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Apparently Paul Martin has a book coming out after the election. (A note on timing: I am reliably informed that the book was always going to come out at the end of October and that the election didn’t affect that plan.) My Le Devoir colleague Hélène Buzzetti has managed to obtain a copy and is full of deets. Remember the 2006 election? It was going great until that meanie Zaccardelli got involved.



  1. Hmm, I see he speculates that it might have been the Arar investigation which so royally ticked Zaccardelli off. That will certainly be an interesting chapter. I still find it amazing that Zacchardelli has not been hanged from the Peace Tower for that unprecedented – no, what am I thinking, there was Pinochet too.

  2. I am going by what google translate says but it seems Martin is complaining that Chretien changed the funding rules and it’s not fair because the Libs can no longer launder money or send their bagmen to Bay St, St. Laurent Blvd or Placer Court.

    Somehow its just not cricket that when the Libs distribute money to their supporters, their supporters can’t ‘donate’ the money back to the party in as large of chunks as they used to.

    Hey Lib party, Volpe found a way around the fundraising rules. Get teenagers to ‘donate’ their life savings. I am sure it’s a fertile area to be explored!

  3. Ah yes – Paul Martin – the Great Dreamer!
    Dreaming of being Prime Minister – achieving Daddy’s Dream – and not finding in his dreams WHY he wanted to be PM – other than to actually wear the title – and what he was going to do if he reached his goal…
    Zaccardelli – poof!
    Martin lost because half of the Liberal Party was stabbed in the back or cut loose by his henchmen – and sat on their hands in 2006…
    and to criticize Cretien for democratizing fundraising simply shows how out of touch with the REAL needs of Canada this man was…

  4. Wabbit: While I don’t disagree with you one bit, Martin does have a point. It was the funding rule changes that really hammered the Liberal party, and given Chretien’s record, I can’t think that the man did it for any reason but to spite Martin.

    That it happens to democratize our fundraising is simply a happy side-benefit for the rest of us.

  5. Actually, under Martin and the fundraising rules, the Party managed to raise all the money it needed for the last two campaign, even when things were arguably taking a turn for the worse in the polls. Of course, as is well documented, he inherited a party which, despite having been in government for ten years had its bank account drained by the time he became leader.

    When Jack Layton steps down next month, it will be interesting to see how the NDP leadership candidates deal with the same rules LPC just had to struggle through. Say nothing of the Conservatives… these rules pretty much ensure Harper will be at the helm of his party for a long, long, time. By tightening them even further, he’s made it impossile for anyone to challenge him.

    As for the argument that it has strengthened our democracy, we just watched a government sputter through two years of additional time in office for no other reason that the Opposition’s lack of financial resources to run a campaign.

    The next government (whether Liberal or Tory) will leave its opposition in a likely worse situation.

    Elections delayed and Parliamentary responsibility abandoned because the leading political parties can’t afford to run a a campaign.

    If that’s your idea of a strengthened democracy…