Au revoir, Judy Wasylycia-Leis -

Au revoir, Judy Wasylycia-Leis


The NDP MP is stepping away, maybe to run for mayor of Winnipeg.


Au revoir, Judy Wasylycia-Leis

  1. Surprised there was no RCMP press release.

  2. Happy Trails Judy

  3. I was never a fan, but the House will definitely be a more boring place now. Felt the same way when Judy LaMarsh left, when Flora MacDonald left, when Sheila Copps left. All formidable ladies with an unshakeable love of Canada.

  4. Wonder whatever happened to that guy who beat Flora MacDonald in 1988….

  5. Who would you rather have show up at your farewell party Judy, Ralph Goodale or former RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli? I guess that one is not too hard to figure out.

  6. Hopefully he will do the right thing for Canada this afternoon after QP.

  7. Heh. Thank you for saying something amusing to pre-empt my reaction, which was going to be rather bilious.

  8. Bilious? You? Never. ;-)

  9. Best of luck, Judy

  10. Good riddance Judy. Don't let the door hit you in the be-hind.

    She wasn't on my radar screen until as NDP finance critic she bought into the CONservative plan to double tax Income Trusts and caused Canadian Investors to lose $35 billion in market value in a few days in October 2006.

    Neither she or the NDP have ever been able to adequately explain why they knee-capped investors but they did do it when they supported the Conservative "Tax Fairness Plan"

    If she is as inept managing the finances of Winnipeg as she was in her role as NDP finance critic standby for a Greek style bailout.

  11. When it comes to Winnipeg, neither Judy, I, nor you could do worse. Winnipeg desperately needs the boost a competent, focused mayor might be able to provide.

  12. Winnipeg has a perfectly competent mayor in Sam Katz. If she runs, she won't stand a chance.

  13. I'd love to go to a farewell for Ralph. He is way beyond his best before date.

  14. Sure if you like policies that are made up one week, refined the next week, bullied through the council in the third week and then "fixed" in the fourth week. I do not if I will vote for Judy but never for Sam.

    • The silence was as polite as required: she deserved to be booed and hooted out of the commons. Wasylycia-Leis was liar and a fraud who contributed nothing.

  15. I’m still celebrating the departure of this incompetent, backstabbing, fraud of a politician. The NDP is full of brainless tools like her who think they are smarter than they are and that they are smarter and more moral/ethical/just than other people. She’ll be paid ~150K in pension and benefits guaranteed and inflation adjusted. She and the conservatives successfully destroyed income trusts but why would she care with a pension like that? Since her barely paid research staff do most of the work it’s not clear why she was ever needed in Canadian public life but with a public pension that puts here in the bell jar with the rest of the elite the least she can do is SHUT UP and stay home for the rest of her life.

    She’s cost enough and done enough damage and deserves every bit of disregard Ralph Goodale could muster from his caucus. I am never voting in any elections again other than MB provincial (though I don’t live there at this time) but will, for the rest of my life actively campaign against the NDP.