Au revoir, Mac Harb -

Au revoir, Mac Harb

The embattled senator retires and repays


Mac Harb is now a former Liberal senator, announcing his retirement from the chamber just now with the following announcement. He is also dropping his legal challenge to the Senate’s findings against him and has now repaid the $231,649.07 he owed in full.

This afternoon, Senator Mac Harb delivered a letter to His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor-General of Canada, to advise that he was retiring today from the Senate of Canada. Senator Harb was appointed to the Senate on September 9, 2003 after serving as a Member of Parliament for fifteen years and three years as a City Councillor in Ottawa.

In his letter to the Governor General, Senator Harb wrote,

Reflecting on my 28 year career devoted to public service and to improving the lives of Canadians and those living in the least developed countries, I am proud of what was accomplished. As a parliamentarian, I was fortunate to have several of my private members’ bills – primarily those focused on human rights and the rights of children – incorporated into legislation including National Child Day. My efforts on trade issues resulted in lower tariffs to the least developed countries and as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, I steered legislation through the House that ensured Canada took its place as a founding member of the World Trade Organization.

In this public statement, Senator Harb would also like to share a few words about the reasons for his retirement. “I have been contemplating retirement for some time as I personally never considered the Senate to be a lifetime position,” said Harb. “These past few months have been extremely difficult for me and my family and caused me to evaluate what more I could contribute in the circumstances. My dispute with the Senate Committee on Internal Economy made working effectively in the Senate unrealistic.”

Senator Harb has also decided to discontinue his Court application and reimburse the government in full for all living and expense claims with interest over the last 8 years. Today, notice was filed with the Ontario Divisional Court and Senator Harb delivered a cheque to the Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy for $180,166.17, resulting in a total reimbursement of $231,649.07.

Harb said the Court challenge was never about the money. “The Senate Committee treated me very unfairly, and I wanted to make the point that every Canadian, even Senators, should be entitled to due process,” said Harb. “I always followed Senate rules on expenses, and filed my expense claims in a timely and transparent manner. At no time did anyone suggest my claims were invalid or questionable. And from what I could tell, most Senators made similar claims.”

Senator Harb welcomes the recent announcement that the Auditor General of Canada will conduct audits on every Senator, and says this was a key factor in his decision to discontinue his Court application. “I have no doubt that the Auditor General’s final report will vindicate me as it will show that many Senators had the same understanding of the rules as I had and made similar expenses claims,” said Harb.

One of Senator Harb’s lawyers, Paul Champ, noted that, contrary to some media reporting, the Deloitte audit commissioned by the Senate Committee did not conclude that Senator Harb was in violation of any Senate rules on expenses, finding instead that the Senate’s rules were insufficiently clear. The Deloitte report also showed that, after excluding days related to Senate business, Harb spent more time in his Westmeath home than in Ottawa. In a closed-door meeting, the Tory-dominated Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy rejected the independent Deloitte report and retroactively applied its own vague definition of residence, with criteria that are not set out in any Senate rules or policies. Champ added, “It’s sad, but my client became a casualty of the hyper partisan atmosphere that prevails in Ottawa right now.”

With his retirement, Senator Harb wants to thank the many people who supported him over the years. “I remain deeply grateful to the people of Ottawa Centre who elected me to represent them at City Hall and then for four consecutive terms as their Member of Parliament. I have had the ultimate privilege of working alongside many outstanding Canadians, serving in both the House and the Senate. Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank my family, my staff, and my friends who have supported my efforts over the past 28 years and made my public service possible. It was an honour to be able to serve the people of Canada.”


Au revoir, Mac Harb

  1. A classy resolution to an ugly situation. Oh and the part about the independent report being rejected is curious business indeed … alas, not entirely unexpected.

    • I’d say it’s debatable as to both how “classy” this is, and to whether or not it’s a “resolution”.

      The RCMP are still investigating Harb, and could well still bring criminal charges.

      • Heh, fair enough. And yes, after posting that I recalled the details concerning his supposed primary residence. Still, I appreciate the fact that he paid all of his expenses back, with interest. It is the least anyone ought to do, though certainly more than some of his colleagues have done.

        • Well, it’s certainly true that for whatever it’s worth, he’s one step ahead of his fellow audited Senators.

        • As others have pointed out:

          If he retires now, he keeps his pension. If he gets the boot, he loses it.

          Real classy!

  2. this is a sign that J T is the new sheriff in town for the liberals and flexing his muscle, and he wants to run a clean town(its called integrity and honesty). get rid of all the baggage before 2015.

    • I would like to think you’re right about this being because of the Liberals. However, since he had already been booted from the Liberal Party and had been sitting as an Independent for several months, I think there were other reasons for Harb’s departure. That being said, so thrilled he’s finally gone.

    • I’m not sure that any leader of the Liberals would have all that much sway over a FORMER Liberal, would they?

      • harper seems to control his side of the senate(he controlled Marjorie Lebreton), the only problem is now, his(harpers) wrecking crew(W, D,& B) are not going to leave without some sort of golden parachute and they have a story to tell and as long as they have a story to tell, harper would prefer to keep them in their jobs muzzled, would you quit ? why couldn’t Trudeau have any influence on harb ? he is the leader of the liberal party and also has influence on his senate leader Cowan. senator Cowan already said in an interview he takes orders from his leader Justin Trudeau.

        • Why couldn’t Trudeau have any influence on Harb ?

          Because Harb left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent 3 months ago.

          • harb and trudeau wernt enemies(to my knowledge). I think harb was a reasonable man and came to a relize that trudeau was trying to clean up the liberal party and came to the decision to leave, and save the liberals from any more scandal. harb may have been a good man and a good person aside from the shortcomings in the senate. after all he was in politics for 28 years not just his first term. I think everyone deserves a second chance, especially if you owe up and try to correct the mess they made. harper knows nothing about owing up. harper has no guts.

          • I`d like to give him some more chances too.
            The next thing those Cons will want to do is to go back and investigate his time as a Liberal MP to see if they can dig up some dirt on him. I sure hope they`re not thinking of denying him his well-deserved pension.

          • He defrauded Canadian taxpayers of over $200,000. And you think his pension is “well-deserved”? He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up in jail.

    • Not sure about that, he seems to call his own shots !!! After all he had over 28 years of experience and was elected 4 times as an MP !!

  3. I signed up to work on his campaign when I was 10, have had a Christmas card from him every year for 26 years, first as MP, then as Senator. Going to miss those.

  4. This guy left because he doesn’t want to grow old and grumpy in Ottawa !!’

  5. If he retires now, he keeps his pension. If he gets the boot, he loses it. I’d call it a strategic withdrawal.

    • Give this poster the prize for closest to the bullseye!

    • Exactly. Something which should have been in the original blog post if Wherry was even remotely interested in doing his job.

  6. I’m glad Harb is gone. He seemed to get into a huge mess over the expenses scandal. He was also being used as a distraction by Harper & the Conservatives to distract attention away from the Duffy-Wright secret $90,000 pay-out. The CPC kept blaming Trudeau for Harb even though Trudeau hasn’t appointed him or any other Senators and his never gave him any hush money. Glad Harb & his antics will be gone.