Au revoir, Merv Tweed -

Au revoir, Merv Tweed

Another MP bids adieu


The Conservative MP for Brandon-Souris announces he’ll be gone by the end of the month.

That, along with Toronto Centre, Provencher and Bourassa, makes four ridings that will have to be contested in the near future, though Brandon-Souris is fairly comfortably Conservative.


Au revoir, Merv Tweed

  1. I only know this man’s name from the House’s voting roll call.

    • 3 pensions though.

      • And then there’s this rumour about where he’s going (I await confirmation).

        • Where he’s going and what he was doing before he got to go there: kinda conflicty. Oh well, what else would we expect from prairie bible belt socon MPs?

          • Our conflict of interest rules seem to be made of swiss cheese. Seems to be more exceptions than rules. Whoever crafted that really knew what they were doing.

        • Not to the used car lot?

          • No, that’s Dean Des Mastro.

          • Hell, no – he’s a former Transportation Committee chair, he gets to work with the big boys.

  2. Perhaps now that there is a new cabinet and he wasn’t chosen, he doesn’t see himself as part of the new Conservative upper echelons. Looks like he was just going to be a backbencher. Guess he decided to get out and go into the private sector.

    • We can definitively say this much – Merv Tweed is indeed Merv Tweed.

      As to yourself, Rosanna Lopez, care to clear the record?

      • Oh, are you REALLY the Original Matlock? It really takes a special kind of stupid to call someone out for using an alias… while using an alias.