Auditing the auditor


The Liberals have declared their opposition to Michael Ferguson’s appointment as auditor general.

“When the Prime Minister made me aware of his choice of Michael Ferguson as Auditor General, I responded that, after reviewing the documentation provided, I had some concerns about the proposed appointment,” said Mr. Rae. “Not only did his résumé lack experience of a national scope, we now learn he is not proficient in both of Canada’s official languages. The fact that Mr. Ferguson did not meet the criteria set out by the government itself was not disclosed to me by Mr. Harper.”


Auditing the auditor

    • The ability to say “Oui, monsieur, aye aye monsieur, main ferme sur le gouvernail” using Google translate.

    • It means that he will have to sign up for two years of language training and he won’t be able to do his job because he’s too busy learning French. 

      • Marty Cheliak redux?  A bit more difficult to get rid of an auditor general who would rub the government the wrong way.

        • Yes, I was thinking of Cheliak. I hope you’re right, but I’m getting more and more cynical about how a majority government can manage the system to benefit their party.

  1. Well I suppose it’s a good thing nobody cares what the Liberals think.

    • You are certainly a bad omen.

    • Perhaps in your world.

    • Well I suppose it’s a good thing nobody cares what French speakers think.


  2. Before he gets too excited about his new job, he should have lunch with Kevin Page.

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