Attawapiskat math (II)


Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan says “things don’t add up.”

Romeo Saganash has forwarded this blog post as a rebuttal to the Prime Minister’s math.

Meanwhile, during QP today, Nycole Turmel quibbled with the Prime Minister’s numbers of choice.

Turmel. Mr. Speaker, federal officials travelled to Attawapiskat at least 10 times this year. No red flags were raised. Why? We need an answer. Does the Prime Minister want to talk about numbers? Outside of first nations, social standing in Canada is about $18,000 per year per person. According to his own numbers, federal spending in Attawapiskat per person per year is about half of this amount. How is that possible? Why is he blaming the community?

Harper. Mr. Speaker, unlike the NDP, which has voted against investments in this community and elsewhere, this government has made tens of millions of dollars of investments in this community, infrastructure investments of over $50,000 for every man, woman and child. It is obvious there continue to be needs. The government is working to fulfill those needs, but they are twofold. There is a need, obviously, for more services and infrastructure. There is also clearly a need for better management. The government will ensure both of those things are dealt with.

In using the phrase “infrastructure investments,” the Prime Minister overreached. As the government’s own numbers show, the total infrastructure spending in Attawapiskat is about $28.6 million. Divided by a population of 1,700, that’s just under $17,000 per person.


Attawapiskat math (II)

  1. LOL  Harper’s dogwhistle just got a cork stuck in it!

    • Harper and the Minister need a briefing from the AG – they seem to need some ‘splaining.

      • And yet they always claim they’re so good with money….when in reality they don’t seem to have a clue what’s going on.

        • We only have their word that they’re good with money, there is no evidence that they are.  Anyone can spend it…

          • That’s true.  Spending is easy. 

            But the surplus is gone, we have a structural deficit, huge bills coming in for planes, tanks, DND HQ and the like….and now they have no idea what’s going on with reserves….complete surprise to them, in spite of numerous AG reports.

          • And you didn’t even mention gold-plated business cards.

    • When you read that you get what the AG was talking about. 

    • Good link. Thanks.

    • Pierre just proves the old adage, “Once a nob, always a nob.”

    • Its almost like you guys can`t hear the spoken word. You make up your narrow mind before you even hear the man speak . It appears you are so full of rage for the Conservatives that common sense is beyond your comprehension.

      Go back and listen, with a clear and open mind, to Pollievre on that link and you will see that he identifies both the problem and the attempted solution to the Native issue.

      I think you will see the courage needed from the CPC in the next while to find a way to stop the corruption among Native leaders and help those who really need it. Since you guys will remain in denial, you`ll probably miss it.

        • I haven`t got time to read the whole link right now but I will return. By courage I mean the courage to know that the old way of throwing money at the problem will not solve it. I hope that is what your link is about .

          • It is worth reading as well as the comments.  She is trying to have an educated dialogue and answer questions from a FN pov.
            Unfortunately posters are showing up identifying themselves as representatives of rabble, KAIROS etc. wanting to link up to her site.  Just the lefties trying to hijack it as part of their cause….you know big, bad, evil Harper government mistreating the FN. 
            I’ve noticed the last month or so the Macleans comments (AW’s in particular) are looking more like the G&M or CBC, lol!  

            @ kcm2

            Of course you get all the negative comments – from both sides – native and non-native. I am enjoying all as it is about getting educated, plus she is doing a super job managing the the blog.

          • “I know. It’s not healthy. There are so many racist rants and outright ignorant responses that it can bog you down. Where do you even begin, when the people making these comments do not seem to understand even the bare minimum about the subject?”

            That’s funny Leo since she states right at the top of her piece that a big part of the problem is racist, ignorant, ill informed comments…i wonder where those might be coming from? Bit selective aren’t we??

          • If there is anyone advocating for the status quo, I missed it.  Rather than being brave, maybe the government could start by reading the AG’s reports. 

          • Well, the Native leaders, the NDP, and Carolyn Bennett do say they want they want things done differently but they are screaming loudest for more funding.
            The basic model of the Native reservation has not changed in a century. It is a failure.

             If Harper does not try to improve the lives of the youngest Natives by making wholesale changes in the Indian Affairs Ministry then he will join a long list of failures in Government-Native relations.

      • It’s the typical Con meme — deflect and blame. An adult would accept responsibility for their actions but the Con response is always “it’s obviously blah blah blah’s fault mom. I was just watching on the sidelines.”

        • OK, if that`s all he does, deflect and blame, then you have a right to bitch, but if he has the political courage to fundamentally change and improve how things are done, then I expect your full cooperation and praise.

      • Harper has had 6 years to rot out all this supposed corruption.  How much courage is involved when he he waits for a humanatarian crisis to enact God knows what reform?  Poilievre was sent out to counter any appearance that Harper had gone soft by offering the apology.  It had nothing to do with identifying problems and offering solutions.

  2. Obviously Steve, obviously….

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