Attacking the attack ads


James Moore chides the NDP via Twitter.

“Hope is better than fear… So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.” vs. new NDP ads


Attacking the attack ads

  1. James Moore and the other masters of fear, anger and hate will say anything. What kind of mental process actually allows him to write a sentence like that when he knows we’ve all be here. And Michelle Rempel(?) was amazing on TV when she looked straight at the camera and said with utter sincerity we’ve not cutting funding to science; most of the scientists in Canada think we’re great.

    • Maybe she means Christian science. Or Scientology. Or creation science.

  2. In other news, James Moore has been hospitalized following an apparent cranial explosion. Doctors say an excess of cognitive dissonance finally ruptured the bone structure, which was badly weakened by years of political abuse.

  3. Oh that’s rich.

  4. I’m amazed he even had time to watch it, what with the lazer focus on the economy.

  5. Hey Moore, here’s some more words for you: “We will not tax income trusts!”

  6. Why is Moore complaining? The NDP ad simply lists Conservative “acheivements”, such as running up a record deficit and not believing that the worldwide economy crashing could possibly effect Canada. How is highlighting this record an appeal to fear? It’s more of an appeal to logic.

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