steve Murphy's feet! For instance the CTV network or Conservative Television Network have more Senators than any other company in Canada. Pam Whalin? Mike Duffy, Minister Bev Oda and if thats not enough to convince the Canadian voters that our press is controlled by tory business did you ever ask yourself how Ben Mulruiny got his CTV job! I will end with this "the CTV reporters do not aspire to be great reporters, they aspire to be Senators!
    PS. Why do you think Tories want to kill the CBC? Its the only press they dont own!

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